Chapter 3953: Strategy

“Boom!” Something crushed space like glass. Little spatial fragments crumbled before dispersing.

A figure appeared in front of Archaic Sun King and saved him from the fatal blow. Otherwise, he would have been sent to hell from the combined attack of Five-colored Sacred Sovereign, Eight-tribulation Blood King, and the Monk of Wisdom.

Nonetheless, this person was still one step late. The resulting blastwave sent the king flying while vomiting blood.

On the other hand, the trio also staggered backward. The space-crushing move earlier was truly formidable.

All of this happened too quickly - from the first exchange between Five-colored Sacred Sovereign and Eight-tribulation Blood King to the death of Attendant Hong and the attack on Archaic Sun King.

People didn’t know what was going on before it already ended. The power of the various moves rendered them breathless for a brief moment.

Once they regained their wits, they saw that it was Vajra Saint who saved Archaic Sun King.

The biggest victim was none other than Attendant Hong. He didn’t even have the chance to resist, only managing to let out one last cry.

He was only beneath one man and above all others back in Vajra - someone who can call for rains and winds. Alas, he died like an insignificant insect, leaving nothing behind in this world.

Previously, everyone assumed that the blood king was representing Divine Ghost Division to support Vajra. This appeared to be a ruse in order to catch Archaic Sun King off guard.

They would have been successful too if it wasn’t for Vajra Saint. The most impressive part was how they managed to fool everyone.

It seemed that the blood king and the sovereign were actually going all out against each other. This was the only way to fool the saints.

“I see, I see… Five-colored Sacred Sovereign, Eight-tribulation Blood King, you two put on quite a brilliant show.” Archaic Sun King finally got time to breathe and calmed his churning vitality, seemingly amused by this.

“What else can we do but to resort to this unsavory method?” The sovereign said.

“Sacred Mountain is and will always be the orthodox branch. The holy ground does not exist without it. Thus, we will do anything possible to kill traitors like you.” The blood king calmly stated.

Ambushing or a sneak attack was unbecoming of famous cultivators like them. Alas, the situation demanded them to do so. Personal reputation didn’t matter when it came to defending the orthodox branch.

In fact, some respected them for sacrificing personal prestige for the bigger picture.

The blood king was right. Sacred Mountain was the holy ground. If Vajra took over, this region would become a different sect. Only the name would be the same.

“It’s a good strategy. Unfortunately, you miscalculated.” Archaic Sun King laughed.

The blood king and sovereign remained silent at first. The king eventually responded: “Men propose but heaven disposes.” 

Their goal was rather simple - killing Archaic Sun King. With him dead, all the grandmasters would be on the same side.

Heavenly Dragon, Metropolis, and Divine Ghost would back Sacred Mountain. Vajra Dynasty would be isolated as a result. Alas, Vajra Saint stopped their plan from coming to fruition.

Many members of the audience felt bad for them. Now, they wouldn’t be able to focus on dealing with Vajra and Black Tides Saint. That scenario was also grim but at least they had a fighting chance.

“Is there nothing that can turn the tides?” A supporter of Sacred Mountain said helplessly.

“Heavenly Dragon and Divine Ghost should still have slumbering ancient ancestors. I wonder if they will come out, that’s the only way.” An ancestor responded.

“What a disaster for our holy ground.” One expert mourned.

It was abundantly clear that Vajra had an overwhelming advantage. Stronger characters needed to appear or the holy ground would have a new leader.

A tense confrontation between three grandmasters and Vajra Saint seemed inevitable. The latter was strong enough to fight all three without a problem.

“Unfortunately, you’re not my target, or I would love to see the new generation.” Vajra Saint smiled and shook his head: “I have more important business to take care of today.”

The grandmasters were indeed far younger compared to an old man like Vajra Saint. Referring to them as part of the new generation wasn’t an exaggeration.

“Sorry to bother you, God Monarch.” Vajra Saint asked Crystal God Monarch.

“I will do my best, Saint.” The monarch laughed heartily and took Vajra Saint’s position.

The three grandmasters remained serious. They didn’t dare to underestimate this famous cultivator.

“To battle!” Eight-tribulation Blood King ordered.

“To battle!” The men from Divine Ghost Division rushed towards War Camp without any hesitation, wanting to slay the traitors.

The students and experts from Duality Academy did the same and jumped into the battle. This new force seemed too much for War Camp to handle.

“Children of the Biandu, show them your might!” An ancestor from the Biandu ordered his clan members to help Vajra.

A large-scale skirmish ensued between the various sects.

“Last chance to pick a side. The winners will be bestowed titles and lands.” Archaic Sun King personally led War Camp since he was no longer occupied with fighting the grandmasters. 

He reminded the neutral parties that time was running out.

“For justice!” A few of them finally made a decision and joined the battlefield.

The situation was still exceedingly favorable for Vajra. Though they had fewer men, Vajra and Black Tides Saint more than made up for this.

Picking the losing side would result in being considered traitors after Vajra took over. That’s why they chose the less risky route.

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