Chapter 3921: Entering Black Tides Again

The prostrating audience got up but kept their head lowered. The members of the holy ground were too excited after the battle.

In the beginning, many thought that Li Qiye’s choice was too reckless. At this point, they thought that he was omnipotent.

Recently, Buddha Supreme has not shown himself so the holy ground lost confidence. Numerous whispered about his potential demise.

At the same time, Vajra grew stronger while Sacred Mountain’s influence weakened. Now, Li Qiye’s invincible style to save the holy ground reminded everyone of Sacred Mountain’s might again. It was still the leading authority of the holy ground.

As for the outsiders, they watched Li Qiye with respect in their eyes. At first, the ancestors from these powers thought that Li Qiye wasn’t worthy of this role, whether it be his cultivation or prestige.

Of course, none would be singing this tune any longer. They were completely won over by him.

“The young master is incredible.” Yang Ling was elated as well, not knowing what else to say.

The old servant who has traveled across the world couldn’t believe it either. He was someone who had fought against Black Tides before. The dangers here required the top masters to give everything they got. But now, it seemed that Li Qiye was more frightening than anything else.

As for the quiet Fan Bai, she was still astounded but refrained from commenting.

Li Qiye only smiled at the girl and said: “Let’s go.”

“Okay, but where are we going?” Yang Ling didn’t expect this. The crowd hasn’t gotten a chance to breathe yet after the destruction of the monsters. This seemed too early.

“Deeper into Black Tides, time to end this.” Li Qiye stared at the horizon and responded.

“Oh?” She also followed the direction of his gaze. Her heart skipped a beat due to the terrible tales about that area.

“You guys can stay here. I’m only going to finish some mundane matters.” He told them.

“Young Master, I would like to follow and serve you if you don’t mind.” The old man immediately spoke.

He also gazed in the same direction, becoming quite excited. He couldn’t help touching his saber’s hilt.

Last time he went there was without a tidal recession. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it to his destination. He knew better than to risk his life and decided to flee.

Now, the lack of water made this easier but most importantly, a peerless existence was by his side. Thus, he wanted to see what waited in Black Tides - the dreadful entity that has haunted the world for eras. This was one of his wishes.

“Young Master, I want to tag along too, please?” Yang Ling begged.

She knew that she had no chance of getting anywhere in Black Tides. If she couldn’t tag along with Li Qiye this time, that would be the end of it.

“Come then.” Li Qiye started walking while the group followed him.

Yang Ling was both nervous and excited. Fan Bai remained calm because she didn’t know much about Black Tides. Plus, she was willing to follow Li Qiye wherever he went regardless of the danger.

“The Sacred Lord is entering Black Tides again?” The spectators watched the group.

They thought that this would be the time for a grand celebration. The lord of the holy ground has shown his supremacy. An announcement to the rest of the world should be next to let everyone hear about his exploits.

“He wants to push forward while having the advantage?” Another disciple said.

“He wishes to change the tides of history with the next battle?” One ancestor murmured.

“One man alone trying to stop the eternal chaos. Hmm, is it possible?” A big shot took a deep breath.

In fact, his evaluation of Li Qiye couldn’t be any higher. The problem was - Black Tides has haunted the world for millions and millions of years. There was something terrifying deeper in there.

Numerous wise sages and top masters have planned expeditions against this place yet it remained standing. Nonetheless, they were successful in the sense that it was calmer now compared to how it used to be during the Chaotic Era.

Now, did Li Qiye wish to fight and destroy Black Tides? Many worried about him.

“This isn’t the right time.” A sacred ancestor said: “The present holy ground requires his leadership.”

This was obvious due to the waning influence of Sacred Mountain. He needed to show everyone that they were untouchable again.

On the other hand, those with their own plans thought that it would be perfect for Li Qiye to die in Black Tides. The decline of Sacred Mountain would actually accelerate.

“Sacred Lord, we are willing to follow you and be of service.” A group of ancestors came over and respectfully asked.

“Our court will follow your commands in this battle against Black Tides.” A sacred ancestor vowed loyalty.

“It’s nothing, I’m only going to take a look, don’t bother me.” Li Qiye waved his hand in refusal.

Though these big shots wanted to help Li Qiye, there was nothing they could do after being refused.

Many experts from the holy ground followed along in order to see him off. They actually reached the edge of Black Tides’ inner region.

They then knew that it was time to leave. They bowed towards him and said: “Please take care, Sacred Lord.”

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