Chapter 3966: Time To Leave

Buddha Supreme had rewarded all the sects that had picked Li Qiye’s side. As for the punishment? They were proportionally dished to Vajra’s supporters.

After this battle, everyone realized that Sacred Mountain was still in charge. The representative was merely transitory. There was a line that one couldn’t cross.

The existence of Sacred Mountain and its supreme authority kept the holy ground united instead of being divided into various regions.

“Your Majesty, would you want to visit our Sacred Mountain?” Buddha Supreme bowed towards Li Qiye after finishing his task.

It would normally be an honor for anyone to visit Sacred Mountain. Only the top masters had this privilege.

In this case, it would be a dragon visiting a shrimp’s abode. Sacred Mountain would love to have Li Qiye as a guest.

“Your greed knows no bounds. My little girl is staying at the holy ground, is that not enough?” Li Qiye chuckled.

“It’s enough, more than enough!” The supreme glanced at Fan Bai and was elated. He nodded his head repeatedly like a chicken eating grain.

Nonetheless, he still wanted the matchless honor of having Li Qiye visit Sacred Mountain.

Li Qiye smiled and stretched while speaking: “It’s time for me to take my leave.”

“Farewell, Your Majesty.” The Ancient Empress prostrated to show her reverence towards him.

“Farewell, Your Majesty.” The others also prostrated for they couldn’t stand while she was on the ground.

Moreover, to be part of this event was glorious. It would be the biggest story in their lives.

He looked around and found Yang Ling who was staring at him.

“You have a bright future ahead of you.” He went over and gently patted her head.

“I will do my best, Young Master.” She tried her best to not be sad about his departure. She clenched her fists and made a promise to herself.

Everyone was envious of her, especially the students from Duality Academy. A regular student like Yang Ling had earned Li Qiye’s favor. This would absolutely pave the way for her future, more than enough to make her ancestors proud.

The saddest person was actually Fan Bai. At the start, she was reviled and hated by everyone. Li Qiye was the one who changed this and gave her warmth.

Tears couldn’t help streaming down as she stared at him despite her best effort to stay strong.

“Silly girl, no party lasts forever.” He wiped her tears and smiled.

“Will we meet again, Young Master?” She looked up and asked, realizing that he was a true dragon who would soar above the nine firmaments. They might never meet again.

He glanced at the sky and said: “The path is long but if you go far enough, there will be a chance.”

“I got it.” She clenched her fists and nodded, having made up her mind about always moving forward regardless of the trials and tribulations.

“I’m counting on you.” He then told Mad Blade.

Mad Blade bowed and said: “Rest assured, Young Master, I will take care of her.”

Li Qiye laughed and stopped blabbering. He started heading towards the inner region of Black Tides again.

“I’ll see you off, Your Excellency.” Xian Fan followed Li Qiye.

Others kept on kneeling until the two could no longer be seen. A bit later, they finally stood up.

“Time to leave.” The empress said and rode the splashing waves back to the east.

Others started departing as well after seeing this.

“Monk, the play is done, your holy ground owes my Righteous Sect a favor.” The old voice from Righteous Supreme came from the clouds.

Some recalled the battle between Righteous Supreme and Guan Tianba. It was a shame they didn’t know the result.

“Of course, of course, I’ll be sure to write it down as a debt.” Buddha Supreme laughed heartily, no longer as dignified as before.

The clouds started receding and the members of Righteous Sect followed him back to their region.

“Okay, I need a drink.” Buddhist Supreme raised one leg and suddenly disappeared. No one knew where he went.

The crowd exchanged glances and thought that his previous titles made sense. Their supreme was indeed different.

As for Fan Bai, she didn’t want to leave and continued looking at Black Tides.

“Let’s go.” Guan Tianba urged her.

Fan Bai might be the current sacred lord but she was still young and inexperienced. That’s why Li Qiye left him in charge.

“To where?” Fan Bai regained her wits and asked.

In the past, she was a vagabond until she met Li Qiye. With him gone now, she looked around and became lost since she didn’t have a home.

“Wherever you want.” Guan Tianba said without deciding for her.

“Let’s go back to Duality, I still have a while to go before graduating. Let’s train there together?” Yang Ling said.

Fan Bai nodded in agreement. The academy was one place that had a semblance to home for her right now. Myriad Beast Mountain no longer applied because he wasn’t there.

The two returned to Duality Academy while Mad Blade followed them like a specter.


People were curious about Li Qiye’s departure.

“What is he going to the inner region to do?” One curious soul asked.

For example, if a big shot like Worldly Immortal were to suddenly visit the inner region, it would cause quite a stir in Eight Desolaces.

In this case, Li Qiye was even more prestigious. Their curiosity couldn’t be quelled.

Of course, no one dared to follow him outside of Worldly Immortal. Even those with the power to do so found this inappropriate since they didn’t have his permission.

“Something amazing will happen.” One senior concluded.

“Hmm, Li, no, His Majesty, who is he?” One expert asked.

Everyone knew that his name was Li Qiye and that he was the sacred lord of the holy ground. This wasn’t enough of an answer.

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