Chapter 3945: Terrible Tribulation

The four tribulation pillars and their horrifying rays could pierce through anything. Others didn’t dare to stare because the rays could pierce through their soul.

“Clank!” The rays began coming together to form energy spears, fully surrounding Li Qiye.

“Buzz.” Another group created multiple paintings. The appearance of each turned the world dark as if an apocalypse was coming.

The diagrams loomed above Li Qiye and turned into an ocean of lightning and flames. It seemed eager to reduce Li Qiye to ashes.

Everyone knew that there was a maelstrom of tribulation above. However, these diagrams brought the battle closer to Li Qiye.

They became horrified because his surroundings turned into no man’s land. No one would be able to survive.

“A tribulation right in our world, I’ve never seen anything like this before. It doesn’t matter how strong and capable a cultivator is, they still have no chance of surviving.” One expert trembled with fear.

Two tribulations have emerged, one in the sky and one directly above the ground. This was completely unprecedented for the cultivators present.

“This is a tribu-tribulation that only comes for dao lords, ri-right?” One pale youth stammered.

His ancestor shook his head: “Proving their dao success and becoming a dao lord won’t necessarily herald a tribulation. It’s a low possibility.” 

“Crack! Crack!” The tribulation above started again. The maelstrom released a torrent of lightning bolts.

A golden one had an overwhelming divinity and destruction. The dark one was sinister, looking like silks and strings that could pierce its target’s body. Another had a blood hue; its essence contained an unstoppable murderous intent…

No living beings could ever survive the numerous bolts.

“Shit!” Many were scared out of their mind while screaming but it was only the beginning.

The bolts exploded on the way down, wanting to erase Li Qiye from existence. The explosions then morphed together to form a single beam that melted space and time along its trajectory.

“Boom! “Meanwhile, the ocean of tribulation on the ground didn’t waste time and also activated.

It erupted and created a tornado of lightning bolts and flames. The tornado spun around Li Qiye while the beam descended from above.

“How can something like this exist…” The crowd was astounded. Even the top masters such as Righteous Supreme and the old servant turned pale.

They thought that they would only last one round at best before disappearing from the world.

“What thing necessitates this level of destruction?” Someone murmured.

“The immortal weapon must be too powerful.” Another replied.

“I don’t think so, one didn’t come down for it before this.” A third speaker said with uncertainty.

“Maybe the crux of the issue is the sacred lord.” One cultivator said: “The immortal weapon is still just a weapon. Its master decides what to do with it, good or bad.”

The voice was indistinct but everyone still heard it clearly: “Who can stop someone wielding this weapon from committing heinous acts? No one.” 

The listeners thought that this made sense. The wielder could massacre billions in an unstoppable rampage.

“If there’s evil in the heart, the person in possession of the immortal weapon will absolutely rampage. That’s why this tribulation is coming down to end this.” The voice became emotional.

A disciple from the holy ground didn’t like this assessment: “What the hell are you implying? That our sacred lord is evil?”

“I’m not the one implying, the heavenly tribulation is here for a reason.” The voice spoke again.

Some wavered after hearing this. One expert said with hesitation: “There’s logic in this. An evil person wielding this weapon can definitely turn Eight Desolaces into hell.”

“The sacred lord isn’t someone like that!” The disciple sided with Li Qiye.

“Who knows? He has shown malicious tendencies before.” Someone in the group said.

“Right, he killed plenty back in the capital before, millions from the Li and Zhang. He’s a butcher.” Another remarked.

“It’s dangerous for him to have the immortal weapon. He’ll kill anyone who dares to oppose him and a scene of carnage will show up all over the world, not just in West King. Sects will turn to ashes.” More began kicking a man while he’s down.

“It will be too late for regret then.” Another instigation spoke.

More and more bought this belief because that explained the terrible tribulation currently happening.

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