Chapter 3919: The Reason For Burning

Because of the tight seal, the creature’s smash couldn’t connect with Li Qiye and the ancestral peak.

“Gao!” It roared again and became resplendent. The resolute bones erupted with power, wanting to destroy the branches.

“Clank!” This violent upheaval wasn’t enough. The individual bones have all been locked by the branches.

“Yes!” The spectators cheered excitedly.

“This divine tree is mighty!” An expert became emotional after seeing this.

“It’s not just the tree. It is empowered by the energy from the earth vein. Plus, let’s not forget about the Sacred Lord’s peerless ability.” An ancestor corrected while staring at Li Qiye.

He was now standing on the treetop, looking dominating and above all.

The spectators then saw him taking out a treasure bottle.

“Does he want to trap it inside?” Someone from the holy ground asked.

This wasn’t the case. Li Qiye simply poured out ashes onto the skeleton. The moment the ashes touched the skeleton, even the resolute bones started melting.

“Gao! Gao!” This prompted the creature to struggle and roar. Alas, the divine tree was in total control so it had to accept its fate.

The resolute bones’ color changed. They were initially as white as snow but now, the ashes made them turn gray.

“Poof!” The flame inside the skull erupted as a last-ditch effort, wanting to incinerate the falling ashes. Alas, this was akin to a bonfire meeting a tsunami and was instantly extinguished.

“Ahh!” The loss of its flame caused the creature to roar in agony. Its massive frame twitched in pain as it became weaker.

“What is that? It seems to be the monster’s nemesis.” The spectators were astounded with their mouth agape.

The ashes didn’t look special at all, maybe ashes from burnt wood. However, the specks managed to weaken and corrode the resolute bones of the creature.

The crowd had a hard time accepting this. The monsters from Black Tides were powerful and virtually impossible to kill. This was why each invasion left so much damage to Black Wood.

This final form of the creatures should be able to defeat Buddha Supreme. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it the king of bones. However, it couldn’t stand against Li Qiye even though he didn’t resort to any offensive method.

“Is it an immortal-grade bottle?” A sacred ancestor from the court wondered.

“I don’t know, could be an ultimate artifact of our Sacred Mountain.” A peer responded.

However, most big shots disagreed. If Sacred Mountain had these ashes in the past, it wouldn’t have waited until now to use them. Buddha Supreme nearly died from the fight at Black Wood; that would have been the perfect scenario to use it.

“Hmm…” Yang Ling stared at the ashes in astonishment.

Among all the spectators with the exception of Li Qiye, her group was the only ones who knew about its origin.

They saw Li Qiye producing the ashes in person back at Myriad Beast Mountain. He spent every day collecting firewood then burning them.

She was curious about it and had asked him before. However, he smiled each time without responding.

The old servant didn’t know why Li Qiye wanted these ashes either. Nonetheless, he knew that given Li Qiye’s attentiveness and method, they must have some special uses. 

Others wouldn’t be able to create them despite copying Li Qiye’s exact method. It required a special ability from Li Qiye alone.

Now, it became obvious to the group. Li Qiye’s time in the wilderness was for the purpose of dealing with the skeletons in Black Tides.

This revelation was quite shocking for the group. It was as if he could see the future before setting foot into Myriad Beast.

No one expected a tidal recession in this generation. He must have been the only one. Using the word “omniscient” to describe him wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

“Ooo-” The creature weakened due to the damages to its resolute bones.

“Crack!” One crack appeared on the top of the skull. A tiny red ray flew out of the gap, looking like the soul of the creature.

Its speed was extraordinary but Li Qiye naturally wouldn’t let it escape. He sent ashes towards that direction and trapped the ray.

The moment the ashes directly touched the ray, it extinguished right away.

“Gao-” The creature let out an echoing cry and squirmed. Its resolute bones were finally corroded and turned into ashes as well, wafting away with the wind.

The remnant mountains of bones on the ground also turned to ashes. No more bones could be seen in the region.

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