Chapter 3932: The Monk Of Wisdom

Another white ray pierced the chest of the prime minister. He screamed and fell backward on the ground.

“Bam!” The pile gained another corpse.

None here could say that they could break the old man’s celestial defense easily. Alas, even a stronger merit law or defensive treasure couldn’t have stopped the white ray.

Silence took over right away. He wasn’t the first and wouldn't be the last to die to the rays. The crowd has seen numerous deaths so far but still became frightened.

The rays seemed capable of nullifying all defense and treasures.

“This immortal weapon lives up to its name.” An ancestor shuddered and said softly.

Just the random rays alone had such power. What if the weapon was actually activated in battle? Would it be capable of destroying Eight Desolaces with one move?

“What should we do now?” An expert looked at his senior and asked.

This big shot had no response. In fact, he wasn’t the only one. No one had a clue on how to deal with this immortal weapon.

“Maybe a dao lord weapon can last a bit against the rays?” A high elder stated a new idea.

“True.” A few big shots nodded in agreement.

Thus, eyes turned towards the clouds hovering above - the location of Righteous Supreme.

Of course, he was the prime candidate to have a dao lord weapon or even several. Another candidate was Sacred Mountain. This sect might have more dao lord weapons than Righteous Sect.

Alas, their sacred lord has entered the depths of Black Tides so he couldn’t be here.

“I heard Vajra Dynasty has a dao lord weapon too.” One ancestor quietly said.

Attention focused on the carriage inside War Camp. Another whispered: “Vajra really has one?”

Although the dynasty was proud to bear the title of Vajra Dao Lord, he never admitted this. Most thought that he didn’t leave his legacy to them.

“They do.” An old man with deep knowledge of the dynasty said: “Their ancestors did everything they could to curry favors with the dao lord. He eventually granted them a treasure out of old affection.”

“I see.” The questioner replied.

Therefore, the next issue became - did the guardian of Vajra bring this treasure along?

“I know for a fact that Myriad Blood Sect’s heirloom weapon isn’t inferior to a dao lord weapon. Their godmonarch was a Supreme Sovereign.” One high elder brought up.

“Right, Myriad-blood Godmonarch’s weapon should be on the same level.” Others agreed with this assessment.

The godmonarch was the strongest ancestor of Myriad-blood Sect, the second to become a Supreme Sovereign after Space Dragon Emperor. Myriad-blood dominated that era thanks to his talents.

The crowd then stared at Eight-tribulation Blood King who didn’t react at all. They wondered if he brought this weapon with him.

“Amitabha.” A dignified chant could be heard. It commanded respect from all the listeners.

An old monk appeared out of nowhere, sitting on a damaged mat for meditation. His white eyebrows were long; his face was covered in wrinkles. His kasaya was turning gray from being washed too many times.

He had a treasure glow despite not having any visible Buddhist treasure on him. This made him look enlightened. People couldn’t help but respect him despite a lack of aura and divinity.

“The Monk of Wisdom!” Many bowed after seeing him.

Those who have never seen him before had still heard of his title. They bowed as well.

Another grandmaster was present. Most importantly, he was the leader of Heavenly Dragon Division and the monks of Buddha Holy Ground. Even though he always kept a low profile, his status and prestige were exceedingly high.

“Brother Shengxian, you don’t want to try?” The monk smiled while glancing towards the Biandu camp. He was talking to their paragon.

The paragon smiled wryly and shook his head: “You think too highly of me, my slight skills can’t last a single ray.”

Others were surprised at his humility. The Biandu rarely acted like this.

“Your clan obtained a regalia from Black Tides by chance, I’m sure it’s connected to this. You have put so much effort in searching for this weapon, this is your time to shine.” The monk placed his palms together.

The crowd then realized how strange the Biandu’s passiveness was. They were the first to arrive in this place yet maintained their patience.

Did they know something or had a special treasure capable of resisting the rays?

“Nothing can elude your eyes.” The paragon sighed.

“Amitabha.” The monk chanted without revealing anything else.

Everyone became anxious again, waiting to see what the Biandu could do since they were the most knowledgeable of Black Tides.

“Yes, we have indeed come across a certain thing in Black Tides.” The paragon stopped hiding it.

The crowd listened with bated breath after hearing the confirmation.

“What is it?” Someone wondered.

“They benefited so much from having the most knowledge regarding Black Tides.” Another murmured.

This was indeed the truth. The clan had searched Black Tides and found numerous treasures across the years. That’s why they became increasingly more powerful.


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