Chapter 3954: Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique

“Kill them!” Battle cries and screams echoed continuously.

Two camps existed among the still-neutral spectators. One side supported Sacred Mountain while the other chose to follow the flow and joined Vajra in battle.

For the first side, though Sacred Mountain never directly bestowed anything for them, they still knew that the holy ground existed because of Sacred Mountain.

If one were to envision the holy ground to a tree, Sacred Mountain would be the roots. Their sects would be the branches and leaves.

Thus, there was an intimate connection between them and Sacred Mountain. Their ancestors, more or less, had something to do with it. Their merit laws were most likely derived and originated from there as well.

Moreover, their sects were established in the holy ground and supported by its foundation. This made it far simpler because establishing a sect in an uncultivated land was extremely difficult.

In a sense, the non-interference Sacred Mountain was still the reason for their prosperity. In fact, it gave them more freedom to do what they wanted.

Because of this, Sacred Mountain was recognized and accepted by virtually all sects in this region.

Many understood that once Vajra took over, the holy ground would never be the same. They would become direct tributaries or even puppets of Vajra, only to be taken advantage of.

That’s why some of them knew that Li Qiye had no shot in this battle yet still chose to fight for him.

The skirmishes became fiercer as the combatants fought to the death.

On the other side, the three grandmasters have begun as well.

“I’ve heard of the talent in Buddha Holy Ground.” Crystal God Monarch smiled and said: “Let’s see what you three are capable enough to get through me.”

“Buzz.” An unmatched radiance engulfed the monarch, making him look sparkling and translucent.

“The legendary heaven’s will art from the ancient era.” An ancestor blurted.

The crowd noticed something special about the monarch’s state. He seemed to be completely impervious to anything while being shrouded by this radiance.

“A peerless merit law belonging to the Celestial Crystal Race.” An aged sacred ancestor became serious.

“The name is Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique, right?” A curious expert asked his senior.

Many have heard of this legendary technique before but only a few had seen it in person.

“Correct, it is extremely magical. No attack can harm its user.” The ancient ancestor nodded.

“Doesn’t that mean he’ll never be defeated regardless of the opponent’s power?” The junior took a deep breath.

“Indeed, that’s why according to the tale, he managed to survive a fatal strike from South Conch Dao Lord.” The ancient ancestor elaborated.

“So it’s actually true?” The juniors nearby found this astonishing.

“It’s not because the god monarch is comparable to South Conch Dao Lord. The physique is just too magical and the dao lord couldn’t break it.” The ancient ancestor said.

“Wow.” A junior replied: “If no one can break the monarch’s physique, he’s not afraid of anyone then, virtually unbeatable.”

“It’s not that simple.” The ancestor shook his head: “Nothing comes that easy in life. Rumor has it that his physique can only last for three days and three nights, no more. The dao lord just needed to hold him for that long and he would be dead.”

The juniors exchanged glances, thinking that three days and three nights were long enough to accomplish many things.

“This physique is extremely difficult to cultivate as well. That race only had a few people succeeding in history. That’s why the monarch is special.” A different ancient ancestor said.

Putting aside the limitations, the juniors were still impressed by this defensive technique.

“Make your move, let’s see if you can make a miracle happen.” The monarch laughed heartily after activating his physique.

The trio exchanged glances and thought about the situation. They were plenty strong enough to deal with this monarch in a normal fight. However, defeat was inevitable in this case.

A fatal strike from a dao lord wasn’t enough to take down this physique. Therefore, they had no chance either.

Nonetheless, the only thing they could do right now was to buy time for Li Qiye.

“Let’s do this!” The sovereign commanded his five divine swords again, slashing vertically and releasing sword energy along the way.

The blood king roared and used his treasure seal again. It descended like a meteor with unstoppable momentum.

“Amitabha.” The Monk of Wisdom chanted and summoned the Buddhist affinity. Images of Buddha appeared and empowered him.

His power reached its limit and he unleashed another Grand Palm. The ground around its target instantly caved in. The spectators felt their chest being pressed in as well.

The trio gave it everything they could without holding back.

“Boom!” The blast caused violent earthquakes; even the stars above were shaking.

Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to harm one strand of hair of the monarch. He stood there, completely nonchalant.

“Incredible!” The spectators shouted.

That combination attack would have eliminated any ancestor or king but the monarch was perfectly fine.

This was the expected result but seeing it unraveling was still astonishing.

The trio exchanged glances again, realizing the futility of the situation. They could only take a beating, unable to retaliate.

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