Chapter 3973: A Seahorse

This imprisoning law must have been here for eras. Those affected by it could only wait until death, never being able to see the sun again.

It pierced through the core of the earth and left behind a pond. Instead of water, there was a thick liquid resembling blood or ink.

Just one drop was heavy enough to crush anything. They contained unimaginable power.

The law crucified a particular creature. It was gray and small, not much larger than a thumb. The two have virtually become one after so many years.

It slightly resembled a sea horse. Its eyes were only a bit larger than the eye of a needle. Nonetheless, one would know that these were eyes and not just tiny dots.

The lights coming from them were incredible, capable of slaying Immortal Emperors and dao lords. They could end the world and destroy the myriad dao.

Strangely enough, Li Qiye didn’t care about the seahorse. His focus was on a green leaf floating in the pond.

Leaves like this one could be seen everywhere in the outside world. However, the presence of one here wasn’t normal.

He couldn’t avert his gaze from the leaf as if nothing else in this world was more astonishing.

“It’s a shame that you’re alive.” The seahorse spoke. The ancient language didn’t stop them from communicating.

He glanced at it and smiled: “Don’t be like that, it’s been so long since our last meeting. The pettiness is unbecoming of someone of your stature, a supreme being.”

“The only thing on my mind is to feast on your flesh and blood then devour your true fate.” The seahorse answered in a matter-of-fact manner. There was no hint of anger in its voice. Alas, its ancient language could instantly drive someone crazy.

“It’s not like you haven’t tasted my flesh and blood before. I have experienced your greed, a bunch of supreme beings acting like a pack of hungry dogs.” He chuckled.

“You will hunger one day, it is inevitable.” The seahorse calmly said, not affected by the disdainful remark like many other important characters.

“Perhaps, but I won’t turn into a hungry dog.” He responded.

“Too early to be that confident, it’s only because you haven’t lived long enough. You’ll change eventually.” The seahorse said.

“Is that so? Unfortunately, I am me, not the same as your group.” He chuckled.

“We’ll see about that, you’ll become the very thing you despise soon enough.” It said.

“We know better than that at our level, the truth is that we’re simply different from each other. The myriad eras can pass by within a single thought. My will shall be the same in the future. It’s not unprecedented.” He smiled.

“We’ll see.” The seahorse pondered a bit before replying.

“Well, I don’t think you’ll survive long enough to see that day anyway.” He said.

“I’ll live longer than time itself.” The seahorse said flatly with absolute confidence. It sounded like a truth that could never be changed.

No listener would ever doubt the seahorse’s claim after hearing its conviction.

“Are you sure, sea horse?” He picked up the leaf in the pond and said.

“My name is Yindu.” The seahorse wasn’t happy with Li Qiye’s address. [1]

“And here I thought you’ve forgotten yourself.” He commented.

The seahorse looked straight at him and said: “I have, this is nothing more than a name.”

The conversation was strange since they were mortal enemies. The seahorse wanted to devour Li Qiye while he wanted to destroy it forever.

However, their conversation was rather calm and even-tempered. Top existences like them have experienced enough tribulations and problems. Thus, they always acted calmly regardless of the circumstances. Plus, feuds and hatred didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things for them.

“How much longer do you think you can last?” He asked with a smile.

“Still forever. I’ll be alive long after your death.” Yindu said.

“Trust me, I can absolutely destroy you.” Li Qiye said.

“True, but you don’t know how.” Yindu admitted the possibility.

“Right.” He nodded: “I don’t need to waste time though. You’re no different from a dead man here.”

“Feel free to try, watching oneself being destroyed can be an enjoyable experience.” Yindu said.

“I don’t have to do it, I’m sure you’ll make up your mind soon enough.” He chuckled and tossed the leaf back into the pond.

Yindu’s eyes slightly shifted after seeing Li Qiye’s action. It chose to not say anything.

He sat down and stared at the leaf again. There was nothing special about this leaf. It was as if someone had just plucked it down from a branch and left it here.

Alas, this should be impossible. In history, the seahorse never let anyone else enter its domain.

Even Buddha and Vajra Dao Lord could only make it to the cliff. Nonetheless, the seahorse wasn’t the one who brought the leaf here.

This meant that there was a previous visitor - another being on the same level as Li Qiye.

“He came.” Li Qiye spoke with his hands around his knees. 

“Yes.” Yindu had no intention of hiding this.

“The true body?” Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed.

“Scared?” Yindu asked.

“You tell me.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“No idea.” Yindu responded honestly.

“I actually don’t think you know if it’s the true body or not.” Li Qiye smirked.

Yindu didn’t respond.

“Tell me more about him, yes?” Li Qiye’s tone became friendly as if he was seeing a friend again after countless eras.

“Don’t want to.” Yindu refused right away.

“I’m sure you’ll talk.” Li Qiye stated.

“Such confidence. Is it torture time?” Yindu suddenly became interested.

It wasn’t that Yindu was a masochist. It’s just that the world has become too boring for beings like them.

1. Yindu means someone who brings someone else over, a guide of sorts. When I see this name, I think of the ferryman in the underworld first. Hard to say without more context

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