Chapter 3959: Ebon Scythe

Though only four died this time around compared to the millions earlier, this spectacle was far more magnificent and astounding.

These four could be considered the strongest living ancestors in the south. Surviving the battle against the Ancient Empress was a testament of their strength.

This went double for Vajra Saint. He even brought a dao lord weapon along and used all of his vitality to activate it. Unfortunately, he still lost his life.

The incredible treasures from the four were mere pieces of tofu compared to Li Qiye’s nonchalant slash.

Regular cultivators always thought that dao lord weapons were unbeatable - the apex of weaponry.

Today, Li Qiye’s saber disproved this notion. Using the word “ghastly” to describe it wasn’t enough. 

This completely changed the paradigm on what constitutes being “unbeatable”. The crowd thought that what they knew before was extremely limited and naive. The-frog-under-the-well adage aptly described them.

The prideful masters in the area felt that the same slash could easily kill them. This evoked a primal fear of death within them; Vajra Saint and his allies must have felt the same way before meeting their end.

As for Li Qiye, he didn’t bother looking at the result after swinging his saber. The whole act was as trivial to him as stomping a few insects.

“Ebon Scythe. Not a bad name.” His focus was on the saber itself and decided to name it.

“Ebon Scythe…” The composed members of the audience murmured its name.

In reality, they didn’t think that the name was a good match. It didn’t sound fierce and intimidating enough.

For example, a better name should have the word “immortal” or “divine”. Other good choices included “Godslaying Saber”, “World Annihilation Saber”...

Compared to these names, Ebon Scythe seemed rather common and a bad match for this supreme saber.

At the very least, they thought that it should be “Ebon Immortal Scythe”.

They were right, Li Qiye didn’t put much thought into naming the weapon. For him, the name didn’t matter at all.

Nonetheless, the original form of this saber was indeed a scythe. He changed it to the form of a saber after the repair process.

Despite the lackluster name, the world would still soon remember its name after the battle today.

The spectators lucky to be present trembled while staring at it. It seemed that one property for this saber was one-hit decapitation.

“Mmm, Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique.” Li Qiye then stared at the god monarch with a smile on his face.

This made the god monarch’s knees buckle. He became doubtful of his own physique, not knowing whether it could stop one slash.

He has always acted imperiously despite not being the strongest. After all, it was impossible to defeat him.

People always brought up the fact that he had survived one blow from South Conch Dao Lord. This was the most glorious tale of his life.

However, he knew that the dao lord had no intention of killing him since there was no feud between them. The dao lord simply wanted to see and test their race’s technique.

Now, Li Qiye certainly wanted to kill him. His confidence wavered while staring at the weapon capable of severing Vajra Cauldron.

Li Qiye pointed the saber at the monarch and smiled: “This physique can be considered a miracle of cultivation, enough to last for one era after another. Very well, I will let you leave this place if you can withstand one slash.”

The crowd became interested right away after hearing this. They stared intensely at the monarch.

“Will it be able to cut the legendary indestructible physique?” One expert quietly asked.

Everyone knew that the crystal physique could nullify all attacks. However, Li Qiye’s saber had just taken down a dao lord weapon.

The monarch didn’t answer Li Qiye. He took out a strange conch and started blowing.

The sound echoed and reached the depths of the eight kingdoms.

“What is he doing?” Many wondered.

“He’s asking for help or reinforcement.” An ancestor replied.

“That’s right.” An ancient ancestor from the east had a serious expression as he elaborated: “The conch is named Divine Beacon, there is only one. When blown, it means that a calamity has come for our eight kingdoms. It was blown once before, during the invasion led by the eight saints and nine sovereigns.”

This revelation startled the crowd. They all thought about one particular person in the well-known legend regarding this expedition. 

“Buzz.” Green rays shot to the sky and illuminated the eight kingdoms. Their citizens panicked since it has been a long, long time since the last rays were recorded in history.

“This is…” The eastern ancestors became frozen since they didn’t think that the mythical existence would come out again during their lifetime.

“Splash!” A green ocean manifested in the sky. Its waves flowed from the eight kingdoms towards Black Tides.

A woman rode the waves; she wore an ancient garment with phoenix embroideries, looking dignified and noble. Her beauty didn’t diminish her authority in the slightest.

Her eyes pulsed with a timeworn radiance. Dao laws were being born and destroyed within them.

“The Ancient Empress!” An ancient ancestor screamed after seeing her.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!” Those from the east immediately got on their knees.

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