Chapter 3916: True King

Li Qiye’s direct challenge against the creatures or rather, Black Tides, caught everyone off guard.

“He wants to challenge Black Tides?” One ancestor from Righteous Sect murmured.

“I think so, but in history, only the dao lords dare to do this.” An old man from the east replied.

For millions of years, numerous cultivators have been buried in this ocean. They were all gifted and prideful geniuses who eventually reached the top of the ladder. Alas, few managed to come back alive. 

The real challengers were the dao lords. For example, Puresun Dao Lord, Sword Queen, and a few others… Later on, with an established path, only top dao lords such as Buddha did the same. As for a new dao lord such as Scarlet Moon? They stood no chance against this ocean.

Thus, Li Qiye’s challenge was an earth-shattering event.

“In our era, only someone like the Sacred Lord can challenge Black Tides.” Many from the holy ground took pride in this.

“He’s the son of miracles indeed. Once he starts, he’ll eradicate them all.” Another nodded in agreement.

Though most praised their new Sacred Lord, the ancestors remained worried. They were aware of how monumental a task it was to challenge this region - potentially fatal for even dao lords.

Li Qiye certainly was capable but this was still a reckless ass. However, they kept their mouth shut because of Li Qiye’s status.

“Gaao!” The big-headed creature roared. The other monsters did the same.

Their roars echoed across the region, similar to a million thunderbolts hitting at once. The sound waves spread out and uprooted countless trees.

The big-headed creature turned around and made some strange sounds. The other started calling as well.

The next development surprised everyone. The skull of the leader rolled off its body. The latter crumbled into pieces as well.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!” Bones started falling and clicking everywhere. All the skulls fell off the body of the skeletons. Their main frame shattered as a result. Thus, all of Black Wood and a large area of Black Tides became filled with pieces of bones.

“What are they doing?” The spectators became lost after seeing this bizarre scene.

Li Qiye hasn’t done a thing yet his foes crumbled already? A passerby unaware of the situation would think that this was a mass suicide. Of course, this couldn’t be the case.

“Did they go crazy from being too angry?” One ancestor asked.

They didn’t have time to think because the large skull started floating in the air. The other skulls subsequently followed.

Thousands and thousands of skulls floated in the air and blotted out the sky. The spectators in the camp found this as creepy as can be.

“How bizarre.” A youth commented.

They then saw the largest skull opened its jaws and started sucking. The dark red lights hidden in the other skulls were absorbed by this force.

After losing their light, these skulls fell to the ground as if they had been drained of their life force.

The light inside the largest skull became far brighter than before after the full accumulation. Flames started oozing out of the eye sockets and mouth just like a volcanic eruption. Its power intensified; pulses shot in every direction and turned all geographic features into plains.

“Crack! Crack! Crack!” The mountains of bones began assembling together, not random bones but only the finest and toughest of each previous monster.

“The hardest bone in each monster is known as a resolute bone.” The paragon of the Biandu took a deep breath and said: “They’re extremely hard to destroy.”

Millions of resolute bones came together to form a massive body. The floating skull then landed on this new frame.

A new creature appeared before them, far taller than the ancestral peak. It didn’t have legs, only a blade-like tail to support its body. It had two hands but the fingers were thin and sharp, capable of harvesting ten million lives with one swing.

It looked somewhat like a human-scorpion hybrid - an entirely new species. The resolute bones were as white as snow, looking like stones that have been polished.

Most importantly, unlike the chaotic arrangements of the other monsters, these bones fit together perfectly. It was as if the whole thing used to be a single mountain, eventually carved into this shape by a master artisan.

The power oozing from it horrified the ancestors and the high elders. Regular cultivators had a hard time breathing; some became paralyzed on the ground.

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