Chapter 3951: Battle Between Grandmasters

Despite not being a match for Vajra Saint, few in the present could actually take the sovereign on. Moreover, Duality Academy was a behemoth in Eight Desolaces as well.

“You’re not a match for me.” Vajra Saint nonchalantly uttered, only giving the sovereign a quick glance.

Just these few words indicated his power and prestige. They rendered the crowd breathless.

No one questioned his claim either. Vajra Saint was definitely stronger than Five-colored Sacred Sovereign. This was before taking the dao lord weapon named Vajra Cauldron into account.

“Sacred Sovereign, if you need a partner, I am free right now.” A third party with an impressive violet aura interjected.

“Eight-tribulation Blood King.” Others knew who he was right away.

The king wasn’t only the sect master of Myriad Blood Sect. He originated from the nightwalker tribe in Divine Ghost Division. His stance also reflected the division’s choice.

“Divine Ghost wants to rebel too?” An expert quietly said.

The rift in the holy ground gradually grew larger. So far, Duality Academy of Metropolis and Heavenly Dragon Temple chose Li Qiye.

On the other hand, the core division in Vajra and Divine Ghost Division made up the other side.

There were four major divisions involved already. Only Mortal King Division has yet to show its attitude.

This battle could divide the holy ground into two separate entities in the future.

“This is what happens in every power struggle.” One neutral spectator murmured, looking quite solemn.

The crowd was occupied with thinking about which side to peak.

“So be it, Blood King.” The sovereign didn’t waste time and summoned five swords of different colors for an attack.

“Whoosh!” Scars were left behind from the ferocious attack.

“Let’s do this!” The blood king wasn’t afraid in the slightest and laughed, ready for battle.

His vitality surged along with his violet aura. He summoned an Eight-tribulation Seal to deal with the incoming slash.

“Boom!” The destruction from the impact horrified the crowd.

“The four grandmasters live up to their fame.” They shared this thought.

These four rarely took action but when they did, the resulting ferocity and devastation were always magnificent.

The blood king and the sovereign exchanged numerous blows in no time at all while going upward in the air. They looked like mortal enemies who didn’t hold back.

Of course, they were indeed mortal enemies now since one side had chosen to rebel against Sacred Mountain.

“Brothers, it is time to contribute for the right cause! For justice!” The ancestors from the Zhang and Li actually rallied their men against Li Qiye.

“For justice!” The members from the two clans began surrounding Myriad Cauldron Peak.

“How impudent!” Yang Ling who was nearby became alarmed.

Alas, she was powerless against the horde - akin to being an insect before a rampaging army.

The spectators watched with bated breath. Could Li Qiye deal with the two armies while still being assaulted by the tribulations?

“You’re not getting to the young master!” Fan Bai who was standing behind the nervous Yang Ling shouted.

In reality, this didn’t stop the armies at all since they thought nothing of two little girls.

Fan Bai lowered her head and started chanting and forming mudras. A majestic aura gradually formed around her, seemingly coming from the primordial age. It was boundless and violent, capable of harvesting billions of lives.

It felt different from other auras - natural and a bit similar to raw energy or murderous energy.

Her erupting aura finally attracted others’ attention.

“This girl, how does she have this type of aura?” Even some ancestors became startled.

This was surprising because she wasn’t an expert at all. The aura didn’t match her cultivation.

“Buzz.” Buddhist rays suddenly emanated from her body and illuminated the region. The ground seemed to be covered by a kasaya.

Countless Buddhist runes appeared around her. She looked like a treasury right now - thousands and thousands of Buddhist dao were hidden inside her.

“Amitabha.” The chant echoed but it didn’t come from Fan Bai.

“Amitabha! Amitabha! Amitabha!” These chants came from the core of the holy ground as something had activated there.

The unsuspecting crowd then saw the same rays shooting all over the holy ground. They had a similar target - Fan Bai.

Once they illuminated her, her white dress became golden. This turned her into a Buddhist deity, looking holy and dignified. The power of the land poured into her like a tsunami.

Something unbelievable happened next - majestic figures emerged behind her and started chanting as well.

“Buddha… Vajra, and Dhyana Dao Lord…” Shock overwhelmed the spectators.

These supreme figures began blessing Fan Bai and lent her their power.

“It’s the foundation of our holy ground!” Some became uncontrollably emotional and were moved to tears.

Nonetheless, the question became - why did this immense power appear on Fan Bai and not the Monk of Wisdom?

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