Chapter 3983: Still The Seven Laws

Some time passed and Xi Yue woke up from her cultivation session, opening her eyes. She was drenched in sweat due to the pain of her sword dao being pierced. This further accentuated her alluring curves.

Pleasant sensations and happiness overwhelmed her. She had made it through the gate and saved tens of thousands of years from a simple touch in the forehead.

This favor was truly shocking. Of course, the improvement had plenty to do with her training over the years. He simply guided her away from the wrong path. Otherwise, stagnation would have continued.

She looked over and found him sleeping again. She then left quietly in order to not bother him.

She was naturally curious about his identity. There wasn’t anyone like him in Sword Continent so where did he come from?

Of course, a character like him certainly had his reasons for coming here. Asking him could be construed as being disrespectful.

She finished hanging up the laundry then returned to the yard. Li Qiye had woken up and started cultivating.

Her mouth widened as she saw his process - chaos energy engulfed him. It wasn’t overly dense and simply looked like water vapor.

One side yin and the other side yang. They rotated and formed the taiji; this revolution contained a boundless and everlasting force.

Nonetheless, the process itself looked rather ordinary. It didn’t have a shocking aura and pressure. However, this was special in Xi Yue’s eyes.

She saw that he was in the Yin Yang Celestial realm. For ordinary people, this wasn’t a bad realm at all.

Alas, when compared to characters like her, they were simply ants. She could crush them with one finger. It’s just that this didn’t apply to Li Qiye.

Someone who could heal her dao injuries and help her break through couldn’t possibly be limited to his cultivation.

The weirdest thing was not his cultivation but rather, his chosen law - Samsara Mantra.

This was one of the Seven Laws of the Golden Age. Not to mention geniuses or experts, even a new cultivator wouldn’t pick this mantra.

The seven used to be popular but later on, as the races prospered, fewer chose them for cultivation.

They were indeed proper cultivation techniques but became outdated with time. The individual sects had better merit laws and mantras.

Therefore, it seemed out of place for an unfathomable master like Li Qiye to pick something so basic. Of course, she wasn’t the type of fool who would make fun of him for doing so.

She became curious about his choice, thinking that there must be something else going on.

Once he gradually awakened from the session, she prostrated: “I have nothing but gratitude towards you, I will never forget this kindness.”

“Rise.” He accepted her gesture then told her to get up.

“Young Noble, are you practicing the Samsara Mantra?” She stood up and hesitated a bit before asking. There was the possibility of her not recognizing the law correctly.

“Indeed.” He smiled: “You must be curious about why I’m cultivating Samsara. After all, the seven laws are as common as can be.”

“It must be due to my shallow knowledge. I can’t fathom your choice, Young Noble.” She smiled wryly.

“I shall elaborate due to your commendable humility.” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “What is the source of the world’s merit laws?”

“Hmm…” She mused before answering: “In terms of mass propagation, one must credit the seven laws.”

These laws originated from Blessed Dao Lord, allowing more mortals to embark on the cultivation path. This produced more cultivators than ever before, letting Eight Desolaces reach unprecedented prosperity.

“What about before the seven laws? Everything has an origin, no?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Young Noble, you mean that the seven laws are deeply connected to the origin of the grand dao?” She deduced.

There were already cultivation methods before Blessed Dao Lord. He compiled and simplified them into the current version of the seven laws. However, no one knew the creator of these laws before that.

What did they use to look like then? Xi Yue had never thought about this issue before because the seven laws were insignificant. 

“Comparison between the dao paths is unnecessary.” He said: “It’s just that people like to take shortcuts, using them as main roads while ignoring the actual ones.”

“I see…” This gave her a new perspective on cultivation.

What was considered the right path for cultivation? Most people would pick the strongest ones. However, was this the right answer?

As more people took shortcuts with cultivation, these methods became popular and were considered the right choice.

In the distant past, the right path was before them but due to its difficulty, they eventually abandoned it.  Now, the path was still there.

She found this perspective interesting and helpful. It was akin to a supreme gem being discarded while a polished piece of jade being treasured.

“So we have gone on the wrong path?” She whispered.

“Because of the passage of time, a few things will inevitably be forgotten.” Li Qiye said.

“What is your recommendation, Young Noble?” She asked.

“Nothing, you’ve already reached a high level today, do you still wish to change the path? It’s not a trivial issue. Ask yourself, can your dao heart handle it?” He stared at her and asked.

She fell into silent rumination. She had already reached the top, what would be the outcome of changing her way?

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