Chapter 3939: Come, Cauldron

The eight saints and nine sovereigns shouldn’t be underestimated for losing the war. In fact, they were unstoppable.

The experts and ancestors from the east were continuously forced back, unable to stop their momentum.

Their fame reached an all-time high, soaring like a rainbow across the sky and instilling fear upon the world. Alas, this stopped with the appearance of the Ancient Empress.

Future generations assumed that they died during the war. After all, they disappeared from the public and were gradually forgotten.

Today, Black Tides Saint’s emergence reminded everyone of their past prestige and power. The conversation thus far revealed that more saints and sovereigns were still alive.

The high elders and ancestors in the crowd took a deep breath to regain their composure.

As for the still-hidden masters, their expression became serious. More powerful rivals have been revealed.

“Who is still alive?” Someone murmured.

“Righteous Saint isn’t, that’s confirmed.” A big shot replied.

“If more saints and sovereigns are actually here right now, I have to commend their patience.” A king quietly said.

This was indeed the case. The immortal weapon was right there. Even Righteous Supreme couldn’t help giving it a shot yet these ancient beings remained in the shadows.

What was the reason for this? What were they waiting for?

The crowd speculated that they wanted to take advantage of the situation. The risk of obtaining the immortal weapon was too high but if someone actually managed to do so, that would be their chance to take advantage of the situation.

All eyes turned towards Li Qiye and the immortal weapon. The pressure was on him.

“There’s no way. He’s the lord of Sacred Mountain.” One ancestor from the holy ground murmured.

At least half of the group were ancestors from the holy ground. Despite their prestige and status, they were still under the jurisdiction of Sacred Mountain. Li Qiye was absolutely their leader.

Scheming against Li Qiye was considered rebellious, treacherous, and disgraceful. It would turn them into enemies of the public.

Nonetheless, the temptation of this immortal weapon was overwhelming. Furthermore, these top masters had immense influence in the holy ground as well.

If they were to team up against Li Qiye, how many countries and sects would pick their side instead?

This possibility worried the crowd members. Who would they side with? Sacred Mountain or the ancient cultivators? They began calculating the pros and cons.

Some glanced over at the black palanquin, wanting to see Black Tides Saint’s stance.

In history, the Biandu has always been loyal to Sacred Mountain. In theory, this saint should be loyal as well. However, he chose to stay in the palanquin instead of coming out to greet Li Qiye.

Contrary to the anxious crowd, Li Qiye didn’t look like he knew about the potential danger at all.

He didn’t listen to the conversation between Righteous Supreme and Black Tides Saint, only focusing on the immortal weapon in his hand.

To the crowd, it looked as if he was drowning in the joy of obtaining the weapon and forgot about everything else.

“Go, leave now!” A loyal ancestor muttered under his breath.

Some experts started placing their palms together, praying for Li Qiye to run away. It would be fine if he could make it back to Sacred Mountain on time.

Alas, Li Qiye didn’t run. He gently rubbed the weapon for a while before speaking: “Broken but still a good embryo.”

The crowd exchanged glances. Li Qiye didn’t sound overly impressed with this priceless treasure. His reaction was rather mild.

“Cauldron, come!” He suddenly shouted and raised his hand in the air. Runes started to form.

The crowd had no idea what he was doing. They suddenly heard explosions from the horizon.

They looked up and saw something flying over with insane speed.

“Bam!” This massive shadow slammed onto the ground, causing an earthquake.

They then finally saw what it was - a gigantic peak.

“What is this?” A confused spectator asked.

“Huh? Isn’t this Myriad Cauldron Peak?!” An expert from Duality couldn’t believe his own eyes.

Another big shot from there took a careful look and nodded: “Yes, but what is it doing here?”

Many who weren’t students from Duality have still visited the academy before and saw the peak. It didn’t take long before everyone reached a consensus that this was indeed Myriad Cauldron Peak.

“How did he summon it?” A teacher from there found this perplexing.

First, the distance between Duality Academy and Black Tides ranged for billions and billions of miles. Moreover, this was unprecedented too. The peak didn’t show any sign of being able to answer a summoning call before.

“Dean, I thought the peak was connected to an earth vein.” Someone asked Five-colored Sacred Sovereign.

There have been rumors about the peak being connected to an earth vein. The latter served as the source for the fires. This allowed the fires to last for so long despite numerous weapon refinements. This no longer seemed correct since Li Qiye could summon it.

The sovereign only smiled and didn’t answer the question.

Meanwhile, Li Qiye had reached the top of the peak - the scorching place filled with molten iron and furnace slag.

“I wonder what the sacred lord’s intention is.” Everyone had the same question.

Li Qiye didn’t run away after obtaining the immortal weapon and summoned this peak instead. None had an idea of his goal.

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