Chapter 3928: Immortal Weapon’s Emergence

Not long after the group entered the depths, immortal radiance appeared once more.

At first, it was faint enough to be unnoticeable. It looked just like little spirits playing around. Later on, more spirits appeared as if it was a party. Something seemed to be attracting the individual lights.

Cultivators eventually took note of this, not because of the visible light but rather, their weapons reacted.

The first to do so were the strongest weapons. For example - top masters bringing dao lord weapons in secrecy.

They noticed their weapons shaking violently. These beings have been hiding in the shadows. Were they here to fight against the horde or did they have some other goals? No one could answer this question but them.

They became shocked at this sight. What kind of omen was this? Was it auspicious or ominous?

Normally, when a dao lord weapon vibrated, it was a warning for its master that powerful enemies were coming. In this case, none could be seen.

Next, weapons at the sovereign level vibrate as well. The big shots became startled.

“What’s happening?” One of them blurted out.

Lower-level weapons vibrated next, even the ones stored in treasuries. Cultivators became startled.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The loud sounds could be heard from the Biandu Clan. They had the most members on top of the largest treasury in this region.

The sounds became louder as the shaking turned violent. The owners gradually lost control of their weapons; the things seemed to be wanting to fly away.

Those with dao lord weapons were horrified. They tried sealing the weapons for stabilization. This proved to be futile because the weapons were just too strong.

Losing these weapons would be unacceptable since they would become sinners of their sects.

During this strange phenomenon, the air started twisting deep in Righteous Sect, akin to a giant sitting up.

“The immortal weapon has shown up.” A whisper as gentle as a soft breeze could be heard by everyone.

The big shots from Righteous were shocked to hear this voice, becoming frozen.

“The supreme!” One of them regained his wits and shouted.

This news spread like wildfire across the realms.

“Righteous Supreme is still alive!” People were shocked to hear it.

He was one of the two supremes in the south. However, he was actually many years older than Buddha Supreme. The latter has only been around for one generation.

He was already famous before Buddha Supreme made his mark. After Eight Stallion Dao Lord’s generation, he hasn’t shown up for a while so there were rumors of his death from old age.

Many didn’t believe it, especially the members of Righteous. Nonetheless, the rumors continued to spread.

Today, they were proven wrong since his voice was heard once more. 

However, for the big shots, the second piece of information was more interesting - the emergence of an immortal weapon.

“The legend is true, Black Tides really has an immortal weapon.” One big shot couldn’t stay calm.

This legend was only known by the powerful and older cultivators - Black Tides had a weapon far stronger than dao lord weapons. In a direct confrontation, dao lord weapons would crumble right away.

This seemed rather impossible for many because dao lord weapons were considered to be the strongest.

Because of this particular legend, a few thought that it was the reason for the continuous expeditions against Black Tides.

Alas, numerous dao lords and top masters have entered that place but none came across it.

Creaking noises came from the Biandu’s ancestral ground. Chaos energy and an ancient aura emerged, permeating every corner of the land with a mercury-like density.

Those in Black Wood Cliff felt it right away even though the clan was under a defensive barrier.

A similar sensation to the appearance of Righteous Supreme occurred. The cliff shook from the pressure of a being sitting up.

“Who is that?!” People from all over the world haven’t left Black Wood just yet. They found this astonishing.

“What kind of invincible being is waking up in there?” A big shot shouted.

Today, the Biandu performed a grand ceremony to greet its sacred ancestor.

“A sacred ancestor from the Biandu? Who?” Others found this confusing because they assumed that the paragon was the strongest living ancestor of this clan.

“Black Tides Saint!” This title came from a member of the Biandu.

The young and the weak had no impression of this title. However, the older cultivators were shaken to hear it.

“One of the eight saints from back then!” They gasped in response.

“The eight saints and nine sovereigns, right?” Most had a hard time remembering these figures.

“The famous characters during the prime of Buddha and Righteous?” Someone else became emotional.

“That’s the one.” A big shot answered.

The two powers during their golden age had a group of top geniuses who swept through Eight Desolaces, virtually uncontested.

They then decided to work together against the eight kingdoms to the east. The coalition defeated the eastern armies repeatedly. It seemed like a one-sided war.

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