Chapter 3967: Is Another Meeting Possible?

Who was Li Qiye? This question haunted the audience. None of his roles and statuses truly explained who he was.

Perhaps they were only one of his many identities. His true one remained unknown.

Unfortunately, no one had an answer because this was above their station. In the current world, people thought that dao lords were at the top of the peak. They could control the myriad dao - this allowed them to be unbeatable.

There were other comparable beings such as Worldly Immortal or the Ancient Empress. Everyone believed that they were unreachable.

However, Li Qiye broke this notion after showing his dominion over these two cultivators. Thus, they had no idea what kind of existence Li Qiye was.

“Even Worldly Immortal prostrated… don’t tell me… he’s an actual immortal? Or he’s from above…” One expert boldly speculated.

“Shut up, enough rubbish!” His senior’s expression darkened and put a stop to it.

“Do not discuss this matter. There will be serious punishment for violations.” Many sects gave this order to their disciples.

The top ancestors from these sects worried about some disciples offending Li Qiye in some manner. That might spell the end for their sects.

After all, it would be too easy for him to do so. In fact, he just needed to say the word and plenty of cultivators would be happy to do so.

On the other hand, the juniors weren’t the only ones curious. The top ancestors also wanted to know Li Qiye’s true identity.

“Is he really an immortal?” A few good friends secretly discussed this matter.

“You’re saying immortals do exist?” One ancestor remained skeptical since no one had seen an immortal before.

The existence of an immortal would answer their question right away. Only an immortal would have this effect on the Ancient Empress and Worldly Immortal.

“Don’t forget about the legend regarding Blessed Dao Lord.” A king in the group said.

The others exchanged glances because virtually everyone had heard of these stories before.

Blessed Dao Lord was the founder of True Immortal Sect. He was one of the top ten dao lords in history. Some even placed him in the number one spot.

There was no lack of legends regarding him but the most popular consisted of his youth. In this story, he came across an immortal by chance and was taught supreme merit laws by this immortal. This eventually culminated in his future success.

This tale was the reason for his title, “blessed”.

“Are you saying that Li Qiye is the immortal?” Someone else brought this up.

Most found this plausible but weren’t confident.


In another location, an erudite ancestor on the verge of death spent his remaining energy on reading the ancient scrolls and texts. Eventually, he blurted out in excitement: “I-I know who he is! He’s the nine words’...”

He suddenly stopped speaking because he realized the gravity of the situation. The names and titles regarding this being couldn’t be said due to the risks of sect destruction.

“He’s still alive… one era after another, even an epoch.” He became uncontrollably emotional, not expecting to realize an eternal secret.

This secret was purposely buried in history. He didn’t know the underlying stories and reasons nor the people who actively chose to hide it from the world. However, the legend has returned. A torrential storm was coming to Eight Desolaces. Everyone would be affected by this.

“I hope for the best.” He quietly prayed and chose to not reveal this information to any of his juniors. He swore that he would take this to the grave.


The inner region of Black Tides was perilous. However, due to the tidal recession, it became relatively safer.

Moreover, they were meaningless before Li Qiye and Xian Fan.

The two took their time and eventually reached the deepest area of Black Tides.

They saw an annihilated plain before them with a black crater in the center. It was special in that time and space had collapsed here. The crater was actually a massive void zone.

It looked eager to devour all lives, capable of taking down billions in the blink of an eye just like a primordial beast.

The two looked down at the crater. Xian Fan spoke while glancing at the sky: “This is the entrance. It fell down here.”

Back in the great calamity, a heavenly corpse landed and destroyed this region. Only a few survivors remained who clearly saw it. Xian Fan was one of them.

“Right.” Li Qiye smiled, aware of the event more than anyone else.

“Many heroes have come here.” She continued: “Most died trying their best. I also attempted but unfortunately, I couldn’t get that far.”

“There’s not much to see, just a desperate struggle.” He replied.

“Your Excellency, you wish to deal with it now?” She asked.

“It’s convenient since I’m here anyway. This can be considered bidding farewell too.” He smirked.

She was aware that this smirk meant death for his opponents.

“You can’t see me off forever, go back.” He added.

She took a deep breath and said: “I wonder when I’ll get to see you again, Your Excellency.”

“That’s up to you, not me.” He shook his head: “You have all the right conditions on the dao path, it comes down to your choice.”

“I understand.” She turned around to leave but hesitated.

“If you make it to the finish line and everything ends, what will you do then, Your Excellency?” She asked. 

“If one is traveling freely without any constraint, then where is the finish line? No need to worry about this.” He answered with a question.

She opened her mouth but didn’t know how to respond.

“Seeking the dao is a test for one’s heart. The stronger the heart, the vaster the dao path. Both can become infinite.” He elaborated and smiled at her before jumping down the crater.

“See you again, Your Excellency.” She whispered wistfully after his disappearance then left the area.

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