Chapter 3930: Immortal Weapon

The arrival of Vajra’s main legion surprised everyone. In the tsunami of steel, they saw a carriage moving rather slowly compared to the others.

However, it became part of the cavalry and didn’t hinder their movement. It wasn’t gaudy, seemingly made from a single piece of metal. 

It was heavily guarded, not even a gap could be seen. It looked out of place and gave off an impression of being impregnable. The door to the carriage was shut and no one could see who was inside.

Because of how strange it looked, numerous experts noticed it.

“Who’s inside that carriage?” Someone whispered.

“It should be the guardian of Vajra. In that dynasty, only Archaic Sun King and the guardian can mobilize all of War Camp.” Another answered.

Others agreed with this because the guardian was a likely candidate to pursue the immortal weapon. Moreover, the Archaic Sun King was lazy and useless. He wouldn’t come to a remote and dangerous place like Black Tides, deeming it too risky.

Plus, another grandmaster was here already. It wouldn’t be surprising for one more to come.

“Tell me more about this guardian.” An expert from Righteous asked a member of the holy ground.

The latter had no answer. In fact, the officials in the court and the royal family might not be able to answer this question.

Everyone knew that the guardian was one of the four grandmasters and had a pivotal position in Vajra. That’s the limit of their knowledge.

“I was in the vicinity once but didn’t actually meet the guardian.” An official shook his head and smiled wryly.

“Rumble!” It didn’t take long before more legions arrived at Black tides.

The other kingdoms and sects from the various divisions have arrived. Even powers from Righteous Sect came running.

Thousands and thousands of cultivators poured into Black Tides, creating a scene of excitement greater than before. Even big shots who haven’t shown up for eras came to join the fun.

“Someone found it!” This news erupted across the region.

“Really? Where?” Those who were busy searching stopped right away.

“Go, don’t fall behind!” Everyone headed for the actual location of the immortal weapon. It looked like tsunamis converging towards a single point.

The weapon wasn’t inside the depths of Black Tides, only the core of the fringe region. This meant that it was relatively safe for everyone to come.

The ancestors were the first to arrive. The place became packed with layers of people, making it difficult to reach the weapon at the center.

This central area had flowing lava and hot air. No one cared about the high temperature right now since their eyes were fixated on the air.

A floating mountain had appeared out of nowhere, red from top to bottom. It was devoid of life; it seemed that everything had been killed.

Pinned on top of the peak was a weapon, or what’s left of one. It looked like a saber due to the remaining handle. However, the blade must have been partly broken. This hilt had rust spots everywhere despite being so wondrous. The test of time must have gone on forever.

White rays occasionally flashed from it, enough to pierce through the realms and cut down the hand of an immortal.

Even the top sovereigns present shuddered after seeing the rays. They knew that they would be killed in the blink of an eye.

This broken weapon was being sealed by thick iron chains. The chains extended around the mountain and reached deep underground. They also had a serious rust issue, making it difficult to tell the original material.

Nonetheless, the crowd could imagine an eternal existence throwing down his supreme dao laws to seal this weapon underground. Today, it has emerged before the world once more. 

Initially, the mountain and the weapon garnered everyone’s attention. However, as they looked downward, they became shocked as well.

Blood and bones filled the area, and it was recent as well. The corpses still had blood flowing out from a single wound - a hole in the chest area. All of them clearly died to a single move.

Some of them were famous characters - ancestors and high elders. A few were reclusive Heavenly Sovereigns too.

That’s why the crowd only watched. The victims didn’t kill themselves competing for the weapon; it took them down instead.

The strongest characters remained apprehensive. Eight-tribulation Blood King floated in the air, engulfed in a violet energy. Everyone thought that he could soar for the weapon at any moment.

The cavalry from Vajra wasn’t far away. The carriage in the center remained quiet.

Everyone also stayed away from a group of clouds and mists. No one could see how many people were in there, only that the banners were from Righteous Sect. It had to be someone of high status as well.

“That has to be Righteous Supreme.” People speculated about the powerful pressure coming from there.

He was one of the strongest characters in the south right now. His presence definitely intimidated the crowd.

Of course, they kept a distance to show respect as well due to his contributions to humanity.

Though numerous cultivators were present, all of them watched with bated breath instead of taking risks.

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