Chapter 3972: Facade

Just one of these dao platforms anywhere else in the world would be unstoppable. Their sealing power and dao lord aura were beyond imagination.

Yet all of them were here solely to stop the thing beneath the cliff. This was a testament to the dreadful entity below.

Numerous top dao lords have made it here and created these platforms. They seemed to be afraid of it escaping eventually. They knew that they alone couldn’t stop or kill it. Thus, they offered their assistance.

Maybe the dao platforms prevented Black Tides from actually causing immense damage or drowning out all of Eight Desolaces. They minimized the worst outcomes.

Li Qiye continued forward towards the edge of the cliff.

“Boom! Boom! Boom…” Loud detonations blasted continuously. Suddenly, an immortal light surged out of the void and illuminated the world.

Immortal laws emerged and the world resonated. Golden springs, magical dew, and holy scenes manifested. Anyone else would think that they have entered an immortal realm.

“Creak…” A massive gate slowly opened in the void and out came a flood of immortal rays.

The light before was only a candle in comparison. These rays appeared tangible and physical.

People would think that they could touch the mysteries behind the light. Allowing the rays to enter the body would result in an ascension process - perhaps the most pleasurable experience in the world. They couldn’t help being drowned in this wonderful moment.

A path from the gate stretched to the edge of the cliff, seemingly welcoming Li Qiye.

Meanwhile, beyond the gate were images of dragons and phoenixes. Immortal springs and trees could be seen everywhere. Majestic palaces were built beneath the rainbows.

All in all, any spectator would want nothing more but to travel across the path with haste.

In the sky was a gigantic figure. He sat on his throne, looking supreme while wearing a tasseled crown. Dao lords and other top cultivators would still instantly bow down to him.

There was no need for him to exude his aura and divinity. Just his very existence alone demanded reverence.

Entering the gate meant having the privilege to meet this great being. They might become eternals as well in his presence.

“Visitor below, come forward and I shall teach you the way of immortality.” This immortal finally spoke.

His voice was gentle and comforting like the spring breeze. Any listener would start floating right away.

Their heart would palpitate with excitement. To be able to see an immortal in the legend means the chance of becoming one as well. Patience was no longer exercised.

The temptation was overwhelming. Even the experienced ancestors and kings would want to meet this immortal right away.

There had been a precedent back in Eight Desolaces - the tale of Blessed Dao Lord. He was taught by an immortal and eventually gone down in history as one of the greatest.

Li Qiye was an exception. He stretched lazily while smiling: “This despicable play might trick the unaware. They do not know who you are but shouldn’t you recognize me?”

“Hmph!” A cowl came from the immortal paradise along with a destructive force. The wrath of an immortal was terrifying but Li Qiye withstood it without a problem.

In the next moment, the immoral rays and gate disappeared. The paradise dispersed into smoke, replaced by a gigantic creature.

The species was unknown since it wore a large robe. The robe was tattered and could be mistaken for trash.

However, it was still an immortal item unavailable to others. The creature’s weapon of choice was a long scythe. It looked like the god of death, capable of harvesting billions of lives with one swing. Even the strongest cultivators wouldn’t be spared.

The creature stared straight at Li Qiye. The only source of light in this world seemed to be its eyes.

The connected dao platforms immediately activated with loud explosions. They shook violently, ready to unleash the strongest dao lord attacks towards the creature.

As for Li Qiye, he was quite familiar with the creature. It has been numerous eras yet this thing was still alive.

“I shall take you down today.” The creature spoke with an ancient language but Li Qiye still understood it.

“Stop blustering, paper tiger. I broke your weapon and pulverized you. Oh, I also refined that weapon now. I’m sure the likes of you won’t be able to kill me even if I stand still.” Li Qiye smirked.

The creature continued glaring at him without responding. This passivity lasted for a long while.

Li Qiye ignored its feeling and yawned: “What now, should I break it, or is it time for a nice talk?”

The creature pondered before disappearing from sight. The dao platforms stopped shaking as well.

“Li, come down here.” Ancient words came from below the cliff. Very few in the world have heard them before.

Anyone else might hesitate but Li Qiye leaped down right away without putting up any defense. 

There was a valley beneath the cliff, being the deepest and roughest area of this region. Nonetheless, it still suffered immense damages and was split into two halves.

He saw a small pond with a flashing law from within. It was naturally formed and had the shape of a spear.

This represented absolute suppression. Not to mention regular cultivators, even dao lords would be trapped here forever once shot by this law.

It was an ultimate prison. The law must have come down from above and pierced through the ground, creating the void and this broken valley.

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