Chapter 3934: Heaven Devourer Scaled Gauntlet

Everyone thought that the Biandu paragon had a good chance of obtaining the treasure but their expectation was betrayed. An immortal ray made it through a tiny hole and nearly killed him.

The clan found this immensely regrettable. If only they had obtained the immortal weapon…

If it was possible, they would try to repair their immortal regalia. Unfortunately, it wasn’t something from this world so this was out of their reach. They had tried before in the past with numerous methods only to fail.

“Damn it, so close.” A crowd member expressed his disappointment.

Their chance of obtaining the immortal weapon afterward was slim to none. Nonetheless, they still wanted to see its true power.

“Boom!” A mighty divinity erupted and swept through the area, stopping the crowd from wallowing in regrets.

It came from the group of clouds, exploding continuously like the end of countless suns. It could flatten the land and destroy the strongest cultivators.

“Righteous Supreme!” Someone shouted after feeling this power.

The supreme channeling his power suffocated the crowd, causing them to tremble in fear. They could already imagine a god up above. Just one hand wave could annihilate everyone including the high elders and ancestors.

Many cultivators couldn’t help prostrating on the ground, unable to handle the pressure. His power was obviously many levels above those present.

“Righteous Supreme is starting.” Others stared at the sky with reverence.

“If he can’t do it, no one can.” Even someone like Eight-tribulation Blood King had no arrogance in his eyes.

This was the case for the other grandmasters as well. They became serious in eager anticipation.

Righteous Supreme was famous alongside Buddha Supreme. Both were comparable to Eight Stallion Dao Lord.

Nonetheless, Righteous Supreme didn’t dare to act carelessly against this immortal weapon.

“Boom!” The sky turned dark as a tornado manifested into reality, ready to crush space and the world.

The oppressive pressure on the crowd intensified and became unbearable. People had trouble breathing and even standing up.

A dried and aged hand came out of the tornado, looking feeble in terms of appearance. However, it exuded extremely thick chaos laws. The laws coiled around the hand and formed numerous barriers, completely sealing it from the rest of the world.

This was the only defensive measure by the supreme. The crowd heard clanking noises first before seeing a golden radiance.

A sun seemed to be rising from the ocean and blinded everyone. In this case, a golden gauntlet covered the withered hand.

It had yellow snake-like scales with runes on the surface, seemingly depicting a rising sun.

“Boom!” The world shook violently as if it was firmly under the grasp of this hand. Everyone else felt the same way, that their lives were in someone else’s hand now.

“Heaven Devourer Scaled Gauntlet!” An ancestor shouted in astonishment after seeing this: “Heaven Devourer Dao Lord used his own scales to create this treasure!”

Others became visibly moved after hearing this. Everyone knew that the dao lord was a serpent demon who managed to reach the top.

His skin would shred whenever he reached a certain level. The remnant skin was then used to create a top dao lord weapon.

Now, Righteous Supreme was already strong enough. With the help of the gauntlet, the result would be unimaginable.

The large hand reached for the immortal weapon before the frozen crowd. Some were praying for his success because he might be the only one capable of this feat.

“Crack!” A ray flew out in retaliation and struck the chaos law barrier, leaving a tiny hole at first. In the next second, the remaining blast left cracks everywhere.

Spectators gasped after seeing this. That chaos barrier was immensely powerful yet it still wasn’t enough to stop the ray?

Fortunately, the remnant ray was stopped by the golden gauntlet. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief but this sweet reprieve didn’t last long.

The weapon shot out more rays and completely destroyed the chaos barrier. Their target was the golden gauntlet.

Rays stuck to the gauntlet, making it look like a hedgehog. Some dug deep enough to nearly pierce through the outer layer.

Nonetheless, the gauntlet didn’t let people down. The supreme still managed to move his hand closer towards the weapon.

“Bam!” He finally grabbed it.

“Yes!” The crowd applauded.

“He did it!” Many became excited.

“He’s the strongest in the south indeed!” An ancestor became emotional.

Ever since this event began, many have died without being able to touch the weapon. Righteous Supreme became the first.

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