Chapter 3960: Ancient Empress

The Ancient Empress’ name has been whispered with respect for eras now. 

The southern West King had produced numerous dao lords before. Some were extremely gifted and renowned - Buddha, Righteous, Vajra, and many others…

They walked proudly across the land and proved their supremacy. However, they would depart after their respective eras.

Only a few names stuck around for this long. The most famous in this region would most likely be Worldly Immortal. Even dao lords exercised caution when dealing with this being, preferring to take a long way around.

Right beneath World Immortal was the Ancient Empress. She appeared to save the eastern kingdoms from the clutch of the eight saints and nine sovereigns. This propelled her fame to the next level. The supremes from the holy ground paled in comparison.

Her prestige was at an all-time high. No member of the crowd thought that they were her equal.

Some ancient ancestors from Righteous and Buddha Holy Ground were still lurking in the shadows. A few among them were confident in fighting against Vajra Saint and the others. This wasn’t the case when it came to the Ancient Empress.

She alone managed to defeat the saints and the sovereigns. Who could stop her right now? Just her presence alone commanded respect and submission from the crowd.

All of the cultivators from the east were on their knees, even the ancient ancestors. Those from Righteous and the holy ground were startled as well. The powerful ancestors from these two powers didn’t prostrate but still bowed deeply.

“Your Majesty!” Crystal God Monarch was elated to see her and came over with his fist cupped.

The empress merely glanced at the crowd for a bit. The proud ancestors who were only bowing earlier gave up and prostrated as well. However, her focus stopped on Li Qiye.

The area became creepily silent. No one dared to breathe loudly and became extremely tense. One could hear the drop of a needle right now.

No one uttered a single word but they had various thoughts running in their mind. Most thought about the winner between Li Qiye and the empress.

This question would have an obvious answer in the past. Though Li Qiye was the sacred lord, he still shouldn’t be able to fight someone who had lived for eras. But now, he had an immortal weapon. Its power was abundantly clear.

As for the god monarch, he was in a great mood since he had a good idea of the empress’ abilities. There was a good chance that they could obtain this immortal weapon. Moreover, their strongest cultivator, Worldly Immortal, has yet to appear.

Everyone anticipated an earth-shattering fight. They had no doubt that it would be brilliant.

None could imagine the actual event. The empress suddenly landed on the ground and hurried over. She then prostrated before Li Qiye and respectfully shouted: “Your Majesty, please forgive this lowly one, Bi Yao, for the lack of reception…” 

The crowd turned into statues, becoming speechless. This supreme empress was calling herself a “lowly one” before Li Qiye? It was more shocking than the sky falling down.

They thought that she would come to avenge the fallen members of the eight kingdoms. This development was beyond their wildest dreams.

Who else would be on Li Qiye’s level if the empress had to address herself in this manner while speaking to him?

Suddenly, the ground started rising. Dirt and stones came together to form a floating throne. Li Qiye sat down on it and suddenly became different.

He still looked the same as before but the air around him changed. No words could describe his current invincibility.

“It’s been too long, I don’t remember many people since time spares no one.” Li Qiye gently shook his head.

“This lowly one was fortunate enough to see your sacred appearance from a distance in Sacred Nether World.” The empress replied: “I also got the chance to see your ascension later. It’s just that your eyes are as high as heaven and your body resides in the immortal world. Someone insignificant such as myself never made your acquaintance. I was born in Jadewater Country and served as its queen.”

“Jadewater Queen.” Li Qiye nodded and had a faint impression of this woman. He continued: “I remember now, the Charming Spirits. You were a top talent then.”

“You’re too kind, Your Majesty.” The empress said: “It is the greatest honor to be remembered by you. I am prepared to follow all your commands.”

“Rise.” Li Qiye seemed to be in a good mood.

The empress stood up but kept a bowing position, not daring to a hint of arrogance.

Meanwhile, everyone was still shell-shocked by this conversation, realizing that Li Qiye was on an unreachable level.

This was a meeting between two apex cultivators. Everyone else was not qualified to speak.

“My old friends in this land are long gone now.” Li Qiye stared at the horizon and sentimentally commented: “Seeing someone from back then such as yourself brings back some memories.”

“Your Majesty, there is another.” The empress hurriedly said.

“I’m aware, I’ve heard of her legends.” He smiled and turned his sight towards the east.

“Would you like me to send a message?” She asked.

“No need, she already noticed.” To which he responded.

“Rumble!” Explosions came from the far reach of the eastern lands. The ground started shaking.

It was a secretive location untraveled by others. A tree from there became gigantic enough to cover all of the eight kingdoms.

Dao laws poured down along with pleasant ringings as a figure appeared on top of the tree.

Five different colors invaded the entire region. The presence of this cultivator amplified the surroundings, causing it to become a peerless area.

“The Immortal!” Those in the east prostrated and smashed their forehead on the ground.

“Wor-worldly Immortal!” Even the members of the holy ground and Righteous Sect felt great pressure and started prostrating as well.

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