Chapter 3924: Seeing The Wooden Nest Again

The ground shook and shadows engulfed the group. Yang Ling became as pale as can be, feeling as insignificant as a speck of dust.

Li Qiye looked up at the sky and let out a penetrating roar for a long while. However, he didn’t do anything else afterward and simply stood there.

“Boom!” One giant has made it here and raised its foot for a stomp. The sky turned dark above them before an immense pressure pressed down from above.

“It’s here!” Yang Ling bellowed. Alas, Li Qiye still didn’t do anything so she closed her eyes.

The old man was ready while staring at the incoming foot. However, he patiently waited for Li Qiye.

“Boom!” As the two girls thought that they were finished, something massive flew over and slammed the giant.

“Boom!” It cut the giant into two halves and the massive frame fell down like a collapsing building. Bones scattered on the ground.

They looked up and saw something looking like a colossal warship. They had never seen something like this before.

“Up we go.” Li Qiye ordered and leaped up in the air. The rest followed and landed on this unknown entity.

Once the two girls got up, they realized that it wasn’t a monster or a battleship. It turned out to be a wooden nest of unimaginable size - large enough to swallow the stars in the galaxy.

It was made from an assembly of countless branches. The two girls have never seen this type of wood before - dried and black, looking tougher than any metal.

The affinity of chaos engulfed the nest, always pouring down visible strands that look like heavenly waterfalls.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Several skeletal giants approached and started smashing the nest.

Explosions shattered the spatial fabrics even though they were only swinging their hands. Regular cultivators would be blown to smithereens in the blink of an eye.

“Go!” Li Qiye ignored them and commanded. 

The nest instantly broke through the barricade. Its chaos energy turned into a violent maelstrom and propelled it forward in an unstoppable and domineering manner.

Every monster along the way was sent flying and pulverized regardless of its size and power.

This world was packed with skeletons, more than enough to deter the strongest characters. However, they couldn’t stop the nest in the slightest. It left a wake of destruction behind its path.

The group couldn’t believe it. This was even more shocking than the previous battles to them. After calming down, they started taking a careful look at the gargantuan nest.

It resembled an independent world or an ark that could take everything else with it. They saw an ancient wooden pavilion pulsing with chaos energy. It seemed to be the center of the nest.

Despite not exuding any divinity, other existences didn’t dare to get close without prostrating. It wouldn’t be surprising to see ultimate secrets and archaic artifacts within.

The group felt a mysterious power from there not allowing any intruder to approach. It would suppress them right away.

“What is that building?” Yang Ling stared solemnly at it.

“A remnant of the past.” Li Qiye glanced at it; his expression softened.

He came here once with different companions. So many years have passed by this point. Certain things remained while others were long gone.

“Its creator must be a magnificent character.” The old man became sentimental. Only a truly terrifying being would be able to create this wooden nest and supreme pavilion.

Li Qiye didn’t answer; his mind seemed to be wandering somewhere else. The gentle breezes of past memories including smiles and cries comforted his cold heart.

“I wonder what’s in there.” Fan Bai was curious since she felt something special there. Alas, she couldn’t bypass the suppressive pressure.

Not to mention the two girls, even the old man couldn’t get close. He also felt the same way as Fan Bai but didn’t have a clear idea.

“They no longer exist, it is impossible to pursue things that have passed.” Li Qiye lacked interest.

The group found this answer puzzling but didn’t dare to ask for elaboration.

“Even if those treasures are unobtainable, just sitting there to comprehend the dao will save tens of thousands of years.” The old man said.

He saw the pulsing chaos strands from the pavilion. Being able to meditate inside would be an earth-shattering fortune.

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