Chapter 3929: Black Tides Saint

“The saint is still alive? I heard rumors about him being dead long ago.” Someone from the last generation said.

The eight saints and nine sovereigns led the coalition army against the east. They enjoyed numerous victories until the eastern forces were pushed to the edge.

Finally, the Ancient Empress appeared and defeated all of them alone, routing the coalition army.

Black Tides Saint was a survivor of this battle, suffering grievous injuries and never appearing again. This was the reason why most thought that he had succumbed to the injuries in the clan.

The regular disciples of the clan never saw him afterward. In fact, even the current elders had no idea that he was still alive. Only the ancestors had access to this secret.

The clan became spirited after seeing his appearance. It meant that their foundation was still deep.

On the contrary, outsiders shuddered in fear. This was someone who had fought against the Ancient Empress and lived to tell the tale - a truly incredible achievement.

“Who in the holy ground can stop him right now?” Someone murmured.

The first character that people thought of was Buddha Supreme. Alas, there were rumors of his early demise as well.

In a sense, this meant that the Biandu’s power has increased by one level, potentially being above Vajra Dynasty or even Sacred Mountain.

“The Sacred Lord is here with us now.” One expert disagreed.

The crowd was impressed with their new lord and his miraculous deeds. However, he was still too young compared to the saint who had lived for eras. Of course, no one would dare to say this out loud.

“Boom!” A loud explosion interrupted the crowd’s rumination. The immortal light has finished gathering and tore apart the sky vault.

The ray wasn’t that large but it seemingly pierced through the walls of Eight Desolaces and opened a gateway to the immortal world.

Chaos energy poured down like waterfalls along with dao runes. Visual phenomena merged right away. The strands of energy emanating from this weapon could cut through dao laws and dominate the myriad eras.

Other weapons resonated loudly and became silent - a sign of their submission. Cultivators trembled emotionally by this mighty display.

It seemed that even powerful supremes and sovereigns could be killed by a single strand of energy from this weapon. This made people break out in cold sweat.

“It’s unbeatable…” A big shot’s knees buckled.

The main ray only dissected the sky for a split second. “Buzz.” A different force materialized and suppressed the ray, forcing it to disperse. 

“It’s here!” Big shots started heading towards the source of the ray right away.

“Go!” They no longer cared about the dangers in Black Tides.

In fact, even the top masters who have been hiding their identity dropped their stealth technique in order to increase their speed. The famous weapon was more important than anything else.

“Boom!” Violet energy surged like a rainbow, connecting one end of Black Tides to the source of the ray.

Spectators saw an old man with surging vitality and power. An ocean of blood containing runes and lightning followed him in a dreadful manner.

“Eight-tribulation Blood King!” Someone shouted.

“He’s fast!” Others were impressed by his speed and noticed that he came from Black Wood, not Divine Ghost Division.

One of the four grandmasters and the leader of Divine Ghost was here in person!

“Everyone’s losing their cool.” A top master said softly after seeing this.

They knew that their peers have been here from the start, just choosing to keep a low profile for a multitude of reasons. However, the appearance of this immortal weapon agitated them enough to force them out.

Another loud explosion detonated as the main gate of the Biandu’s opened. A powerful legion marched towards Black Tides. Its leader was their paragon. The clan had ample knowledge about the ocean and this legendary weapon, not wanting to fall behind.

“Let the sect know about this!” Ancestors commanded their juniors to go back and send reinforcement.

They knew that a bloody battle was inevitable since everyone coveted this weapon.

Black Tides became lively again. This time, more people rushed forward in higher numbers than the previous treasure hunt.

A while ago, the hidden big shots weren't tempted by regular treasures so they continued hiding. Now, this was no longer the time to hold back.

“Rumble!” Another legion blotted out the sky. One hundred thousand soldiers wearing black armor looked like a tsunami of steel.

“War Camp!” Others took note of them.

“Vajra is going all out.” Someone commented.

“This isn’t a personal matter any longer. More sects will send their full force.” One ancestor had a solemn expression.

By this point, most realized the gravity of the situation. Being alone was too disadvantageous. Winning required utilizing the full power of a kingdom or a sect.

War Camp was the strongest legion of Vajra, serving as an important pillar for many generations now. Although a legion wasn’t that effective against a top master, if it had some effective ace cards such as deadly formations, it could be very helpful during crucial moments.

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