Chapter 3968: Deepest Region

“Bam!” Li Qiye finally touched the ground.

In reality, anyone else jumping down would have been suiciding or being unable to find the bottom.

The crater back in Black Tides was merely the entrance. Reaching Li Qiye’s position required spatial shifting from one dimension to another.

He traveled through chaotic space and just one wrong step would result in being trapped in a spatial vortex, resulting in being torn to pieces. One needed immense power and knowledge in order to make it this far.

Li Qiye looked around and saw a dark ocean devoid of life. There weren’t any ripples and waves; the serenity here was rather creepy.

Rough waves and winds would actually put any visitor at ease. At the least, the laws of nature were at work and there could be life.

In this case, this tranquility made them feel as if they had visited a world consisting of nothing but death.

The sky was a muddled expanse. Lights under the nine firmaments couldn’t reach this place, akin to being stuck in a dust storm. This reduced visibility greatly.

The moisture and air coming from the ocean didn’t have a salty taste. Most would enjoy the breeze and the splashing of the waves. Unfortunately, the water here was black and sticky. If one were to let them drip down between the fingers, long strings would be formed just like slime.

Li Qiye had a smile on his face while looking around.

“Splash!” Suddenly, a terrible scene occurred.

Skeletons began to come out of the water. One looked like a massive dragon and unleashed a tsunami due to its size.

Another resembled a gigantic ape. Its head was tall enough to break the sky vault.

Others looked like regular human skeletons. Some began reaching for Li Qiye right away. Two skeletal hands grabbed his legs. It seemed as if he had awakened them from their slumber.

Meanwhile, ashes gathered above and formed a dreadful skull, capable of devouring skies and seas.

Everything appeared tiny compared to this skull. Cultivators would tremble in fear upon meeting it but Li Qiye was still amused.

He walked forward and ignored the skeletal hands touching him. He didn’t summon any defensive treasures either, not considering them real opponents.

“Boom!” Another tsunami manifested not far from here due to the appearance of a gigantic golem. The thing was shiny like a gem, looking like a mountain of treasures.

However, this golem died long ago. Its eyes had a gray glimmer of death.

“I am the ancestor of the golems!” The golem roared and rushed towards Li Qiye.

“Rumble!” Its movement caused loud detonations and waves.

“Raa!” The skeletal dragon and ape along with all the other creatures also headed for him, wanting to crush him into a pulp.

They didn’t appreciate the uninvited guest, hence their rage. Tearing him apart was the only thing that would appease them.

The most terrifying one was still the skull in the sky. Its roar nearly toppled the black ocean over. A powerful sucking force started pulling in everything around it.

Alas, this still wasn’t enough to wipe the smile off Li Qiye’s face.

“Buzz.” A radiance emanating from him resembled the strongest force in existence. Each pulse had an unstoppable momentum and a burning affinity.

“Zzz…” It immediately bathed the gigantic creatures and reduced them to ashes. Even the mighty skull couldn’t stop it.

The thick water itself fell victim to his light. It became clear as if the evil within has been purified. Or, maybe this evil presence had run farther away.

The force of a million suns exploding came from him, capable of purifying all evil and death in this world. The sky and the ocean became clear once more. His stroll through this ocean continued. 

Anyone else would have needed to fight their heart out. Even a top Heavenly Sovereign might not survive the battle. As for Li Qiye, this was no big deal. Just his light alone was more than enough.

He eventually found a continent also devoid of life. There were no grasses and animals, let alone people.

The breezes here were dried and hot. However, it served more of a warning rather than inflicting any damage. Top existence would immediately put on their strongest defense.

As he moved on, he saw signs of battles - broken mountains and severed rivers, unnatural craters and canyons on an open field.

The signs of battles meant that finding corpses was inevitable.

He saw one wearing a royal robe and an imperial crest. The weapon of choice was a crimson spear.

This expert’s chest had been penetrated but he stood straight with the support of his spear.

If an ancestor were to see him, they would instantly shout: “Crimsonflame Godking!” 

One old woman wore a five-colored dress and held a resplendent fan. Her chest had a hole as well.

She would be instantly recognized as “Five-fan Ancestor”.

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