Chapter 3925: Lord Of The Dark Star

The nest continued its rampage against the skeletal creatures. Its speed was matchless as well, able to travel through ten million miles in the blink of an eye.

Though the creatures re-assembled themselves after being crushed, they had no chance of keeping up. Eventually, the nest left everything in the dust.

Yang Ling’s group heaved a sigh of relief once they got away from the horde. They thought that only dao lords would have managed to escape the hellish containment earlier.

The nest reached the end of this world and entered a boundless void. Its speed suddenly became a thousand times faster.

While the group thought they were away from any potential danger, they suddenly felt a terrible power looming over them, rendering them breathless akin to having billions of boulders placed on their shoulders.

They struggled to look ahead and became shocked. The nest has finally stopped and floated in the air.

They then saw a dark star, far larger than other celestial bodies. Eight Desolaces looked considerably smaller as well. Flames engulfed the star, capable of sucking in and obliterating all existences.

It had enough power to treat planets like specks of dust, easily incinerating and turning them into ashes. Time and space were melted around it. Due to a lack of these physical affinities, the core of the star wasn’t restrained by distance and the flow of time.

The nest was far away enough yet the suppressive power was still unbearable. The group activated their heavenly gaze for closer observation.

They saw the star seemingly being made from numerous smaller continents pressed together with no discernible pattern. Or perhaps that it used to be one whole piece but something else started separating them.

Lava flowed on the surface and headed for the core in the center. The liquid closer to the core was different - far redder and similar to blood. This creeped out the group.

Once their heavenly gaze reached its limit, they could faintly see something like a coffin in the core. Alas, they couldn’t see the content inside, only flashes - it could be a living person or a corpse.

It took a while for them to calm down enough to think about the situation. They didn’t know why Li Qiye brought them here.

“What… is that thing?” Yang Ling spoke softly.

The old man gestured for her to be quiet because he could sense something different in the air. Li Qiye’s expression indicated that this was a serious moment.

“Wait here.” Li Qiye ordered before flying towards the dark star. [1]

She was worried to see him fly towards that horrifying star but couldn’t open her mouth. The others felt the same way and clenched their fists.

He stopped once he got close enough, completely impervious to the dark flames. The might of the star didn’t affect him in the slightest.

“Boom!” The flames gathered together to shoot a straight beam at the intruders.

The nest retaliated by exuding chaos energy to form a defensive barrier. Meanwhile, Li Qiye didn’t move at all. The higher concentration of flame was still ineffective against him, always three inches away from reaching him.

The old man started thinking. Was Li Qiye’s power stopping the flame or was it too afraid to actually attack him?

“Looks like you’re recovered quite a bit.” Li Qiye smiled and spoke to the coffin at the core: “The hibernation is working, I see that you have found the door.”

“Hmph!” A thunderous scowl detonated.

The old man felt a sound wave piercing his body. His innate defense couldn’t stop it at all. Fortunately, the nest’s chaos energy took most of the brunt.

Li Qiye’s shadow suddenly became large enough to encompass the nest itself, stopping the sound wave from damaging his allies.

Nonetheless, the old man’s palms became sweaty. Just one scowl from this being was so terrifying? 

“Still won’t submit?” Li Qiye smiled and calmly stated: “With my return, the myriad dao and all worlds are all under my grasp.”

The nonchalant comment expressed his total authority and dominion. Both powerful dao lords and deities would need to prostrate before him.

The being inside the coffin didn’t retort this rather haughty declaration from Li Qiye, implicitly agreeing.

He knew the significance of Li Qiye’s return and the reason for the visit. 

“You surely know what you’re doing.” Li Qiye spoke.

A brief silence ensued. The being in the coffin eventually responded: “You’re here to judge me?” The enigmatic voice was ancient and seemingly originating from the nine layers of hell.

Yang Ling and the others had a hard time listening to the piercing words.

“No, that’s the villainous heaven’s job, not mine. I'd rather be more direct and just reduce you to pieces instead of wasting my time.” Li Qiye shook his head.

“Boom!” The flames around the star exploded in an apocalyptic manner. Li Qiye finally angered the unknown being.

Alas, the flames still stopped three inches before Li Qiye despite its violent eruption.

Li Qiye stood there, not batting an eye.

1. The wooden nest and the dark star last appeared around chapter 557 or so

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