Chapter 3935: I'm Here

Everyone saw hope and felt that he would be the one to seize this immortal weapon. The gauntlet greatly improved his success probability.

“Buzz.” The rays from the immortal weapon suddenly intensified after the hand made contact. Though they weren't overly bright, the spectators felt as if thousands of suns were exploding inside their eye sockets. Despair suddenly took over.

“Crack!” They had no idea what was going on before hearing a crack and a groan from the clouds. Righteous Supreme most likely suffered a serious injury and had to let out a cry.

When they could see again, they saw the immortal weapon still pinned on the peak. The great palm, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found.

They could see bloodstains on the peak and some blood dripped down the weapon as well. It became obvious that the supreme had failed.

None commented on the sudden failure. His injuries weren’t visible to the crowd but it had to be something serious for him to warrant giving up.

“The gauntlet failed too?” One high elder murmured. The crack earlier sounded as if the gauntlet had been penetrated.

“Not sure if it’s a full break but it should still be damaged, that’s why the supreme pulled back.” An ancestor solemnly responded.

“This weapon is far above the dao lord level, whoever gets it will have everything.” One big shot murmured.

Many agreed with this sentiment. Just the rays alone defeated a supreme protected by a dao lord artifact. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it the greatest weapon in the world.

“So what? No one can control it anyway.” An old ancestor had a more insightful take.

This was indeed the case. Even if someone gained “possession” of it, they wouldn’t be able to control it. Its master might be the first one to die to the rays, not the enemies.

“Seems like it’s nothing more than a nice dream.” A king smiled wryly.

“What a waste of effort.” Another big shot added.

The top masters present didn’t say anything. All of them searched for this mythical weapon for so long now. Some risked their life in the process, hoping to become stronger for personal reasons and for their sect.

Now, it was finally here before them. Unfortunately, they weren’t qualified to wield it. Their previous effort was trying to fetch the moon out of the sea.

“We’re really giving up?” One member couldn’t help but ask.

“What can we do? If you don’t want to quit, it’s right there. Anyone can try to get it.” Another said.

By this point, it became apparent how suicidal it was to try and get it. Righteous Supreme himself was seriously injured.

“Not one soul in this world can take it down?” Some were still unwilling to accept this.

“It’s not over yet.” A big shot from the east mused: “Worldly Immortal might be able to do it.”

Everyone took a deep breath after hearing this title, feeling both admiration and respect.

For the eastern kingdoms, Worldly Immortal was a guardian deity. As long as this cultivator was around, so would their kingdoms.

This was a being capable of forcing dao lords back. No one dared to invade the east afterward. Most importantly, dao lords have come and gone but this being still stuck around.

“Hmm, it’s a shame no one has seen him after the generation of Dhyana Dao Lord. I don’t think there’s any event worthy of his presence, not even this.” An ancestor from the east said.

The eastern cultivators started bowing towards the direction of the eight kingdoms while talking about Worldly Immortal.

Despite his hermit nature for millions of years in the Ancient Immortal Kingdom, the eastern inhabitants knew that he would always protect them.

“Sure, Worldly Immortal might be able to do it.” Even those from Righteous and Buddha Holy Ground didn’t dare to disrespect him. His invincibility has been recognized for a long time now.

Thus, he became the most likely cultivator in West King to obtain this immortal weapon.

“There’s another person.” Someone from the holy ground shared his opinion.

“Who?” Others asked right away.

He cupped his fist in response: “His Excellency, our Sacred Lord. He’ll definitely perform another miracle here.”

“Sacred Lord Li Qiye.” An expert from Righteous replied: “Hmm, I wonder.”

Not long ago, the crowd would say that Li Qiye wasn’t qualified as a comparison to Righteous Supreme, let alone Worldly Immortal. This was no longer the case due to his new status.

“I think it’s unlikely.” The eastern ancestor replied: “Sacred Lord Li has done some magical things but I don’t think he’s stronger than Righteous Supreme.”

In terms of status, he was indeed equal to Righteous Supreme. This assessment wasn’t insulting. 

“Let’s say that the sacred lord is indeed capable, he’s deep in Black Tides right now and can’t get here.” A big shot from the holy ground found this regretful.

Li Qiye hasn’t shown up since his trip to the inner region. Some thought that he was dead there.

“Hmph, I don’t buy it. If Righteous Supreme can’t do it, neither can he.” A crowd member snorted.

No one else dared to express this opinion.

“Did someone say my name?” Suddenly, a lazy voice could be heard.

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