Chapter 3950: Battle Starting

“Rumble!” High monks descended from the sky after hearing the command. Their kasaya pulsed brightly and hymns could be heard.

Heavenly Dragon Temple clearly came prepared. The Monk of Wisdom wasn’t alone.

The temple was ready to stand with Sacred Mountain regardless of the odds. Their loyalty has been proven time and time again through actions.

“Traitor, your head is mine!” The Monk of Wisdom didn’t waste time and reached for the king.

Though he was normally a benevolent monk who would turn the other cheek, this had crossed the line. He turned into a Buddhist warrior - merciless when dealing with the enemies.

His technique of choice was one of the six Buddhist dao - Fingers of the Living. He opened both palms; his fingers bloomed like a raging lotus from hell.

“Let’s see what you can do!” Archaic Sun King glared at the incoming monk and roared. He became engulfed in a golden radiance. A sun materialized behind him and crushed the spatial fabrics. It headed straight for the monk.

“Boom!” The area around the impact exploded in a blinding manner.

Loud footsteps could be heard. When people regained their sight, they saw the king being pushed several steps back.

His face was red and his chest heaved up and down. He clearly lost the previous exchange.

“Yes…” Li Qiye’s supporters cheered in their mind. Many still preferred Sacred Mountain over Vajra Dynasty.

“The Monk of Wisdom’s power is immense, worthy of being the number one of the four grandmasters.” One ancestor commented.

“With more time, he might be able to catch up to his master. It’s a shame that his senior brother chose to leave instead.” Another king brought Untethered Monk up.

“Perish!” The Monk of Wisdom roared thunderously and swung his hand downward.

The sky seemingly collapsed as a result of the devastating attack. This technique was Grand Palm, another of the six dao.

Golden Cicada Buddhist Child had employed this technique against Righteous Scion before. However, the Monk of Wisdom’s version was far stronger and contained the rage of a Buddhist warrior.

Ancestors were astonished, thinking that they wouldn’t be able to block it. Archaic Sun King’s expression also soured.

“Enough!” Someone fiercely shouted and unsheathed their swords. A torrent of swords flew towards the monk’s hand.

It was none other than Attendant Hong. With this opportunity, the king set up his defensive move and summoned a treasure that emits a lion’s roar. It became a divine mountain to block the palm strike.

“Rumble!” The three started an earth-shattering battle.

The monk didn’t have any trouble dealing with this master-servant duo. He borrow the momentum of the land and only became fiercer as time passed.

“For His Majesty!” The generals in War Camp commanded.

The legion began forming formations in the form of dragons and tigers. Their bloodthirst was palpable. This was indeed a fierce legion that had fought all over the world.

“Merciful Buddha.” The high monks from the temple chanted before getting ready for battle: “Kill them all!”

Their first line mentioned “mercy” yet the next was a murderous battle call. The contrast was quite interesting.

These monks began leaping towards the formations and didn’t hold back. They didn’t show mercy when it came to defending the holy ground.

There was an adage in the southern West King - one needs to get through Heavenly Dragon first before reaching Sacred Mountain. It rang truer now than ever before.

Loud explosions detonated along with bright Buddhist lights. War Camp had capable formations and experience, allowing them to stop the onslaught of the monks.

However, as time passed, the monks still had the advantage despite being fewer in number. Each monk was just far stronger compared to the individual soldier.

Vajra versus Heavenly Dragon - this first-round battle included the strongest fighting forces in the holy ground.

“This is the time to make a choice. It’ll be too late afterward.” Vajra Saint glared at the crowd, successfully intimidating them.

They naturally understood that they needed to pick a side, either Vajra or Sacred Mountain. Otherwise, it would be too late later in the case of a successful rebellion.

As one of the strongest ancestors, Vajra Saint looked like a god and didn’t join the battle yet. His sole target was Li Qiye.

Nonetheless, his aura still instilled unbearable pressure onto the crowd. Some ancestors had no choice but to make up their mind.

The clans from Metropolis have always served Vajra Dynasty. If they were to refuse, Vajra would exterminate them after taking over.

“Warriors, follow me, we’ll uphold justice!” An ancestor from the Du shouted and led his members into battle.

Several other clans followed them to fight against the high monks of Heavenly Dragon. They chose to stand with Vajra.

Of course, they still didn’t dare to talk about killing the sacred lord so their battle chant consisted of “upholding justice.”

“Time’s running out.” Other ancestors and high elders talked among themselves.

They didn’t need to make a choice right away unlike those from Metropolis. Nonetheless, they knew that it was inevitable.

“Buzz.” A five-colored radiance manifested as the sovereign stepped forward and declared: “I stand with the sacred lord, who dares to stop me?!”

His eyes were fixated on Vajra Saint despite being weaker.

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