Chapter 3965: Buddha Supreme

The entire audience knew the notorious origin of this black metal. He had shown its incredible power before as well.

In reality, that’s the extent of their knowledge. Some would consider it an immortal metal. Others assumed that it contained supreme dao scripture within or just a plethora of dao mysteries.

All in all, their curiosity couldn’t be understated.

“You aren’t considered a brilliant genius in the grand scheme of things.” Li Qiye spoke, surprising the crowd in the process.

This would sound ridiculous coming from anyone else. The empress had lived for eras and became one of the strongest cultivators in the present.

How many in history had the same achievements as her? Quite a pitiful number. Alas, Li Qiye didn’t sound like he was impressed.

Of course, they didn’t think that he was being purposely pompous and insulting either.

“But, the fact that you’re still here right now goes beyond external help.” He continued: “It also has to do with your exceptional wisdom and firm dao heart. You are still the same as before, quite commendable.”

“Thus, I am bestowing this item to you, hoping that you will meticulously research and understand it. Your future is in your hands.” With that, he handed her the black metal.

She got on her knees and accepted it with both hands: “I am moved to tears from your generosity, Your Majesty. I will not let you down.” She bowed afterward.

He also accepted her gesture before waving for Fan Bai to come over.

Fan Bai calmly stood in front of him, not sharing the same excitement as the rest of the crowd.

They stared at her with envy in their eyes. Li Qiye has clearly shown himself to be a supreme existence.

How many people were qualified to stand before his throne? To be in his presence was a great honor.

Only the empress or Worldly Immortal had this privilege and now, Fan Bai. It meant that her future would be incredible - a phoenix among men.

Li Qiye took off his ring and personally put it on her finger then smiled: “Time for this to have a new master.”

Only the old high elders and ancestors realized the significance of this gift. The young ones had no idea.

“Henceforth, she is the new lord of Buddha Holy Ground.” Li Qiye then pulled her hand up in the air.

Jaws dropped to the ground upon this declaration. The current sacred lord, Li Qiye, had just given his position to a little girl.

“Boom!” The moment he finished speaking, Buddhist radiance erupted in the region. Fan Bai herself became resplendent.

A great image consisting of wondrous mountains and rivers materialized behind her - the land of the holy ground.

The wise sages also appeared behind her - the dao lords and other top masters…

Buddhist energy surged in the vicinity. It was as if she had just completed a Buddhist avatar. Her aura amazed the crowd.

“Long live the sacred lord!” The Monk of Wisdom prostrated along with the other monks from Heavenly Dragon Temple.

“Long live the sacred lord!” The members of the other divisions did the same.

This wasn’t an official coronation but due to Li Qiye’s interference, Fan Bai has become the next sacred lord.

“Okay, Monk, it’s your business now, I’m just an outsider.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

“Amitabha!” A monk suddenly appeared among the clouds.

His facial features were fierce and aggressive. He didn’t have an inner robe, only a kasaya so his chest was exposed. His beard was unkempt as well, looking more like a brute than a monk.

The first impression people would have of him was that he didn’t follow any of the rules. This guy most likely drank wine and ate meat.

Alas, this was strictly limited to his appearance. The moment he chanted, he looked dignified and serious. The aura around him also made up for his brutish appearance. 

“Supreme!” The older ancestors blurted out after seeing him.

“Supreme? Buddha Supreme?” The young juniors trembled after hearing his title.

Many became frozen because they thought that he was dead. Moreover, the young ones were taken aback by his appearance as well.

The previous sacred lord was considered a hero for protecting Black Wood Cliff from the monsters of Black Tides. In their mind, he should be an enlightened monk - kind and stately.

But this Buddha Supreme… he looked a little violent…

Of course, they should have expected this if they had known about his previous titles - Ruleless Heavenly Sovereign, Ruleless Master, Ruleless Monk…

He was none other than the merchant that Li Qiye met in the abandoned land.

They simply didn’t know what to think. There were three generations of sacred lords in front of them right now.

“Long live the sacred lord.” Buddha Supreme bowed towards Fan Bai, confirming her status.

Others also followed suit because, by this point, there was no questioning Fan Bai’s role.

“Heavenly Dragon Temple has done well in protecting the master. The division shall become the guardians of the young lord.” He commanded.

“We humbly accept.” The Monk of Wisdom and other high monks bowed towards the supreme.

Their loyalty has been noted and rewarded. They were the first to step up without any hesitation despite the insurmountable odds earlier.

“Metropolis Division and Divine Ghost Division have also performed their duty and shall be rewarded with…” He went on to reward the various powers that helped Li Qiye.

These powers were elated and thought that they had made the right choice. Otherwise, they would suffer the same fate as Vajra Dynasty.

Meanwhile, the members of Righteous and the east were watching attentively as well.

Though Sacred Mountain rarely showed up to the point of being nearly forgotten, it was still in charge of the holy ground regardless of the perils.

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