Chapter 3981: Xi Yue

“What is your opinion, Young Noble?” She then asked.

“I’m just an uninvolved visitor. But, things in life are ephemeral. The winds will take them all.” Li Qiye shrugged and said.

“Right.” The woman agreed.

“I’ve been amused by the island, there are some interesting characters.” Li Qiye remarked.

“The island is small but it has a rich history and hidden resources. There are many things waiting to be found here.” She agreed.

She was right. He sighed and started thinking about how this region used to be the bulwark of the human race. Now, it became a tiny town by the border, resembling an old man on his deathbed.

“It looks like you have a lot on your mind.” She looked at him and said softly.

“Men always have those days each month.” Li Qiye joked.

This got her to chuckle. Her smile was strangely captivating and memorable - a stark contrast to her average appearance. “I can’t see through you, Young Noble.”

“Keep on focusing on your research here.” Li Qiye replied.

“I am merely trying to learn the mysteries left behind, not wanting to disturb the past created by the effort of the sages.” She said.

“You must have noticed something to visit this tower.” He smiled.

“Since you know a lot, may I ask you some questions?” She bowed towards him, showing proper etiquette.

“I only know the hearsays, my knowledge is limited.” He responded.

“Will the blessings of the sages continue to protect their descendants in perpetuity?” She questioned as she stared at him with her large and round eyes.

They were clear and moist on top of possessing a natural elegance like worldly energy. Nonetheless, people would still want to answer her after seeing her eyes. There was an irresistible soft power at work.

“The descendants are the ones in charge of their fate. They shouldn’t rely on their ancestors for protection. Otherwise, generations will become weaker and inferior to the previous. At that point, it would be a mistake to protect those fools.” He shook his head and spoke while she paid careful attention.

“Your logic is sound, Young Noble, but there will always be weak people who are innocent, unable to handle the disasters.” She replied. Her soft words had a melting power, capable of influencing others.

“Each being has their own responsibility and role.” He said bluntly: “Both the weak and strong will have their own ending while obeying the orders of the world.”

“What if we want to break these orders?” She asked sharply. Her aura suddenly became powerful like an unsheathed blade with blinding glints.

“Then go against the heaven. Those who follow this rare path will have their own set of laws and principles.” He elaborated.

“Which type are you, Young Noble?” She inquired.

“I am an idle passerby traveling freely outside of everything.” He smiled and turned to leave.

She frowned again while staring at his back, feeling a little lost.

“You don’t need to study the tower any further.” His lazy voice came from a distance: “Understanding it is not of use. What you seek is not found in the foundation of this place.”

She was caught off guard at first then carefully thought about his advice. She eventually chose to listen and left the tower.


Li Qiye continued sightseeing across the island. It wasn’t that large at all, only consisting of Holy City and a few more towns and villages. 

This made it feel like a pristine paradise. People in the present day would have a hard time visualizing the island during its prime - how it used to protect the human race.

Nonetheless, the island was still doing the same thing - sheltering its small population from the dangers and competitions of the outside world.

Li Qiye played the role of an observer and chose not to be too attached to the past. He came quietly and would leave in the same manner. There was no need for him to leave anything behind for the island.

He inadvertently made it back to the creek before and saw smoke from the kitchens.

Xi Yue was washing clothes again. Her hand movements felt as natural as the flow of water. Each breath was in harmony with the rhythm of heaven and earth.

A creek, a small home, and a woman - none of these were particularly out of place in a village, not worthy of special attention.

However, Li Qiye could tell that this area has taken roots in the natural order. He smiled and entered the yard as if it was his own home. He lay down on a long chair and basked in the sun.

After a while, he was woken up by Xi Yue’s return. She was busy hanging up thin sheets to dry them.

“Nobody will believe that you’re doing this.” He smilingly said.

She didn’t stop and responded: “Just a part of life.”

“You definitely don’t need to do so.” He said before closing his eyes again.

After a while, he began talking in his sleep: “I feel a wave of sword energy.”

“Were you dreaming, Young Noble?” She asked while continuing her task.

“There is a flaw in the sword.” He went on.

She stopped and quietly listened.

“Myriad Era can repair and prolong the overarching momentum…” He whispered but she still heard him clearly.

She had faced everything with calmness before but his words made her tremble and emotional. She took a deep breath and calmed down.

“Young Noble, how should one go about this?” She inquired.

“A thoughtless mind filled with thoughts; a netless world yet inescapable; a flawless dao in full propagation…”

His trance-like words sounded like the ringing of the gongs in a monastery, enlightening her with perfect wisdom. She tried her best to keep her composure while trying to understand the content.

She let go of the cloth in her hands and walked over to prostrate in front of him: “My dao is incomplete and I am lost on the way. Please guide me, Young Noble.”

He still seemed to be asleep but she patiently waited on her knees. After a long while, he finally woke up.

He sat up and stared at her: “You should know that this path is long and arduous.”

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