Chapter 3952: Fan Bai’s Miracle

With her head lowered, her eyes closed, and her hands forming mudras, Fan Bai gained the power of the dao lords from the holy ground. Rays from all over the land continued to illuminate her.

She became a Buddhist Lord, ready to enlighten all living beings. Just one simple stance completely transformed her to the crowd’s confusion.

“All Buddhas shall bow before my supremacy…” Yang Ling quietly repeated this phrase while having knowledge of this particular merit law.

On the other hand, all the other spectators found this astonishing. The big shots like Vajra Saint and Black Tides Saint felt the same way after seeing her visual phenomena.

This was the first time seeing something like this for them. How could this average girl harmonize with the foundation of the holy ground?

The members of the holy ground became emotional after seeing their forefathers. These beings were the pride and symbol of their sect.

“Who is she?” Someone asked. 

In fact, no one would question if they were told that she was the successor of Sacred Mountain. That would be one explanation for this development.

“She’s been following the sacred lord.” One ancestor spoke softly.

Those who have seen her before assumed that she was Li Qiye’s servant.

“Maybe she’s really the successor of Sacred Mountain.” Another expert boldly speculated.

Many agreed with this because the successor of Sacred Mountain should be able to possess this peerless ability.

“Boom!” A boundless Buddhist barrier emerged and stopped the two armies’ path.

“Break it down!” The ancestors of the clan channeled the power of their entire troops.

The vitality and dao power of all the members gathered into a single attack aiming at the barrier.

“Rumble!” They unleashed one wave after another. Fan Bai staggered backward as a result; her radiance dimmed down.

It became clear that she herself was still weak. Though she was borrowing the power of the foundation, she couldn’t use it to its maximum potential and was having a hard time dealing with the barrages.

Alas, she wasn’t in the position to give. She gritted her teeth and channeled her ability again. Her own radiance intensified while the weakening barrier became tougher than before, seemingly unbreakable. She was ready to die buying time for her young master.

“Take it down!” The two clans weren’t weak either and continued to attack under the command of their ancestors.

The contest began once more. Fan Bai trembled during the struggle but didn’t give an inch before the two armies.

“You can do it…” Some crowd members secretly cheered for her.

Unfortunately, beads of sweat streamed down her face. Her weak cultivation didn’t allow her to keep up.

“Chi-” The mahoraga that had been sitting on her arm suddenly flew outside.

“Ahh! Ahh!” Miserable screams could be heard along with blood splashing from the forehead of many soldiers from the two clans.

“Stop that thing!” The ancestors roared and summoned their weapons, aiming them at the little creature.

Everyone assumed that it was only a pet. However, it had killed several thousand soldiers by now, completely uncontested.

“That little thing…” Vajra Saint slightly frowned after seeing the baby fight against several ancestors.

It was far from reaching adulthood or it would be horrifyingly powerful. It managed to direct the attention of the ancestors away from Fan Bai. This helped her handle the weakened barrages.

Nonetheless, the spectators on Li Qiye’s side were still tense. The main characters such as Vajra and Black Tides Saint have yet to do anything. Once they joined, all of Li Qiye’s supporters would lose right away.

“Boom!” A five-colored radiance blinded the spectators as it tried to fight against a flood of violet energy.

Both Five-colored Sacred Sovereign and Eight-tribulation Blood King have finally used their best techniques.

“Sunraiser Pentasword and Omnipresent Violet Tribulation!” The sovereign’s sky splitting slash and the sovereign’s technique were recognized right away.

“They’re going all out to end this fast.” Cultivators gasped after seeing this decisive exchange from two grandmasters.

However, Vajra Saint noticed something strange and his expression soured.

“How dare you?!” He roared and leaped upward.

“What is this?!” Archaic Sun King shouted as well.

At the same time, Attendant Hong became aghast yet still tried his best: “Break!”

They all shouted in unison. The whole event happened faster than the blink of an eye and caught spectators off guard.

“Ahh!” Blood splashed in the air.

It turned out that the sovereign and king’s technique wasn’t targeted at each other but rather, Attendant Hong who was busy fighting against the Monk of Wisdom.

Attendant Hong was quite strong but he wasn’t a match for these two. Thus, he was instantly reduced to blood.

The two didn’t stop either and directed their attack towards Archaic Sun King instead.

Archaic Sun King alone wasn’t a match for the monk. With the death of his loyal attendant, the monk managed to suppress him right away.

Plus, even if he could use his best technique, it wouldn’t have been enough to deal with these two anyway.

“I’m finished…” He muttered before inevitable demise.

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