Chapter 3962: My Pursuit

Li Qiye stared at Xian Fan and smiled: “Are you sure you don’t want to leave?”

“Hmm…” Xian Fan stopped thinking about this because she couldn’t leave this land for millions of years now.

“I’m afraid I can’t.” She smiled wryly.

“Everything is possible, especially for me. Just one thought is enough.” He responded casually.

Xian Fan became emotional after hearing this. It has been a while since she last felt this emotion.

“So would you leave if you can?” He asked again.

Xian Fan had plenty of achievements and life experiences by this point. Nonetheless, Li Qiye’s words were too tempting.

Where would she go? She couldn’t help looking up above.

“The firmaments above?” She murmured.

“That works. The world is vast and can accommodate your heart’s desire. There are many things you have yet to experience.” He nodded.

She nodded back, agreeing with his assessment. Though she was at the apex in the nine worlds and others needed to look up to see her, she knew that this wasn’t the world’s limit.

She focused on the stars flashing deeper up the crevices. It seemed to be the unknown waiting to be explored.

“I’m not sure.” She then glanced down at the eight kingdoms and the towering tree.

Her heart and mind were firm before but Li Qiye had messed with her dao heart. This left her in a tough position.

“I suppose it’s hard to give up.” He understood and sympathized.

“What can’t you give up in this world, Your Excellency?” She asked while staring at him.

Big shots like them stopped caring about mundane matters and treated most things with triviality. Virtually all things were ephemeral with a few exceptions.

These exceptions would always linger in their mind after millions of years.

“I don’t remember most things from the old era. It’s a difficult question, I don’t have a precise answer.” He shook his head.

She thought that this was understandable for people like them. They have given up and forgotten many things to get to this point.

Never looking back was a necessity for cultivation. This mindset became increasingly harder to change further on the path. It eventually ended with a tough choice.

This was the case for her but she didn’t know what Li Qiye’s choice was.

“The opportunity is within your grasp.” He smiled and raised one finger. Tiny dao laws looking to be alive circled around the tip. 

He then touched her forehead and the dao laws drilled into her mind.

“Pop!” Her body lit up right away. A mysterious force seemed to be enlightening her. It illuminated her fate palaces and opened a supreme treasury.

Within the treasury were peerless mantras, unparalleled laws, and matchless dao. The mysteries within couldn’t be described with words.

The light eventually dispersed and she became normal again. However, that second just now lasted for an eternity.

She has experienced many eras. Millions of years were only a blink of an eye to her. However, that second earlier was longer than all of that since it opened a dao treasury for her.

“Thank you, Your Excellency.” She bowed after calming down.

“I have given you the key, it is up to you whether to stay or leave.” He smiled.

She had no response while becoming emotional. Her gaze turned back towards the familiar land.

“A traveler always yearns for home. It’s unavoidable.” He said.

“Right, but we can’t go back in time.” She pondered for a bit before responding.

Her tone was calm but those on the same level would feel the same helplessness. Her friends and loved ones were dust now.

“There’s another adage, inner peace is the same as being home.” He said.

“Inner peace?” She carefully thought about it.

“Yes.” He elaborated: “Ultimately, when people walk on this path, whether it be facing the darkness or choosing the light, they simply want inner peace. That’s why waves of people have tried in history.”

“I see.” She didn’t have an answer right away about the choice.

She stopped thinking about it because she couldn’t move away. But now, Li Qiye gave her the key and changed the circumstances. Thus, she started thinking about the possibilities again.

“I understand.” She eventually concluded in a vague manner. Gaining inner peace still required a long journey. She had ample time before needing to make a choice.

He stopped talking and gazed at the horizon with a smile.

She followed his gaze then said softly: “You want to take a trip there?”

“Yes, they’re asking for it so I have to finish the clean-up.” He nodded.

“Seems like you will always look back regardless of how far you go, Your Excellency.” She said.

“It has nothing to do with emotions and attachment. It’s just better to clean up some mess to avoid needless trouble later on when I’m gone.” He replied.

She thought that he would have no problem doing so given his current ability.

Meanwhile, cultivators started at the sky vault but they couldn’t see or hear anything. Heavenly gazes could only see two faint figures.

Mad Blade Guan Tianba returned as well, looking completely untouched.

Normally, people would be curious about the outcome of a match between Guan Tianba and Righteous Supreme.

However, they were captivated by Li Qiye and Worldly Immortal. They couldn’t blink even though they only saw two dots.

No one uttered a single word as they exercised patience during this momentous event.

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