Chapter 3941: Big Shots Showing Up

People who saw Li Qiye’s prior actions at the peak were shaken. For example, Five-colored Sacred Sovereign.

He had started the refinement process even before the tidal recession or any sign of the immortal weapon.

No one found logic in anything he did. They thought that using the main cauldron for refining waste metals was ridiculous, similar to a monk still searching for hair on top of his head. Many even mocked him.

But now, it became obvious that Li Qiye predicted everything, from the tidal recession to him being able to grab the immortal weapon.

Others thought that he could read the future - something truly unbelievable. However, the sovereign knew that this was just perfect planning.

The old servant was right - Li Qiye was many moves ahead of anyone else - a truly frightening disparity.

As for the sovereign, he realized that Li Qiye was at an unreachable height.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” Bright flashes and detonations occurred with each smash.

The lightning bolts became thicker and more violent; the same with the rays emanating from the molten liquid. 

It was as if the liquid was flowing towards the gate of an immortal world. The rays made people want to rush closer.

“He’s fixing or recreating it, I can’t believe that such a method is possible.” The crowd was astounded.

Not long ago, they thought that just obtaining the weapon would be the biggest fortune possible. None thought about actually fixing it. Li Qiye didn’t only think of it but was actually carrying it out.

“Either way, it’ll be unstoppable once finished.” An expert murmured.

“Perhaps this weapon will be greater than Heaven.” An old ancestor focused on the pulsing light and said.

“Better than Heaven?” Other ancestors became emotional.

“I think so, I saw Heaven in Sword Kingdom once during my youth. I think Heaven is one level below this.” The ancestor said earnestly.

“I’m so jealous of Sword Continent. We don’t have anything like that in West King.” Another big shot became emotional.

“That’s why our West King can’t compare to Sword Continent and the other realms.” A different peer added.

“How does it compare to the nine Heavenly Treasures?” A king brought this up.

The powerful group exchanged glances. A high elder among them shook his head: “The nine treasures are legends that haven’t been seen before. No one knows what they’re like.”

“True, but we’re looking at the immortal weapon right now. It has to be peerless once completed.” Another nodded in agreement.

“This is history in the making.” They became emotional and felt their heart beating faster.

“Its completion is inevitable. What do you think, Brother Black Tides?” A cold and distorted voice sounded.

Everyone looked over and saw an old man wearing a golden imperial robe. He looked gallant while holding a pagoda. His long beard reached his chest, looking like a great general.

“Who is that?” Most didn’t know him but since he addressed Black Tides Saint as “brother”, he was obviously someone important.

They noticed that the disciples around him were from the Li Clan. They looked proud with their chest arched forward, seemingly confident after gaining a strong backer.

“The Li, it might be him.” A high elder from an ancient clan narrowed his eyes.

“You’re right, Celestial King.” Black Tides Saint responded.

“Celestial King? I know who he is, the strongest ancestor of the Li!” The high elder shouted.

“!!!’ Other big shots have all heard of this notorious title.

“Who’s that?” A youth had no idea and became curious.

“One of the nine Heavenly Sovereigns, Celestial King Li.” His ancestor solemnly responded.

People finally understood why he could speak to the saint as if they were on the same level. His appearance wasn’t too surprising due to the prior conversation between Righteous Supreme and the saint.

He simply didn’t want to reveal himself until now. It became too tempting.

“The Li just got a lot more powerful.” Those from the holy ground reflected. This took the clan to the next level.

Masters like Five-colored Sacred Sovereign and the Monk of Wisdom remained calm. Perhaps they already knew that these ancient beings were still alive. Only regular cultivators had no idea.

“Whoever possesses this weapon will dominate the era.” A voice in tune with the dao spoke.

The crowd shifted their attention again and saw a daoist standing in the camp of the Zhang. The disciples there had the same arrogant expression, their chin aiming up at the sky.

He wore a daoist robe, simple yet embroidered with golden strings. His eyes pulsed with auspicious energy, seemingly capable of piercing the world and seizing the soul.

“Master Zhang, another sovereign.” The old ancestor recognized him and still became emotional despite already expecting this.

The crowd then understood why the disciples from these two clans had those annoying expressions on their face.

“No wonder why the Li and Zhang are so influential in Vajra.” A big shot from the holy ground reflected.

Everyone knew that the two clans were strong supporters of Vajra. They were extremely strong with deep roots everywhere.

There were many reasons for their power and influence but the fact that these two ancestors were alive might play a large role.

“How many others are still alive among the eight saints and nine sovereigns?” Someone wondered.

“Vajra is showing its fangs.” Another thought after seeing two more top cultivators.

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