Chapter 3980: Seeing Thunder Tower Again

Myriad Era has always been a legend desired by all inhabitants in Sword Continent.

Chen Cangsheng stared emotionally at the waters in front of them and said: “There was news of this sword ten thousand years ago. It caused a stir across the continent, chaos ensued. Even the five big shots took note of this.”

Sects and individuals started planning for this competition. Eventually, the five strongest cultivators joined in too. Strangely enough, no one caught a glimpse of the sword itself or the scene of its emergence during this event.

Nonetheless, a fierce battle broke out in the Eastern Sword Sea. The continent slightly shifted from the shock waves.

Spectators trembled in fear, completely oppressed by the terrible pressure emanating from the combatants.

The battle eventually ended and no one knew the result. The location of the sword remained unknown as well.

The five big shots of Sword Continent stopped showing up. Various rumors came out of it - serious injuries or even death for these masters.

“Sounds like the sword is quite tempting.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Definitely, it’s the only one out of the nine that is still mysterious. We only know that it does exist, nothing more.” Cangsheng nodded right away.

All the sects and kingdoms paid special attention to Myriad Era. If it somehow was superior to the other swords, it would change the political landscape of Sword Continent.

Li Qiye chuckled and didn’t say anything else. 

“Do you want to look for it too?” Cangsheng thought that their meeting wasn’t just a coincidence. Li Qiye might be searching for something too.

“Not interested. You can keep looking.” Li Qiye replied.

“I do not dare to covet this supreme sword. I am more than satisfied just practicing my sect’s sword dao since I am not that bright. One law is more than enough for me.” Cangsheng said.

“That’s a good mindset.” Li Qiye praised and didn’t observe the ocean for long before leaving.

Cangsheng didn’t expect him to leave so soon. Now, he believed that Li Qiye was telling the truth.

“What a strange guy.” Cangsheng murmured then regained his focus: “Ancestors, I hope I’ll be able to find and bring it back home.”


Li Qiye descended from the peak and continued walking in the wilderness without a direction. He traveled off road without a care.

Though the scenery wasn’t the same as the past, he still felt something familiar embedded within.

He once left behind his traces on this land, leaving behind grand momentum in order to protect it…

Alas, nothing could last forever. These powerful foundations and formations still dissipated. Time could erase everything, even the marks of someone as powerful as him.

He eventually stopped because something attracted his eyes. He made it to a mound and saw a tower in the middle.

Only the bottom portion remained but it was still high up in the air. The bricks have been weathered, no longer possessing their original appearance.

Nonetheless, anyone with a sliver of knowledge would see that this tower must have been majestic and colossal.

Unfortunately, the tower lost all of its old glory. It was slanted now, no longer standing proud like before.

Li Qiye got closer and gently rubbed the outer wall that was covered in moss.

Emotions and dusty memories emerged again as if it was only yesterday. A few people and things couldn’t be forgotten.

The period of creating this tower was magnificent. Numerous human sages worked hard in order to create the tower.

“The human race is eternal as long as Thunder Tower and Holy City exist.” Li Qiye murmured.

Today, both Thunder Tower and Holy City were gone yet the humans lived on. The races never stopped producing and toiling to survive.

“Nothing is eternal.” Li Qiye patted the wall and chuckled.

“You’re here, Young Noble?” When he walked to the other side of the tower, he saw a woman visiting as well. She was the one who did her laundry by the creek the other day.

“Yes.” He smiled, not too surprised to see her here.

The two continued to observe the tower without speaking.

This wasn’t Li Qiye’s first time visiting this tower. He was there during its creation and returned numerous times in subsequent generations.

It had always protected this land but now, its guardian aura was gone. The only thing left was a broken structure.

“You know this tower, Young Noble?” The woman asked.

“I’ve heard of it.” Li Qiye replied.

“Me too, I was told that this guardian tower represents the glory of the human race.” She sighed: “It’s a shame that it can’t last the myriad eras. Do you have any insight? The tower might be broken but its dao foundation is still there.”

“The tower won’t falter as long as the sages are around.” Li Qiye casually responded.

“I see…” The woman tilted her head and pondered. Her external appearance wasn’t exceptional but she looked in tune with the dao, seemingly a part of this world. Physical beauty no longer mattered for someone like her.

“Yes, there’s more to this tower yet.” She eventually concluded.

“Don’t tell me you’re here for Myriad Era.” Li Qiye stretched lazily.

“No, Myriad Era has been elusive for so long, I can’t figure it out in such a short time.” She shook her head.

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