Chapter 3947: Mad Blade

Listeners normally shuddered upon hearing the title, Mad Blade. In terms of fame and prestige, he might not be on the same level as Buddha and Righteous Supreme back then.

However, he was still considered the third supreme. His power shouldn’t be inferior to them.

Most importantly, he was far younger in comparison. This meant having vigorous vitality and greater battle endurance.

One main difference was their interaction with others. The other two supremes acted like normal ancient ancestors. They rarely cared about mundane matters or showed up in public. 

On the other hand, Guan Tianba was always itching for a fight, raising his blade against all provokers.

Virtually all famous cultivators during that generation had a taste of his aggressive temperament. This resulted in many tales about him.

Back to the two supremes, they would ignore disrespectful comments from a junior since any retaliation would be considered inappropriate and beneath them.

As for Guan Tianba, he would actually attack the junior’s sect and demand an explanation. He never cared about anyone’s background or status.

This still seemed to be the case as he stood stoically; his saber energies pricked the crowd. They no longer dared to chant against Li Qiye.

After all, this was a top master ready to fight even the juniors for offending him. Thus, opening one’s mouth was akin to courting death.

Both the instigators or those falling for the scheme didn’t say a thing. Just his pressure alone fully intimidated them. None dared to look at him directly.

The atmosphere became oppressive as a result. They felt suffocated by his rampant aura.

“Boom!” Suddenly, someone appeared out of nowhere. His footsteps crushed the space beneath.

A golden radiance illuminated all eight directions and stopped Guan Tianba’s saber energies. This allowed the crowd to heave a sigh of relief.

“Fellow Daoist Guan, you’re being overbearing.” The newcomer spoke with a voice similar to that of a god - awe-inspiring and commanding respect.

This old man wore golden armor with ancient and sacred symbols. He seemed to have come from a distant past.

He had yet to activate his power yet his innate aura felt peerless. His glare alone could inflict untold destruction.

Despite his impressive appearance, the golden cauldron he was holding stole the crowd’s attention.

Chaos energy surrounded it along with the sounds of the grand dao. Its inactive form was still enough to crush the firmaments. 

Even a fool understood what it was - a dao lord weapon!

“He has a dao lord weapon…” Many were shaken to see this. Possessing a dao lord weapon was a sign of status.

“Who is he?” Many juniors didn’t recognize the old man but knew that he was important so they spoke with a hushed tone.

A few ancestors recognized him but didn’t dare to utter his title.

However, Guan Tianba had no such qualms and stared at the old man. His eyes narrowed before he burst out in laughter: “Vajra Saint, seems like nothing happened to you. Hmph, finally showing up today? I visited your Ancestral Shrine but didn’t see you there.”

“Vajra Saint…” Others became astounded after hearing his title.

He was the illustrious cultivator in the holy ground before Buddha Supreme. His counterpart was Righteous Saint.

These two were the strongest among the eight saints and nine sovereigns. Of course, Righteous Saint held the number one spot.

Furthermore, Guan Tianba’s comment revealed several pieces of information. It looked like he had visited the Ancestral Shrine in Vajra and defeated other ancestors. However, the saint never answered the challenge.

“Vajra really has a dao lord weapon.” One cultivator from the holy ground said: “No wonder why they have been in charge for so long.”

The Li and the Zhang had capable ancestors too. Alas, they chose to be loyal vassals of Vajra. This dao lord weapon might be a big factor in their choice.

Putting Sacred Mountain aside, very few powers had a dao lord weapon in the holy ground. Potential candidates were Heavenly Dragon Temple and Duality Academy.

Therefore, Vajra maintained a firm grip despite having an incapable ruler in Archaic Sun King. A dao lord weapon was simply too intimidating.

Nonetheless, Guan Tianba showed no fear while facing a mighty senior. The crowd thought that he lived up to his fame.

“My old bones couldn’t handle the trouble.” Vajra Saint wasn’t angry at all and explained: “It’s just that I have no choice but to join the fray this time.”

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