Chapter 3963: Nothing Is Unbreakable

Some people were still prostrating during the wait. After a while, two figures descended.

Li Qiye sat down on his throne with Worldly Immortal next to him. Others didn’t have the courage to stare directly at them.

They thought about the content of the conversation. After all, the words from these apex existences could cause a tsunami.

If it was a dao discussion, being able to listen would mean a lifetime of benefits. The words were worth more than gold due to the embedded dao mysteries.

The crowd patiently waited for the two to speak first.

“Where was I earlier?” Li Qiye smiled.

“Right, I said that if your Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique can withstand one slash, you may leave this place alive.” He pointed his saber forward.

Attention suddenly shifted towards the monarch.

Earlier, he called for reinforcement and the Ancient Empress and Worldly Immortal eventually came. Unfortunately, they weren’t here to help him.

It became blatantly clear that no one could save the monarch today. Only death awaited him.

His face turned pale since even his strongest backing didn’t work. It was impossible to escape - a true nightmare.

“You’re telling the truth?” The monarch spoke while his legs trembled.

He had met South Conch Dao Lord before but he wasn’t as afraid. The dao lord had no intention of killing him, unlike Li Qiye.

“Don’t worry, my words are more effective than anything. Start.” Li Qiye smiled. 

None dared to question his authority and seriousness despite his nonchalant tone.

“Very well.” The monarch shouted, still hanging onto a sliver of hope. After all, his crystal physique stopped a dao monarch back then. Maybe it could stop one slash from Li Qiye as well.

No one has been able to solve the mystery of this physique. This was the key to staying alive.

“Boom!” He released all of his vitality without holding back. He even burned his lifespan in order to exert the physique to its fullest potential.

His body became resplendent. Shiny rays protected him, looking like the toughest things in creation.

Layers of defense stacked up around him. This was the strongest state of the crystal physique; it certainly amazed the crowd.

They thought that it might be the best defense possible, akin to an impregnable fortress.

“Decent training but unfortunately, even your ancestor has no chance of stopping my slash, let alone you.” Li Qiye shook his head before swinging his saber.

“Clank!” A white flash appeared for a moment.

People didn’t even see the swing clearly before Li Qiye was finished with his attack.

In the next second, they saw the monarch being split into two halves starting from the head.

“Splash!” Blood splashed then the internal organs fell out. The two body sections collapsed as well.

The monarch’s eyes widened in disbelief. He felt death approaching but had no idea how it happened. The only thing he saw was a glint before dying without any pain.

The blood and organs were still hot while everyone felt suffocated by Li Qiye’s power. Even the crystal physique couldn’t stop Li Qiye.

Nonetheless, this was the best possible outcome for the monarch - a painless death.

This rather shocking development was quietly accepted by the crowd. After all, this was a being above Worldly Immortal. It was understandable for him to be able to defeat this physique.

With this task done, Li Qiye spotted the next target and smiled: “I recall that I told you if you were to kneel right then, I would spare your life later.”

Who else could it be but the pale Archaic Sun King? It turned out that the carriage driver who met Li Qiye when he first got to the south was the king.

He even gave Li Qiye the saber then but still missed the overarching picture. He became occupied with thoughts. If he had grasped this opportunity, both he and Vajra Dynasty would have soared.

It only required him to get down on his knees. This could have changed his fate completely.

At that time, he assumed that Li Qiye was a disciple from Sacred Mountain on a review mission. Thus, he wanted to test the guy.

There was no way he would kneel down to a junior disciple. Only Buddha Supreme could make this demand.

Unfortunately, even the Ancient Empress and Worldly Immortal were kneeling in front of Li Qiye. He was nothing compared to them, not even qualified to kneel close to Li Qiye.

A once-in-an-era opportunity appeared before him yet he completely threw it away. Li Qiye could have been Vajra’s ally. 

He spent his whole life calculating and scheming for Vajra’s rise. This was all in vain.

“Too clever and conceited for my own good.” The pale king smiled wryly before striking his own head without any hesitation.

“Boom!” He crushed his own head and brain splattered. The corpse fell backward to the ground. He didn’t try to struggle or beg.

Of course, everyone knew that struggling was useless. Dying like this made him look like a brave man and protected his dignity.

The next question became the inevitable bloodbath. Vajra and its allies have betrayed Sacred Mountain.

If Li Qiye were to swing his blade, blood would rain across the holy ground. Thousands of sects would cease to exist.

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