Chapter 3937: No Problem Obtaining The Weapon

“Down!” Li Qiye roared and pulled down hard.

“Clank!” The chains clanked before the mountain floating in the air was dragged to the ground, resulting in a violent shake.

The mountain was perfectly fine, impervious to the smash and the high temperature. The immortal weapon was even closer than before. Nonetheless, no one could get close, let alone seizing it.

He slowly walked over while everyone watched with bated breath. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that they were a million times more nervous than him.

A ray started flashing once he got close enough.

“Watch out!” An expert loudly warned him. These rays were just too frightening. Ancestors and high elders couldn’t withstand a single move.

Moreover, Li Qiye had no activated defensive technique and merit law. One ray could potentially take his life.

However, the chain-like dao laws flashed and seemingly locked the weapon even tighter. This prevented the first ray from attacking Li Qiye.

Spectators relaxed just a little bit as he came even closer. This prompted the weapon to retaliate again, shooting out a thicker beam this time.

“Dodge!” Many were scared out of their mind and shouted at him.

There would be a hole in his body if he couldn’t dodge in time. Not even a god would be able to save him then.

Li Qiye’s hand became resplendent and affected the dao law he was holding again. The dao law began exuding what seemed to be the essences of the dao.

All of the laws became stronger and tightened around the weapon, stopping the beam at the source.

The weapon still didn’t give up and continued vibrating, wanting to get out of the suppression. Alas, these matchless dao laws rendered struggling futile.

“I can’t believe it!” Eyes widened as a result. Everyone thought that Li Qiye would use another top weapon to stop the beam. 

In actuality, he simply controlled the dao laws to stop the immortal weapon. This granted him safe passage until he grabbed the weapon.

“He got it!” The crowd erupted, not wanting to miss a single detail. He was the second to touch the weapon after Righteous Supreme.

Tension and anxiety intensified since this was the climax.

“Clank!” The immortal weapon let out a hymn, causing a total weapon harmonization.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The audience firmly gripped their own weapons so that they wouldn’t fly out.

It became a struggle between the light of the immortal weapon and the dao laws. The latter left it no room to breathe, let alone exert its power against Li Qiye.

His resplendent hand released an ocean made up of top grand dao, mighty enough to rule the myriad realms. Of course, the spectators didn’t spot this at all. They only saw his hand becoming bright and thought nothing of it.

The dual-pronged pressure from Li Qiye’s grand dao and the existing chains damaged the immortal weapon and crushed its resistance.

Eventually, the vibration and shaking subsided along with the harmonization noises. 

“Okay, get back, I’m taking it out.” Li Qiye warned the crowd again.

Earlier, the crowd had already moved back. They thought that this was a safe distance already.

Nonetheless, they still heeded his warning and retreated once more.

“Clank!” The dao laws coiling around the weapon suddenly loosened.

“Up!” Li Qiye added more strength in order to lift the weapon out of the peak.

The rust on the weapon began peeling off, piece by piece. Its rays became free again and began rampaging without showing any mercy.

They weren’t bright compared to some visually impressive techniques. Nonetheless, just the flashes alone could pierce through this world.

“Ah! My eyes!” Some spectators began screaming in pain.

“Run!” One ancestor reacted quickly and got far away. 

Those standing too close still felt a throbbing pain in their eyes even though the rays didn’t hit them. The weaker cultivators’ eyes began bleeding profusely.

Fortunately, these rays only lasted for a split second. Li Qiye had it under his control now.

Alas, spectators were still horrified. Just looking at the flashing weapon alone instilled massive damage to their eyes. Some were actually blind now.

An actual slash from this weapon could easily sever a corner of the world. Most moved back twice after listening to Li Qiye, thinking that they were safe. They had underestimated the potency of this weapon and were left speechless.

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