Chapter 3944: Start Of The Tribulation

Crystal God Monarch, Celestial King Li, Master Zhang, and Black Tides Saint have formed an alliance to the crowd’s chagrin.

The scale has tipped in their favor. They had an absolute advantage right now.

“Supreme, what is your opinion on this?” The monarch looked up at the clouds.

The crowd suddenly froze after hearing this question, eagerly awaiting a response from the supreme.

“What should he do?” One ancestor wondered.

The odds were already stacked against Li Qiye. If Righteous Supreme were to join too…

Gauging his power was rather difficult. He was famous alongside Buddha Supreme and considered one of the strongest ancestors in the south.

No one knew if he was stronger than Black Tides Saint and Crystal God Monarch or not. However, his senior brother, Righteous Saint, was the leader of the eight saints and nine sovereigns. His power far exceeded theirs.

Righteous Supreme, being the junior brother and all and possessing top talent, should at least be as strong as these cultivators.

His decision to join could firmly decide this issue. Li Qiye wouldn’t stand a damn chance.

However, no response came from the clouds. Righteous Supreme neither accepted nor refused the monarch’s invitation. 

“Even if the supreme wants to stop them, I don’t think he can.” An old cultivator said softly. The alliance had more than enough power to suppress the supreme.

“Boom!” Suddenly, another loud explosion came from above. This time, a golden lightning bolt descended.

“Here we go, a lighting bolt from a heavenly tribulation.” The crowd became alarmed.

“Boom!” The bolt struck Li Qiye and spilled blood. It coursed down to the ground and left behind a deep pit.

“The sacred lord is in danger!” Countless members of the holy ground bellowed.

The loyal members wanted to help Li Qiye but unfortunately, the golden bolt was just too powerful. Willingness wasn’t a substitute for ability.

“Buzz.” Rays exuded from him and formed a massive barrier around the entire peak. Li Qiye then continued with his task.

“Rumble!” The tribulation above finally had enough and sent down waves of heavenly lightning bolts and earthly flames at Li Qiye.

The power of this assault could instantly reduce the world into lava to the horror of the crowd. However, the light barrier managed to stop the first wave.

“Yes!” Most spectators started cheering.

“Our sacred lord is invincible!” The members of the holy crowd turned red while loudly cheering.

“His Excellency got this!” Some waved their fists wildly in the air.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The bolts and flames still couldn’t make it through the barrier.

The rays empowering the barrier seemed to be originating from the source of the dao - the purest type of light. Thus, though it wasn’t a special technique and lacked divinity, the tribulation still couldn’t break through.

Those from the holy ground loved seeing this development. They fully supported their sacred lord after his status became known. After all, Sacred Mountain stood at the apex in the holy ground.

Black Tides Saint’s group discreetly exchanged glances after seeing this. They didn’t expect Li Qiye to be able to stop the first wave. Moreover, the crowd’s reaction looked unfavorable as well.

“Boom!” An explosion capable of starting a new world detonated and interrupted the applause.

Black clouds and the lightning pond above expanded, forcing the horrified spectators to retreat further.

A while ago, the tribulation was limited to the area above Li Qiye’s head. Now, it encompassed the entire region.

This forced his loyal supporters to keep a safe distance from Li Qiye, not wanting to be accidental victims.

“I’ve never heard of a heavenly tribulation like this before.” The knowledgeable ancestors found this astonishing.

“Yes, this is new.” An ancient ancestor from a powerful gate said solemnly.

Once the tribulation expanded enough, it illuminated the world with a golden radiance. The maelstrom in the middle sent down four tribulation pillars. They landed and formed a square around Myriad Cauldron Peak.

They had different colors - dark red, gray, dark green, and blue. Tribulation flames engulfed them. Each wisp of flames could burn time and space.

“What are those things?!” Even the big shots became horrified. They haven’t seen these pillars before but the destructive nature of the flames was obvious.

“What kind of terrible tribulation is this?” Another murmured.

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