Chapter 3920: The So-called Disaster? No Big Deal

The mountains of bones dispersed into specks in no time at all, wafting away with the winds.

Meanwhile, the spectators looked like frozen statues due to shock. Even the sacred ancestors couldn’t regain their composure.

The knowledgeable existences that have lived for eras have seen plenty of strange things before. Nonetheless, this took it to the next level. Words couldn’t describe the event and their current emotions.

Previously, Buddha Supreme did everything he could to protect Black Wood from these skeletal creatures. He was only successful with the help of Righteous Supreme and Eight Stallion Dao Lord.

Those who saw the fight in person remembered it for the rest of their life - the images of three brilliant beings unleashing their might against the endless horde.

Today, the lord of the holy ground - Li Qiye - didn’t resort to magnificent merit laws and invincible weapons nor his actual abilities. He showed no sign of nervousness and anxiety despite facing countless enemies.

Thus, this battle was rather quiet compared to the brutal struggle back then. He didn’t exude a ferocious aura in the slightest, not that he needed to do so before easily taking care of the skeletons.

Nonetheless, what he did today shocked the crowd more than the trio back then. The spectators’ memories of today have been carved in their mind by thousands and thousands of slashes.

They became frightened, especially those who harbored malicious thoughts against Li Qiye. Their legs started trembling as they broke out in cold sweat.

It became apparent that cultivation didn’t matter to him. Enlightened Being or Samadhi realm? He would be invincible all the same.

“Is this what invincibility is?” After a while, a big shot managed to whisper.

An ancient ancestor quietly responded: “It’s the greatest move in history. The Sacred Lord’s cultivation is not as strong as Buddha Supreme. However, his methods are absolutely peerless.”

Their peers nodded in agreement. Li Qiye’s feat today would be remembered forever, more than enough to outshine other historical figures.

“So what are those ashes?” One big shot turned his attention towards the ashes that took down the creatures.

“It’s not from Sacred Mountain, that’s for sure.” An ancestor responded because if this were the case, Buddha Supreme would have used it back then.

“Maybe the Sacred Lord created them?” A high elder said: “Sacred Mountain has been dealing with Black Tides for so long. This generation, it finally noticed something new so the Sacred Lord cleverly used an unbelievable method to create the ashes.”

“I agree.” High elders and ancestors supported this speculation.

“Buzz.” After the bones were gone, the divine tree’s light gradually dimmed down. It then turned into particles and dispersed into nothingness.

Li Qiye landed on the ancestral peak. It looked the same as before. The tree stump became conspicuous again.

However, those who paid attention to it would notice something different. This stump looked dead in the past but now, it was brimming with life and ready to bud again at the first sign of spring.

The crowd was still amazed by its appearance. The ancestors of the Biandu exchanged glances.

This was definitely great news for them. They knew that the tree might be gone for now but its foundation still existed at the ancestral peak. If they could understand it one day and be able to use it, their power would reach the next level.

“Okay, the disaster is over.” Li Qiye nonchalantly declared.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief, finally able to relax. A second later, a celebration ensued.

“We’re okay, everyone’s okay, that’s great.” Someone shouted.

For the locals, they were actually ready to fight to the very end in order to defend their home. But now, the invading creatures were no more. Everything seemed like a dream.

“Let’s go home!” The happy locals ran out of the camp. Joy took over as they returned to Black Wood.

“Venerable Sacred Lord, the protector of Buddha Holy Ground who blesses its citizens…” Someone got there first and kneeled at the base of the peak.

The others also showed their respect and chanted the same thing. Their voices echoed far into the horizon.

It didn’t take long before the members of the holy ground prostrated without any hesitation within Black Wood.

A few from Righteous and the east also did the same. Most from these regions refrained from a full kowtow but still bowed to show respect.

“Rise.” Li Qiye said casually.

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