Chapter 3943: Crystal God Monarch

A middle-aged man appeared before the crowd. He had a tall and sturdy figure, surpassing everyone else.

Celestial King Li had an impressive stature but looked like a dwarf compared to this man. It was clear that his body wasn’t made from flesh and blood.

This wasn’t strange in the cultivation world due to the countless races. However, the majority maintained a physical form consisting of flesh and blood. In history, this type of body was the most suitable for cultivation.

On the other hand, the man looked like a cornelian carved in humanoid form. In spite of this, his expression and actions were vivid and smooth.

The circulating halos around him were eye-catching as well. As they rotated and illuminated his body, different colors were reflected back to the spectators. The rotation seemed calculated and harmonious.

He wore an ancient royal crest on his head and exuded a regal aura. The crest actually seemed to be a part of his body as if it was there during his birth. It was the perfect ornament for this man. He was born to be noble and lofty, always commanding respect and love from others.

“Who is he?” Some spectators forgot about the tribulation for a moment after seeing him. They could tell that he was a formidable being.

He looked relatively young in terms of appearance but this didn’t deter his imposing pressure. 

“Welcome, God Monarch.” Black Tides Saint greeted him.

“I know who he is now, he, he has to be Crystal God Monarch!” An old king realized who this person was right away after hearing his title.

“Indeed, he is our supreme God Monarch. Greetings, Your Majesty.” A big shot from the east immediately bowed.

The eastern cultivators prostrated before the great cultivator while outsiders became startled.

Everyone has heard of the title, “Crystal God Monarch”. The east had three great legends in history - Worldly Immortal, the Ancient Empress, and lastly, Crystal God Monarch.

The monarch might not be on the same level as Worldly Immortal but was still world-renowned.

He came from the Celestial Crystal Race, blessed with both talents and nobility. Rumor has it that he successfully defended one of South Conch Dao Lord’s three attacks. This was enough to go down in history.

Though he looked young, he was far older than nearly everyone in the crowd. The hiding monsters were still his juniors.

“Gentlemen, I can’t miss this exciting event when everyone is already here. Do excuse my tardiness though since I’m farther away and not up to date with news.” The monarch smiled and said.

It was strange for these undying monsters to be so cordial with each other. After all, they were enemies once.

As he was making casual talks, he stared at Li Qiye and the immortal weapon.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” Meanwhile, the concentrating Li Qiye didn’t pay attention to the tribulation gathering above.

“Boom!” One violet bolt descended. It didn’t hit Li Qiye yet but still pierced through the peak, creating cracks spanning for thousands of miles.

Just one bolt alone showed its devastating potential. What if the entire tribulation came down?

The crowd thought that it made sense for even dao lords to be afraid of them.

“Gentlemen, what do you think about the incoming tribulation?” The monarch glanced at the sky first then - whether purposely or otherwise - at Li Qiye.

Some listeners took a second before understanding a shift in the atmosphere.

Of course, only those on the same level as him were qualified to speak - Righteous Supreme, Black Tides Saint, Celestial King Li, Master Zhang, and some others.

Celestial King Li and Master Zhang didn’t respond, seemingly waiting for something.

“Gods and immortals still can’t survive a heavenly tribulation.” The saint was the first to break the silence.

Some thought that Celestial King Li and Master Zhang were waiting to see the saint’s stance. They have fought together on the battlefield; outsiders didn’t know the extent of their relationship.

“Yes, frightening indeed.” The monarch’s eyes narrowed.

The conversation contained a few key pieces of information for the attentive listeners. For example, the immortal weapon would be up for grabs again after Li Qiye’s death.

Or, even if Li Qiye could survive it, he would be in a weakened state. That would give them a great opportunity to seize the weapon.

Thus, some top cultivators began to imagine the various scenarios. Sure enough, the monarch’s group had the best chance of winning.

“This tribulation is a disaster warranting precaution. We need to prevent it from spreading.” Celestial King Li stroked his long beard and said.

Master Zhang nodded in agreement: “Yes, we should be responsible for limiting potential casualties. Am I right, God Monarch?”

“Indeed, do you agree with us so far, Saint?” The monarch replied.

“I am always ready when it comes to helping the world.” The saint pondered for a bit before answering.

The other hidden masters took a deep breath after hearing their conversation. Five-colored Sacred Sovereign and the Monk of Wisdom became serious.

These four have come to an agreement and created an unbelievably powerful alliance.

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