Chapter 3961: Worldly Immortal’s True Form?

Worldly Immortal’s fame wasn’t limited to the southern West King. This title could make any living being in Eight Desolaces trembles.

Halting All-things, stopping Righteous, and testing Dhyana - Worldly Immortal showed up three times and shocked the world each time.

The opponents were all dao lords. Moreover, they were the more exceptional ones as well. Thus, Worldly Immortal stood at the apex in the southern West King.

In terms of appearance, armor plates hid the sex of this cultivator. It exuded a five-colored radiance.

Each ray contained a special visual phenomenon - towering trees, heavenly flames, incredible treasuries… They contained powers strong enough to destroy worlds.

Just a casual pose exerted enough pressure to crush the firmaments and force everyone else on their knees.

“Your Excellency!” Those in the east started performing a full kowtow rite.

“I can’t believe I get to see the immortal again.” Even the ancestors had tears streaming down their cheeks.

The eastern inhabitants took pride in having a cultivator like this in the region. As long as this being was around, so would the eastern kingdoms.

Worldly Immortal had stopped appearing after the dao discussion with Dhyana Dao Lord. No one knew where this being went.

According to the rumors, Worldly Immortal was from the Ancient Immortal Kingdom. The origin and location of this so-called kingdom were unknown to even the eastern inhabitants.

On the other hand, everyone knew that the Ancient Empress was a supreme existence from Jadewater Country. Worldly Immortal was far more mysterious in this regard.

So far, the precedent was that only dao lords were worth Worldly Immortal’s time. Now, the being came out for Li Qiye - this also astonished the crowd.

It meant that though he didn’t have the cultivation of a dao lord, he was virtually one already.

Spectators’ glances shifted between Worldly Immortal and Li Qiye. The same question popped up in their head - who was stronger?

Either way, it became obvious that Li Qiye’s appearance was deceiving since he was another supreme existence.

“Boom!” The world became slanted after this being took one step forward.

The eight kingdoms were billions and billions of miles away from Black Tides Ocean yet it only took one step for Worldly Immortal to make it to Li Qiye’s position.

The atmosphere became unbearably tense as speculations arose.

“Xian Fan apologies for the lack of reception, Your Excellency.” Worldly Immortal prostrated towards Li Qiye to show her reverence despite being an apex existence in Eight Desolaces right now.

This shocked the listeners even more than when the Ancient Empress referred to herself as a “lowly one”. Jaws and eyes nearly dropped to the ground.

“Your true form is set in one place so it’s not your fault. This dao avatar will count as a meeting between old friends.” Li Qiye smiled and said.

Everyone took a deep breath and exchanged glances. They didn’t realize that this was only an avatar from Worldly Immortal.

Just an avatar alone was so impressive. What about the real Worldly Immortal? 

Ancestors shuddered in fear after this revelation. However, such a great being still assumed an inferior position to Li Qiye? None dared to lift their head to look at Li Qiye at this point.

“Thank you, Your Excellency.” Worldly Immortal stood up and remained in the bowing position.

Li Qiye waved his hand and separated the domains. The two of them appeared above the sky vault for a private conversation.

Everyone else remained on the ground. They looked up but couldn’t see or hear anything. This applied to the Ancient Empress as well.

“It’s not a bad feeling to meet people from back then after so many years.” Li Qiye stared at Worldly Immortal and said.

“Your return is unexpected, Your Excellency.” Worldly Immortal was none other than Xian Fan, a supreme genius from Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom of Sacred Nether World.

Li Qiye and Xian Fan were considered the two best prodigies of the human race back then.

She started recalling the things that have changed through the eras. The nine worlds were no longer around. Her Sacred Nether World was gone and now, the young cultivator has become Worldly Immortal.

Few from that era were still around. She didn’t expect to meet Li Qiye again either.

Li Qiye’s ascension was a sight to behold and would never be forgotten. However, there was no more news of him afterward. 

“Surprising yet still within expectation.” Li Qiye smiled: “You chose to stay instead of ascending.”

“I once thought about it but gave the opportunity up. I didn’t force the issue and by this point, I would rather stay here.” She spoke softly.

“The items from the Immortals’ Domain are impressive indeed. This Simple Precious Tree opened quite a path for you.” Li Qiye nodded approvingly: “You’ve lived until now yet your vitality is still exuberant. Hmm, there is a price to pay since no one can truly be immortal.”

“Right, I was fearless back then and thought that it was possible. I risked it all and here I am now.” Xian Fan replied.

“Whether this is a blessing or a curse is up to you.” Li Qiye said. Everyone had their own path to walk.

“May I inquire about the reason for your return, Your Excellency?” Xian Fan asked.

It seemed that both the nine worlds and Eight Desolaces didn’t have anything worthwhile for Li Qiye.

“I fell down from above, half dead.” Li Qiye chuckled while pointing upward.

Xian Fan became emotional. The vagueness of the response still gave her plenty of information.

“The great calamity.” She murmured. 

She personally experienced that monstrous event that ended the nine worlds. So many people turned to ashes.

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