Chapter 3942: Heavenly Tribulation

Celestial King Li revealed his identity first and then Master Zhang did the same. Everyone knew that this was no coincidence and the atmosphere became awfully tense.

Could this be a reunion for the eight saints and nine sovereigns?

The last time they were together was for an expedition against the east, wanting to divide the eight kingdoms.

What would be their goal this time around? All eyes couldn’t help but converge on Li Qiye and his weapon, more so the latter.

These top masters were clearly here for the immortal weapon. However, their sacred lord had it now. What would be their choice?

The crowd wondered how many of them survived against the Ancient Empress. Were all the survivors here?

“Is a fight going to break out?” A few cultivators started thinking about this undesirable outcome.

When the immortal weapon first appeared, these top masters didn’t do a thing. Only Righteous Supreme became impatient and gave it a shot.

Now, they showed up one after another after Li Qiye successfully tamed the weapon.

“Li Qiye destroyed those two clans’ mansions at the capital.” Someone from the holy ground reminded.

Thus, there was an existing feud between Li Qiye and the two clans.

“This trivial matter isn’t worth mentioning. No one dares to be lawless, at least not because of it.” An ancestor shook his head.

“But they might, for the immortal weapon.” His friend, a high elder, quietly responded.

Others took a deep breath after hearing this. As the sacred lord, what Li Qiye did to the Li and Zhang Clan could be construed as taking care of internal business. Not to mention outsiders, even these two clans wouldn’t dare to demand justice. Otherwise, other sects would chastise and mobilize against them for doing so.

But would this immortal weapon make them abandon everything else?

Meanwhile, Li Qiye didn’t pay attention to these big shots at all. His sole focus was on refining the immortal weapon.

With each subsequent smash, the molten liquid gathered on the damaged part and slowly became solid. The immortal weapon was being finished so the immortal rays became brighter.

The cauldron looked like a portal to an immortal world. Lightning bolts and bright flashes engulfed the area around it, resulting in a magnificent spectacle.

“Buzz.” The immortal divinity permeated across the region. People suddenly saw visual phenomena through the cauldron - soaring phoenixes and young immortals greeting guests; immortal materials could be seen as well.

Some spectators were fully immersed in this paradisiacal scene.

“What will this weapon look like at grand completion?” Many big shots exclaimed in admiration.

Suddenly, the sky turned dark with black clouds looming ahead. The clouds became thicker and denser, eventually spinning around to form a maelstrom issuing loud explosions.

The black maelstrom grew in size, seemingly opening the sky vault to let down a terrible tribulation.

“Rumble!” The blasts were deafening and discomforted the listeners.

“What the hell is going on?!” They became horrified at the cataclysmic maelstrom.

“A tribulation is descending.” One ancestor said seriously.

Other cultivators gasped because tribulations rarely happened, especially heavenly tribulations. Only a few dao lords experienced the latter during their dao ascension.

Now, there was a chance of this being a heavenly tribulation so the crowd became frightened.

“Why is it happening? Is it really a heavenly one?” One expert loudly shouted.

“Should be.” An old ancestor solemnly said: “The immortal weapon might be excellent enough to alarm the heaven, resulting in a punishment.”

Even the top existences shuddered after hearing these words.

A punishment from high heaven would only descend when something unallowable was taking place.

“This weapon shouldn’t exist?” One expert asked.

“That’s just a testament to how heaven-defying it is.” Another quietly answered.

“This is unprecedented. Vajra Dao Lord had experienced this before too while crafting an incredible item, at least according to the legend.” A king from the holy ground said.

Vajra Dao Lord wasn’t the strongest among his peers. However, he was known to be the best blacksmith. It shouldn’t be surprising that he could create something inciting a heavenly tribulation.

“Boom! Boom!” Lightning started to gather in the center of the maelstrom.

“Look, it’s actually happening.” Spectators realized that it was indeed a heavenly tribulation.

“Will His Excellency be able to stop it?” Some became worried.

“I don’t know, he’s occupied right now.” Another responded.

They saw Li Qiye being fully busy with the crafting process, how could he handle the tribulation as well?

“Excuse my tardiness.” A powerful voice with a strange metallic ringing could be heard.

Though it came from the horizon, everyone still heard it clearly right away. They then saw multi-colored lights appearing from afar, looking like the reflection of a crystal.

The lights turned into a rainbow, allowing one to cross through two worlds. One end was at Black Tides while the other was to the east.

Thus, a newcomer arrived on the scene. Resplendent radiances of various colors blinded the crowd. It was as if they were staring at a mountain of treasures.

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