Chapter 3931: Five-colored Sacred Sovereign

Hearts beat faster at the sight of this so-called immortal weapon. Alas, it was just too powerful and could kill anyone. The corpses below were the best lessons.

“So what is it exactly?” One spectator looked at the damaged weapon.

This was the first time the crowd had seen this weapon. Their previous knowledge of it was strictly the relevant legends and tales.

“One tale tells of heavenly corpses and immortal weapons raining down during the great calamity.” An elderly cultivator revealed.

“What the heck happened during that calamity? Raining corpses?” The listeners became curious.

The grand disaster was too distant for the young generation. Most have never heard of it before or only the title itself.

“A scene of total destruction. Numerous lineages and top masters turned to ashes in one night. They were nothing more than insects. All living beings wailed in lamentation…” The old man repeated what his seniors told him before about the legend.

A silence took over as people enjoyed the tale.

A while later, one expert said: “This looks like a saber, right?”

They could faintly see part of the narrow blade being pinned to the mountain.

“Not necessarily.” A weapon master said: “I think it could be a sword or a long scythe as well. It’s too rusty to tell.” 

“I suppose it doesn’t matter too much, it’s unbeatable all the same.” An ancestor from a powerful clan said: “Dao lord weapons can’t hold a candle to it.”

“True, they’ll be obliterated right away.” A steady voice answered.

Everyone followed the direction of this voice and saw an old man riding a five-colored elk.

He wore a simple white robe without any decoration. It looked common but was spotless. Keen observers would note that the sewing lines on the robe were immaculate.

White hair didn’t diminish his spirit and vitality. He had the appearance of an old man yet the vigor of an eighteen-year-old.

He had hidden his aura but each of his movements still gave off the style and control of a master.

“The dean of Duality, Five-colored Sovereign!” A crowd member shouted.

“Sir.” Both the young and old bowed towards him.

The dean was well-respected in the south. After all, numerous cultivators had the fortune of learning at Duality.

Those from the smaller sects or vagabond cultivators would love to study at the academy and were fans of the dean.

His comment made the crowd emotional. Dao lord weapons stood no chance against this broken thing?

No one would question him either. The academy had plenty of treasures so the dean was an expert in this regard.

“So what severed the blade?” This became the key question.

If the weapon was so mighty, what thing bested it in the past? No one could come up with an answer. It was difficult to imagine something stronger.

“It has to be an immortal.” One ancestor boldly speculated.

The crowd exchanged glances after hearing this.

“Immortals are real?” A doubter said.

Numerous dao lords have broken through the sky and left. However, none of them returned or became immortal as far as people know.

“Wasn’t True Immortal Sect left behind by an immortal?” One youth said.

A big shot opened his mouth but eventually kept it in. True Immortal was the strongest lineage in Eight Desolaces. It was better to exercise prudence.

Nonetheless, many have heard the legend of Blessed Dao Lord during his youth and the immortal.

“How do we take it?” People didn’t wish to dwell on this sensitive topic and changed their focus.

“It would be more frightening.” Five-colored Sacred Sovereign spoke: “There’s no doubt that this weapon is being sealed right now. Removing the chains might result in a murderous rampage.”

They stared at the thick chains keeping the weapon together with the mountain. It seemed that the weapon was actually in a weakened state.

Alas, it was tough for people to restrain their greed. They would do anything, no matter how reckless, for this weapon.

“I’ll overestimate myself and give it a shot first.” An elderly cultivator walked forward.

“The prime minister of Celestial.” Others recognized this big shot from the holy ground.

He stroked his beard and said: “I’ll regret this my whole life if I don’t at least try. I’ll play the role of a scout for everyone even though it might end in death.”

“We pray for your success.” Many supported him right away.

He certainly was doing this for himself but he put it in a pleasant manner. Plus, they didn’t mind having someone else take the risk first.

“Boom!” His power erupted with flashing celestial rays as he shouted: “Activate!” 

He became a cosmic defender with large stars circling around him. After putting on this defensive technique, he leaped towards the peak.

Once he got close enough, he roared: “Cosmic Rain!” With that, he shifted the stars and separated his position from the rest of the world.

“Not bad.” An ancestor praised after seeing this defensive technique.

The top cultivators thought that the prime minister’s full-force effort was impressive.

He then reached for the weapon in the next second. The weapon retaliated right away with a simple bright flash.

“Ahh!” Blood splashed afterward.

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