Chapter 3971: Return

“Which dao lord is this?!” Numerous slumbering monsters were woken up by this unexpected development.

“Someone is still around?” An old sacred ancestor wondered.

Eight Desolaces didn’t have a dao lord after the departure of Eight Stallion Dao Lord. Was there a hidden dao lord all this time?

Not to mention regular mortals and cultivators, even ancestors found it impossible to stand due to the pressure.

“Boom!” After a loud explosion, a red moon could be seen anywhere in Eight Desolaces.

“What is this sign?” Most living beings trembled because it looked like an ominous sign.

However, older ancestors and sovereigns recognized this moon.

“Scarlet Moon Dao Lord, this is his weapon!” One of them shouted.

“You’re right.” A king answered back because he had read the dao lord’s descriptions before.

“So the dao lord is still alive?” One ancestor shouted.

“No way, his untimely death is well-documented.” Another found this impossible.

“It could be a rebirth.” Someone else speculated.

Only the top masters could speak right now because the rest had become frozen due to the immense pressure. They didn’t have the courage to speak.

“An animated corpse…” A top sovereign thought of this possibility. His scalp tingled as a result.

An animated corpse of a regular cultivator was no big deal. But as for a dao lord? One could actually massacre the world. The result would be unimaginable.

As for the Chi, the members of this clan prostrated with utmost reverence. The dao lord has always been their pride. His death was an unspeakable loss.


Back in Black Tides, the blood moon devastated the region near Li Qiye. If anyone dared to get close, they would be melted into nothingness. 

Li Qiye simply waved his finger in the air. “Buzz.” Laws were woven together in a complex manner on the ground and turned into a scripture.

This scripture engulfed the area and had the ability to contain everything. It flashed brightly and a small tree drilled out of the soil. The branches and leaves were golden.

They poured down chaos energy brimming with dao profundity. Each strand of this special energy could start a supreme grand dao.

The tree didn’t choose to refine the dao lord but simply went on the defensive, stopping the dreadful aura of the blood moon. It exuded serenity and protection.

While standing below this tree, one would survive the sky falling down. Thus, the blood moon was impressive but couldn’t overcome the tree.

Time and space have been stopped by the moon but Li Qiye remained unaffected. In the next second, he appeared before the dao lord and spoke: “Let go of this eternal obsession.”

Having said that, he flicked the dao lord’s forehead. A tiny law drilled into the corpse and reached the inner region of the mind. It then circled around the dao lord’s tree and dao fruit.

“Poof!” The tree started burning with dao trueflame. The corpse’s golden aura intensified as a result. The death energy haunting the dao lord was gradually being burned by this flame.

He looked magnificent and divine after the purification process. The grayness in his eyes disappeared as well.

They became bright and spirited, seemingly containing a galaxy. Of course, this didn’t change the fact that he was dead.

He first bowed towards Li Qiye before giving a command to the ground beneath him.

“Rumble!” It started shaking and the dirt and rocks came together to form a coffin. He then lay down inside then the lid closed.

“Boom!” The coffin then pierced through the void and crossed numerous dimensions.


Back in Eight Desolaces, the blood moon and the dao lord’s aura suddenly disappeared.

This was akin to a gust of wind blowing by. Everything returned to normal right away. Nonetheless, everyone was still in shock. Where did this dao lord go?

Of course, the top sovereigns heaved a sigh of relief. They assumed that this was a matter of a reanimated corpse. This seemed to not be the case any longer.

A while later, the Chi had a solemn ceremony due to the appearance of a stone coffin in their ancestral hall. They realized that this was the corpse of their dao lord. 

Previously, the dao lord went missing and they couldn’t find his corpse for a proper burial. Now, it has finally returned. They considered this an act of kindness from heaven.


Li Qiye smiled after seeing this and continued on his path.

He eventually reached the end - a place where everything suddenly stopped. All affinities have been severed.

The physical manifestation of this phenomenon was a steep cliff. Everything in front has collapsed and only a black void could be seen. However, Li Qiye noted some flashing lights deeper in the void.

To the front of the cliff were numerous dao platforms engraved with peerless runes. Thick chains made from laws locked them together.

The moment something happened to one, the rest would activate with haste. Each platform had something different on top.

One of them had Buddhist laws coming together to form a palm, always eager to start its suppression.

Another pulsed with a sword slash capable of decapitating the gods.

The third propped up a divine mountain, heavy enough to smash everything to pieces.

One more stored Buddhist hymns from the great Buddhas. They were meant for purification purposes.

These dao platforms were left here in order to suppress something beneath the cliff.

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