Chapter 3964: For Duality Academy

The death of the god monarch and Archaic Sun King silenced the crowd. They knew that it was time for retribution.

The entire thing felt like a dream. Not long ago, Vajra Dynasty had all the momentum and was pushing back the supporters of Sacred Mountain.

Everyone assumed that Sacred Mountain’s loss couldn’t be avoided. There would be a new ruler in the holy ground.

Vajra’s allies were ecstatic since victory was within grasp. They could become regional monarchs afterward.

Unfortunately, everything popped like bubbles afterward. Chances of victory crumbled. Top masters such as Vajra Saint were killed by one slash. Another murdered millions of disciples, high elders, and ancestors.

Their advantages were annihilated by Li Qiye. Top behemoths were finished even if Sacred Mountain didn’t wish to pursue the matter beyond this. The losers would decline at a blinding speed before going into seclusion, their names forgotten.

All eyes were fixated on Li Qiye - the new supreme lord. Each word and action of his could determine the fate of countless lives.

Li Qiye stared at Ebon Scythe and smiled: “A top weapon indeed despite lackluster materials and insufficient repair. Its sharpness is comparable to a paragon artifact.”

“Paragon artifact…” Most have never heard of this title. Only a few top masters knew its significance.

These weapons were horrifying. People could search their whole life and never catch a glimpse of one. Thus, the crowd was fortunate to see Ebon Scythe today.

“Go now.” He ordered.

“Clank!” The saber flew out of his hand and disappeared into the horizon.

This astounded the spectators. What was he doing with this ultimate weapon? 

The saber traveled across the land with blinding speed and appeared above Duality Academy before inserting itself into the ground.

Dao hymns and clanks resonated continuously. All of the weapons in the academy, whether they belonged to students or teachers or simply resided in the treasury, started to resonate as well.

The members had to grasp their weapons tightly in order to prevent them from flying away.

“Clank!” The saber exuded a blinding light that engulfed the entire academy. The rays were gray so they made the buildings have a metallic shine.

A massive phenomenon emerged above after loud explosions. This was a gray galaxy with countless stars. Their rotation was never-ending.

The galaxy poured down starry particles onto the academy, seemingly gestating it and connecting with the saber.

“Buzz.” Dao runes came out of the saber as more particles descended. The dao runes also took over the academy.

“What is happening?” Both normal cultivators and famous ancestors found this puzzling, having never seen a phenomenon like this one before.

More orderly clanks could be heard. The academy seemed to be undergoing a recrafting process. 

Eventually, sharp rays exuded from the region. These slashes seemed capable of killing the gods and devils, even immortals. Therefore, the academy became an ultimate weapon with zero mercy.

Any intruder would be killed right away. After a while, the sharp rays gradually dispersed and the academy became the same as before. Ebon Scythe was nowhere to be found. It most likely became one with the academy.

“Where is the saber?” One expert blurted out but hurriedly covered his mouth, afraid of bothering Li Qiye.

The same astonishment struck the spectators. The powerful ancestors were particularly shaken due to their understanding of the situation.

The paragon artifact has become one with Duality Academy. This was the greatest gift - a contribution not inferior to creating the academy.

“Your Majesty, the academy shall be eternal thanks to your bestowment.” Five-colored Sacred Sovereign led the members of the academy and started kowtowing.

This act wasn’t enough to show their gratitude for what he had done. All ceremonies were warranted in order to show their respect.

He accepted their gesture while sitting on his throne.

The other powers became envious - only the academy got something of this level from Li Qiye.

He turned his attention towards the Ancient Empress afterward.

“What do you want?” He smiled.

Jadewater Empress stood at the apex in Eight Desolaces. Nonetheless, she bowed and said: “This lowy one wishes to follow and serve you, Your Majesty.”

Others couldn’t believe it. This top character still wanted to follow him? It became clear that very few were qualified to be Li Qiye’s servants. Guan Tianba was fortunate to be one right now.

“Nothing good might come out of it.” Li Qiye shook his head: “Plus, you clearly like this land, that’s why you’re still here.”

The empress glanced towards the east and sincerely nodded.

He then took out the black piece of metal from the abyss in Black Tides. He tossed it up and down while speaking: “I wish to find a master for this, someone capable and worthy.”

He paused for a bit before adding: “It’s quite special and unfathomable.”


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