Chapter 3933: Immortal Regalia

The paragon of the Biandu slowly took out an old-styled box made from rare celestial sandalwood. Everyone could smell a pleasant and comforting fragrance - akin to being bathed in starlight.

It was obvious that the thing inside was extremely precious. However, they were caught off guard after the paragon took it out. 

It wasn’t an awe-inspiring treasure or anything, only a rag. This was a shocking contrast to the precious material used for the container.

The rag’s old age made it impossible to tell the original color. It became white after numerous washes before storage. There were tiny holes resembling termite damage.

The edges were messy with broken threads as well instead of clean cuts. It looked as if it was ripped off of someone’s robe, looking more useless than a tablecloth.

No one would pick it up if left on the street since they would think that it was trash.

On the contrary, it was obviously important since it came from a paragon. Furthermore, he had a solemn expression as well.

Therefore, no one laughed at him. They simply focused on observing the cloth. What could this piece of cloth do? What was its origin? They couldn’t come up with an answer.

“This thing is not from our world.” Eight-tribulation Blood King finally spoke: “I’ve never seen this type of thread before.” 

The crowd became shaken, realizing why it was special. The king was knowledgeable due to his power and the resources of his sect yet he had never seen it?

“Indeed, it’s from outside.” The Monk of Wisdom agreed.

“My horizon is broadened after seeing this divine artifact.” Five-colored Sacred Sovereign nodded.

Three grandmasters had nothing but praises for the cloth. It became clear that its appearance was deceiving.

The paragon didn’t look conceited while holding something so precious. He smiled bitterly and revealed: “We obtained this from the depths of Black Tides, losing several wise ancestors in the process…”

This was a shocking statement to those aware of Black Tides. The inner region was extremely dangerous but the top ancestors of the Biandu were no slouches.

Alas, several still lost their lives in order to obtain this cloth? The Biandu paid a staggering price for it.

“Does it have a name?” A hoarse voice came from the carriage in War Camp. The speaker wanted to hide their identity.

“It doesn’t, we simply call it the immortal regalia.” The paragon answered.

“Immortal regalia?” Others exchanged glances.

Something looking like a rag being given this high classification would be hilarious in other circumstances. No one was laughing now.

The paragon carefully wrapped the cloth around him. In reality, it was too tiny to fully wrap around him. He deliberately shrank down in order to have full coverage. 

This became another funny scene but the crowd remained silent.

The paragon then leaped towards the immortal weapon on top of the mountain.

Eyes widened while watching this. Even the grandmasters didn’t want to miss a single detail.

Once he got close enough, a ray shot out to meet him.

“Careful!” One crowd member shouted while others became nervous. They all knew just how powerful these rays were.

However, when the ray hit the cloth, it looked like a regular ray shining the material instead of killing the paragon.

“It’s working!” Many shouted.

“Immortal regalia indeed, using a piece of cloth to stop the immortal ray. How miraculous.” One ancestor murmured.

“They’re both from outside, that might be the reason?” One big shot said.

The paragon himself heaved a sigh of relief. It looked like this treasure was effective. He became excited after seeing the nullification. This was his chance to grab the weapon for his clan.

He drew even closer and reached out for the weapon. In this split second, the latter exuded numerous rays.

They also shined the cloth without piercing through. This assured the paragon even more.

However, the rays didn’t stop there. They seemed to be sentient and started moving around. One eventually found a tiny hole in the cloth and drilled inside.

“Ahh!” The paragon became grievously injured and ran with everything he got.

“Bam!” He smashed onto the ground in front of his clan’s camp.

His juniors immediately took off the cloth and saw how bloodied he was. Nonetheless, he managed to survive.

“It’s an emergency!” These men immediately brought the paragon away to heal him.

The spectators didn’t expect this development. Even the cloth didn’t work.

“The immortal regalia has imperfections, it’s not a perfect defense.” One big shot saw the event clearly.

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