Chapter 3917: Formidable Foe

Spectators found themselves to be utterly insignificant compared to this behemoth. It was larger and stronger than any previous skeletal monster.

The ancestral peak of the Biandu and Seer Peak were high enough yet they paled in comparison versus this creature.

“Don’t tell me this is the true form of these monsters?” An ancestor from the court gasped.

“That might be true.” A different ancestor calmed down and quietly whispered.

The horde of monsters abandoned their own body to form this single creature with the resolute bones. Some top masters thought that this might be the real thing. In the previous invasions, it simply decided to split itself into numerous smaller monsters.

“Rumble!” The skeletal behemoth pierced the ground with its tail, creating a large chasm.

“Boom!” It suddenly drilled into the ground and disappeared.

“What is it doing?” The spectators stared at the dark chasm, confused. Didn’t it want to fight Li Qiye?

“Is, is it running away?” One expert asked.

“I don’t think so, the worst is yet to come…” The ancestor from the court responded.

“Boom!” Sure enough, the world seemed to be spinning after a loud explosion. A massive peak exploded next.

“Seer Peak!” The crowd blurted in horror.

They saw the peak being destroyed with debris and dirt flying everywhere. Seer Watch that has lasted for eras was now gone.

“It’s gone…”A big shot from Black Wood murmured.

This divination observatory has always been a part of Black Wood. Now, it has become a part of history.

“No, as long as the people survive, so will the watch.” A seer from there said: “The Grand Seer said that this is actually a blessing, not a disaster.”

“Boom!” The behemoth dug out of the ground and stood in the rubbles of what used to be Seer Peak.

“Gao!” It roared intensely at Li Qiye. This roar could tear the sky apart and make listeners explode.

Since it was taller than the peak, it was now looking down on Li Qiye. However, he remained calm while facing it directly.

“Can the Sacred Lord kill it?” Cultivators became worried.

Even a fool could see the power of that monster. The top masters thought that even Buddha Supreme wouldn’t be a match for it.

“Absolutely!” One disciple from the holy ground raised his fist and said: “This won’t be an exception for the creator of miracles. He’ll defeat this giant.” Nonetheless, his expression and tone indicated a lack of confidence.

“Gao!” The creature then looked up at the sky and began to absorb the essences from the ground.

People heard buzzing noises and saw earthly energy permeating upward. The tail of this skeleton was dug deep underground for the absorption process.

As it absorbed more and more, this energy circulated around its body in an endless manner. Its aura actually surged after receiving an immense power boost.

“The well of Seer Watch…” Many thought about the famous well.

“That well is connected to an earth vein, it’s absorbing the chaos true energy from there.” An ancestor took a deep breath.

“Yes, it’s becoming more powerful.” Another seer said softly.

The seers had no control over that well and couldn’t stop the monster from absorbing its energy. 

“Who’ll be able to stop it after it sucks up everything?” One high elder became worried.

The monster itself was already strong enough. Once it drained an entire earth vein, it would become invincible.

The eyes staring at Li Qiye became filled with woe.

“Your Excellency, you must stop it now!” An expert at the holy ground channeled his voice to communicate with Li Qiye.

Li Qiye showed no sign of urgency. They only saw him raising his palm and it started to pulse brightly.

Due to the long distance, they didn’t know what he was doing. Once he fully opened his palm, rays of light blinded the spectators.

“What is His Excellency doing?” People found it strange that he hasn’t taken out a mighty treasure or weapon yet.

Those standing next to him would see that the rays of light were falling onto the dried stump. The light seeped into the stump like water.

“Buzz.” A miracle happened as a green sprout could be seen. The stump lit up and started growing at a shocking rate.

It didn’t take long before a tree with long branches and verdant leaves could be seen again. They fluttered to the wind, brimming with life and spirit energy. As the tree matured, the leaves’ green light became stronger.

“Mmm, I think I see a tree growing?” One master shouted.

In the next moment, the tree became large enough to blot out the sky. All the spectators could see it now.

“Huh? Did the Biandu’s peak always have this magical tree?” An expert wondered while staring at the radiant and divine tree.

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