Chapter 3938: Black Tides Saint

Once the flashes disappeared, the crowd could finally stare at the weapon. The damaged blade was long, narrow, and white in color. Its material was unknown to the crowd.

“That’s the ultimate weapon.” Others swallowed their saliva while staring at the weapon in Li Qiye’s hand.

No one could stay calm before its sight, whether it be regular cultivators, ancestors, or even the hidden big shots. They all understood that dao lord weapons couldn’t compare to it.

It would be a lie to say that they weren’t tempted to seize it from Li Qiye.

“Our sacred lord is peerless, the heaven favors our holy ground!” Many members of the holy ground started cheering.

“Favored by the heaven indeed, this is a blessing for the holy ground. Prosperity will come soon.” One expert took pride in this.

“Right, his momentum is unstoppable, he’ll absolutely become the next dao lord.” Others started chiming in.

Since others including Righteous Supreme have tried and failed, this meant that Li Qiye was the best. The holy ground won over Righteous in this contest and this momentum should carry forward.

Moreover, Li Qiye was so young yet already so terrifying. He could become a dao lord in the future, not to mention possessing this immortal weapon. That’s why the members of the holy ground felt so confident in their bright future.

Those from the other powers became emotional as well. They thought that the holy ground would rise like the sun. None would be able to stop them.

In fact, it wasn’t limited to this region either. Li Qiye could lead the holy ground and sweep through Eight Desolaces.

“I can’t believe he actually did it.” Those lacking confidence in him at the start were astounded.

“How many weapons in this world can compare to this one?” A hushed voice came from the clouds yet everyone heard it clearly. Its powerful divinity made them feel uncomfortable.

“Righteous Supreme.” Everyone knew who the speaker was.

The members from the holy ground became vigilant and wondered about his goal. Would he try to seize the immortal weapon? No one could resist the temptation, not even Righteous Supreme.

Silence took over the scene. Few could hold a conversation with the supreme. Even the grandmasters were considered juniors.

“It’s unbeatable for sure, unique in history and born because of Black Tides.” Someone actually dared to respond.

This voice seemingly came from the inner region of Black Tides. Each word lingered in the listeners’ mind; they couldn’t block them out.

Some felt the sky suddenly turning dark due to black tides rushing over them. This was a bizarre and creepy feeling.

Once they calmed down, they stared in the direction of the voice. They saw a palanquin in the Biandu’s camp that wasn’t there before. It was black from top to bottom.

However, the curtain at the front had a special symbol consisting of the tides and was made from special fabrics.

The top had black beads for decoration. Each of them exuded a dark golden luster, creating a unique appearance.

It became abundantly clear that the person sitting inside had prestigious status. Only an authoritative figure could ride something so precious.

“Who is that?” The crowd noticed ancestors from the Biandu guarding it as well. Even their paragon didn’t have this treatment.

“Saint, it is good to see you doing well.” Righteous Supreme spoke.

“So that’s Black Tides Saint…” Others became aware right away.

One ancestor lowered his voice: “The strongest ancestor of the Biandu.”

Those nearby became shaken after hearing this. This person was one of the strongest Heavenly Sovereigns back many generations ago.

“I heard that he’s the third strongest out of the eight saints, only behind Righteous and Vajra Saint.” A mighty ancestor said seriously.

The crowd became increasingly impressed with his power.

“Thank you for the kind words, Supreme. Righteous Saint’s fall was truly regrettable.” The voice in the palanquin could pierce through the world.

“Senior Brother was fine with losing to a stronger cultivator.” Righteous Supreme paused for a moment before answering.

“!!!” The listeners became startled since they weren’t privy to this information.

First, Righteous Saint died in battle despite being the strongest. Past historians even believed that he was far stronger than the other seven. His power played a large part in the alliance’s decision to invade the east.

Alas, the Ancient Empress still took him down? This wasn’t a story told to future generations.

The second interesting piece of information was Righteous Supreme being his junior brother.

Most only knew that Righteous Supreme had lived for a long time. Now, they had a clearer idea of his actual age.

“It’s a shame that I was only a novice back then and couldn't meet all the saints and sovereigns.” Righteous Supreme said.

“I’m sure you’ll have a chance to meet them soon enough.” Black Tides Saint responded.

“I agree, I wonder how many came here today.” Righteous Supreme laughed heartily.

This comment stirred the crowd and made their legs tremble. It seemed that more than one saint survived the war and actually managed to live to the present day.

Black Tides Saint wasn’t the only one present. Some of his contemporaries were already here.

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