Chapter 3946: Idiotic Barking

The instigators managed to move many of the audience. Moreover, the stronger experts coveted the immortal weapon. This simply gave him a justification and an opportunity.

“A scourge to the world must be eliminated!” Another unknown soul shouted loudly. 

No one knew who said it but the words could be heard by all.

“Eliminate the scourge!” Others felt the urge to shout as well.

Nonetheless, a minority from the holy ground still supported Li Qiye. They shouted back:" The sacred lord is our leader and spiritual totem. Scheming against the sacred lord is opposing the holy ground!”

“Does the holy ground wish to harbor someone who can cause untold misery? The world will not allow this!” Someone else loudly retorted.

“The holy ground needs to take care of its mess and rid itself of evil members for the sake of justice!” Another shouted.

“That’s right!” A vocal group supported this notion.

By this point, some members of the holy ground were swayed to the other side. They thought that Li Qiye could become a source of disaster.

“Get rid of evil members for the sake of justice!” The chant gained immense support and only intensified as time passed.

Li Qiye’s few supporters couldn’t be heard at all due to the waves of opposition.

“As the adage goes - wealth beckons trouble.” One ancestor quietly murmured.

Some of the crowd actually believed in this notion while the instigators only wanted to obtain the immortal weapon.

“Saint, you are an ancestor of the holy ground, we are ready to listen to your direction with regard to our future. Please make a decision!” Another unknown crowd member roared loud enough for everyone to hear.

The deafening chants stopped since they decided to wait for the saint’s response. Though they shouted about wanting Li Qiye’s head, they still needed a leader.

This was especially true for the members of the holy ground. After all, regular ancestors couldn’t deliver a judgment on Li Qiye. Someone of higher status had to do so.

In other words, only characters like Black Tides Saint or Righteous Supreme. However, Righteous Supreme wasn’t appropriate for this occasion since they were from rival sects.

Black Tides Saint became the focus since he had enough authority and status. Few here could stand shoulder to shoulder with him so he was the most qualified to sentence Li Qiye.

People forgot about the explosions from the tribulations since they cared about the sentencing. In a sense, this could decide Li Qiye’s fate.

“Upholding justice and equality is everyone’s responsibility. I will shoulder this mission.” Black Tides Saint finally broke the silence.

Though he didn’t directly accuse Li Qiye of being evil, his attitude was extremely clear.

“Members of the holy ground can’t sit idly by and watch.” Celestial King Li added.

“Yes, eliminate evil with haste.” Master Zhang didn’t waste any time.

“Eliminate evil with haste!” Those prepared in the crowd immediately shouted.

“Eliminate evil with haste!” Loud chants began again.

Li Qiye’s supporters had no chance of contesting the majority.

“It’s unsalvageable.” One expert from the holy ground lamented.

“Eliminate, eliminate!” The chant became orderly, turning into a slogan. Some started taking out their weapons while glaring at Li Qiye.

Alas, no one made a move. First, Li Qiye was still the sacred lord. Even the ancestors from the holy ground wouldn’t dare to attack him.

This was putting aside his actual power and abilities. As long as he remained the sacred lord, any offensive action would be considered traitorous.

As for those from Righteous and the east, they had a bigger reason to remain passive. If they were to fail, Li Qiye would definitely lead an expedition for revenge later. Moreover, he would still have the immortal weapon then. Their lands would be massacred.

That’s why they waited for the top dogs to make a decision first.

“Blind fools.” Someone snorted and said.

Though the chants were deafening, his disdainful remark was still overwhelming and forced everyone to listen.

“Talk to my blade first.” An old man holding a saber appeared.

“Clank!” His sharp aura and energy forced everyone back even though the saber was still sheathed.

He looked unbeatable and prideful, not putting anyone else into his sight. It was none other than the old servant.

He glared at the crowd and no one dared to meet his gaze.

“Who is he?” Others only knew him as Li Qiye’s servant.

“Mad Blade, Guan Tianba.” A few already knew who he was long ago but didn’t reveal it: “The third.”

“The third…” Others gasped after hearing this.

Guan Tianba had worldwide fame. People even referred to him as the third supreme. The crowd didn’t expect someone of his stature to be Li Qiye’s servant.

“I can’t believe it.” Another found this astounding.

Yang Ling’s mouth was wide open. She knew that he was strong but he turned out to be one of her heroes - Guan Tianba!

“Who dares to test my blade?!” He laughed heartily and challenged the crowd. His dominant style was obvious after a single glance.

The inconspicuous servant has returned to his imperious self!  


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