Chapter 3974: We Should Talk

“You wish, wanting to use me as entertainment? I’m not that bored.” Li Qiye smiled while staring at the seahorse.

Tortures were meaningless for top existences like them. Even the cruelest treatment might only serve to help them pass the time, a little bit of entertainment.

“Then I don’t know anything.” Yindu responded.

“We both know that your death is only a matter of time.” He said.

“Everything is inevitable. However, I’ll be here watching you die first.” Yindu said.

“I see.” He paused before bringing up a different issue: “What is your fear?”

“I fear nothing.” Yindu answered without needing to think.

“I disagree, everyone has an opening or weakness, even those as powerful as us.” He glanced at the leaf and continued: “Your fear will cause you to waver.”

“What is your weakness then?” Yindu asked.

A brief silence ensued. He eventually responded: “My heart is still alive.”

“That’s why you’ll die before me.” Yindu smiled. It was impossible to tell whether a seahorse was crying or smiling but it gave off the impression that it was smiling.

“Your heart is dead but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a weakness.” He smiled. 

“An alive heart has too many weaknesses and potential threats. You’ll never make it as long as us.” Yindu said.

“True, it’s potentially dangerous but it’s also a sign that I have yet to waver.” He calmly responded.

“A dead heart never wavers.” Yindu insisted.

“Are you sure?” His lips curled into a faint smirk.

“Elaborate.” Yindu replied.

“Tell me, why did he leave this leaf? Just to decorate this place and add a little bit of life to it?” He turned his attention back to the leaf.

Yindu did the same and started contemplating. People like them didn’t think of it as an ordinary leaf. It was a world full of possibilities containing everything they desired.

In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that possessing this leaf meant having everything in one’s grasp.

“You know the answer.” He added.

“No.” Yindu flatly replied.

“He already came. It doesn’t matter which form it was, the only thing clear was that he didn’t save you.” He said.

“Hmph.” Yindu scowled, the only one aware of what had happened in the distant past.

“Do you think it was a message for you or for me?” He asked.

“I’m not the only person who wants to eat you. Your true fate must be delicious, no one can resist the temptation.” Yindu said earnestly despite the bloody message.

“I can turn around and leave right now. Can’t say the same about you.” He said.

“It’s not bad, eras will pass by in the blink of an eye. This place is fine enough to be my grave.” Yindu said.

“That’s absolutely the case in the past but I’m sure you know things have changed.” He smiled.

Yindu didn’t respond.

“He gave you hope.” The smirk remained on his face.

Yindu’s voice turned a bit cold: “Hope? There’s no hope to speak of.”

“It’s a shame that I couldn’t find a better place for you after knocking you down. Being suppressed here must have been rough.” He looked around and said.

“Better than my old crappy place.” Yindu didn’t become angry.

“Let’s be honest, you have at least attempted.” He remained fixated on the leaf.

Yindu didn’t respond.

“Everything has a price.” He went on: “After all, cause and effect are inevitable. The effect is up to one’s effort, no?”

“There’s plenty of time.” Yindu said: “Unless you destroy me now.”

“Certain things will loosen with time.” He continued: “We’ve talked about weaknesses and having a dead heart earlier. The situation will change and you won’t be able to grow any more roots.”

Yindu’s eyes shifted again.

“You’re not afraid of death, the same with me. What am I afraid of? I’m sure you can make an educated guess, the villainous heaven knows as well. But, my heart is still alive so there is still hope regardless of how broken it is.” He said: “But as for you, can you live again with a dead heart? Can you get your roots out of the prison once more?” 

With that, Li Qiye chuckled and said: “We all have fears, just different ones. Your group should be pretty similar in this regard.”

Yindu still kept quiet.

“That’s why we should talk about certain topics.” He concluded.

“What do you want?” Yindu eventually acquiesced.

“The matters of the world are meaningless to us.” He said: “We can talk about that person instead.”

“There’s nothing worthwhile to say.” Yindu shook its head.

“I’m sure just talking about this character is interesting. Tell me, you’ve met him before, and not just once either.” He smiled.

“Yes.” Yindu nodded.

“Then elaborate.”

“It’s useless, you won’t be able to dig out anything from our conversation. That person has gone farther than any of us, truly an enigma.” Yindu said.

“All puzzles have an answer and an origin. We and the villainous heaven do as well.” He said.

“Not incorrect.” Yindu replied.

“So let’s smartly get through this. For example, why didn’t he devour all of you?” He asked.

“We have an agreement.” Yindu revealed.

“An agreement? Who are the parties? Just your group or is it your group and him?”

“It’s a tradition, always has been the case.” Yindu said.

“This only works when there’s a balance between the parties. I climbed up there and took you down, one by one, and pinned you here. Could he have done the same?” He stared at the seahorse.

“It’s because you chose to die together with us. We would have devoured you if it wasn’t for the primordial light.” Yindu’s voice became slightly murderous.

“See, I obtained the primordial light and took the next step. You’re not a fool, tell me, did he have the ability to come up with something similar?” He inquired.

Yindu didn’t respond, clearly agreeing with Li Qiye.

“That’s why it’s interesting. He actively chose not to eat your group. I don’t think it has anything to do with tradition or balance. Plus, you’ve never cared about the tradition with the other groups.”

“There are always exceptions.” Yindu said.

“Then what is it? Maybe there’s a deeper reason, perhaps he’s afraid of something or to take it deeper, you all were still useful…” 

Yindu started contemplating.

“Aren’t we being productive right now? Let’s continue with sincerity.” He said.

“What’s in it for me?” Yindu said.

“I’ll come up with a way to help you die faster, okay? Of course, it can’t happen right away.” He smiled.

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