Chapter 3918: Divine Tree

The tree’s branches flickered back and forth and exuded a verdant glow, resembling a laurel tree in an immortal paradise.

The spectators inside the camp stared in astonishment. The locals found it strange because the ancestral peak didn’t have a divine tree like this in the past.

The members of the Biandu felt the same way. They obviously knew more about this peak than outsiders. It didn’t have a tree like this at all. The place had no spirituality and energy to speak of either. Thus, the appearance of this tree was rather bizarre.

“Ancestor, did our peak have a divine tree?” One of them asked his ancestor.

The ancestor didn’t answer because he was busy thinking about this issue as well.

In reality, most have wondered why their progenitor chose this place to be their ancestral ground. When comparing the two great peaks in Black Wood, these ancestors thought that Seer Peak was simply superior compared to their own. 

“Buzz.” The green light pulsed in a magnificent manner as the tree continued to grow.

The crowd couldn’t believe it. It became gigantic in the blink of an eye and could contend against the colossal skeleton.

As everyone was lost in admiration, the tree radiated brighter after reaching a certain size.

“Rumble!” The ground started shaking as if two powers were contesting deep in the earth core.

The even struggle beneath tore the world apart. Everyone felt the region breaking down and had a hard time standing straight. Some became dizzy as a result of the overwhelming turbulence.

“They’re tearing everything apart!” The crowd started screaming.

They had no idea what powers were contending underground. Nonetheless, the result wouldn’t be pretty.

“Boom!” Finally, a majestic energy from the earth vein shot to the sky like a rainbow.

It originated from the ancestral peak of the Biandu and lingered on the divine tree. The verdant glow became brighter, enough to illuminate all of Eight Desolaces. With this new empowerment, the tree grew larger. Its roots and foundation have been firmly established underground, turning it into the new ruler of the earth.

“Buzz.” On the contrary, the energy circling around the skeletal creature started receding like the tides. It didn’t take long before nothing was left.

“I see.” The experts understood right away.

The two powers fighting earlier were the creature and the divine tree. The latter seized the vein’s energy from its opponent.

By this point, the tree looked like a god, capable of looking down on all creations and suppressing the devils. Its leaves looked like swords pointing at the creature.

The spectators felt the urge to prostrate since this guardian deity seemed to be protecting Black Wood.

“Has it been protecting us all this time?” An expert on his knees asked.

“No wonder why the progenitor chose this peak, we couldn’t figure out this secret.” Even the paragon of the BIandu prostrated while reflecting.

“Thank you for protecting us.” The members of the Biandu prostrated.

“Gao!” The creature became livid. Its roar alone destroyed everything within a thousand miles radius. Even ancestors were nothing more than ants in comparison.

“Bam!” It finally attacked by swinging its large arm with no need for merit law and weapons.

Black Wood Cliff sank downward just from the pressure even before the skeletal hand made contact. 

“Shit!” The spectators turned pale.

“This smash can destroy all of Black Wood!” A big shot shouted in horror.

The creature’s brute force alone was so devastating, enough to take down the Biandu.

In the past, this clan has survived numerous invasions. If it were to go down like this, it would be too much to take for the survivors. Their home would be finished and they couldn’t put up a good fight.

But then again, who could actually survive the smash? The strongest sect would still be reduced to ashes. 

Many screamed while thinking that Li Qiye would die to this terrifying attack.

“That’s strong enough to annihilate all of Vajra.” An important cultivator commented, paled.

In this split moment, time suddenly stopped for them. They thought that something had happened but didn’t get a clear look.

Some spatial and temporal morphing seemed to be going on - one thing was moving from one dimension to another in an indescribable manner.

Once they calmed down, they saw something unbelievable. The tree had somehow moved inside the massive skeleton and started growing in there.

Its branches made way through the gaps in the creature’s bones and began coiling and sealing it.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The branches acted like the toughest chains, tightening and not allowing the creature to move an inch.

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