Chapter 3940: Refining The Immortal Weapon

“Poof!” The main cauldron unleashed a devastating fiery torrent upward. The entire peak was lit ablaze as well with all the other cauldrons activating.

It became the Mountain of Flames in the legends, fully engulfed in fire. [1]

The inferno showed the crowd its scorching temperature. Some couldn’t tolerate the heat waves and had to retreat far away.

Of course, most were still curious about Li Qiye’s intention, also equally impressed about the raging inferno.

Even the students and experts from Duality have never seen the peak like this before.

“It’s… magnificent.” An expert was startled.

“Also unprecedented. The dao lords refining their weapons back in the ancient eras still didn’t produce a spectacle like this.” A big shot said.

Meanwhile, molten liquid surged and rampaged beneath the inferno. The heat was strong enough to melt the remnant pieces, resulting in vapor and steam filling up the air.

Remember, these remnant materials were left behind by top dao lords and Heavenly Sovereigns. They still couldn’t burn these dregs away during the process. However, this unprecedented inferno gradually vaporized them.

Spectators were horrified. They knew that if they were caught in the inferno or the boiling liquid, they would be vaporized as well. Mighty weapons and materials stood no chance, let alone their body.

“Splash!” As this process continued, the molten liquid became purer since more impure dregs have turned into vapor. This new state of liquid was far superior than the previous.

As the inferno intensified, the crowd was smart enough to back the hell away from the peak. They were afraid of potential complications. What if the cauldron were to explode? The uncontrolled inferno would turn them into nothingness in the blink of an eye.

By this point, the molten liquid was reduced down to only filling up half the main cauldron. However, the inferno still didn’t subside; the temperature continued to increase.

Going on top of the peak was suicidal at this point. Alas, the remaining molten dregs were stubborn and wouldn’t break down.

Strangely enough, this liquid was indigo instead of bright red. It looked quite pure, seemingly having undergone a million refinements.

It looked quite pretty as it emitted bright and clear rays, akin to the reflection of the moon on the ocean surface during the night - gentle and beautiful.

“Can anyone tell me what’s going on?” One cultivator asked.

Everyone knew that the remnant metals have lasted numerous refinements from top masters before. Moreover, they were completely useless. However, this end-product seemed to be different and special.

“How did they turn into this liquid?” Another wondered.

“Hmm, maybe this is the paramount metallic essence…” One old ancestor murmured.

“Can you elaborate, Ancestor?” A disciple nearby asked.

“It’s a theory in blacksmithing.” The ancestor replied: “It states that not all metals are fully refinable. This is especially true for the particular precious ones. They contain tough metallic essences, albeit in minuscule amounts. Most consider them to be impurities so they are removed during a regular refinement process.” 

“So what we refined thus far had plenty of metallic essences?” The disciple became surprised.

“Obviously not.” The ancestor gave him the side-eye and continued: “Metallic essences only exist in immensely precious metals. For example, metals that are worthy of becoming dao lord weapons…”

He then stared at the molten liquid in the main cauldron and explained: “Keep in mind that this is still only a theory or an idea from top blacksmith masters. It’s hard to prove it because the dregs are too tough for further refinement.” 

“You’re saying that the wastes up there are potentially metallic essences?” The disciple asked.

The ancestor shook his head because this was only an unproven theory.


“No wonder why the young master was melting the remnant dregs.” Yang Ling also watched attentively. Though she didn’t know the liquid’s true nature, she was still aware of its value.

“It’s futile trying to guess the young master’s intent.” The old servant said.

He was in charge of breaking down the remnants in the past and had a faint idea. Now, this still exceeded his speculation.

At this point, Li Qiye tossed the immortal weapon into the molten water.

“What, wou-wouldn’t that damage the weapon?!” Some spectators were astounded.

“Ridiculous! This doesn’t make any sense, putting the weapon in together with the liquid waste!” Another bellowed.

“Zzz…” The immortal weapon looked as if it was melting but this wasn’t the case. The rays from it started becoming chaotic.

Something magical occurred next - a crystallization process from the water. It started at the damaged spot with the condensation of metallic essences. They seemed to be re-creating the missing part.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye grabbed the special hammer from the anvil.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The hammer pulsed with a cluster of lightning bolts, looking magnificent.

“Bam!” He then smashed the molten liquid with it.

Normally, liquid would start splashing after being smashed by a hammer. This didn’t happen in this case.

It was as if the hammer was hitting a burning anvil. Fiery sparks splattered everywhere while lightning bolts infiltrated the liquid like swimming dragons.

Smashing and cracking noises happened repeatedly. Li Qiye was putting his strength into reforging the immortal weapon.

“He’s fixing the missing part.” Everyone finally knew what Li Qiye was up to.

The members from Duality exchanged glances. Li Qiye had started burning the remnant dregs a long time ago. Was this all in preparation for today? That would be too frightening.

“The young master can see a hundred moves ahead of anyone else while we can only see the next.” The old servant reflected.

1. Mountain of Flames is in Journey to the West. References to popular literature like Journey to the West and Three Kingdoms are colloquial at this point. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the Journey to the West’s universe is in ED. This applied to some references from Three Kingdoms as well.

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