Chapter 3915: Strongest Creature

The second horde’s rampage created a massive dust storm. From a distance, they looked like ants completely engulfing the earth. The spectators felt their scalp tingling as a result.

“Why are there still more monsters?” The experts in the camp couldn’t believe it and shuddered in horror.

“Where the hell did they come from?” Legs started trembling after seeing the unending number of monsters.

The first wave of monsters alone already packed the entire region. It was more than enough to destroy Black Wood and its inhabitants.

Thus, everyone assumed that all the monsters from Black Tides had arrived. None expected for there to still be more.

Li Qiye’s sharp tunes reached the depths of Black Tides. He seemed to be playing with an ant’s nest. All the ants rushed out and wanted to take a bite in order to appease their uncontrollable anger.

Nonetheless, though more and more gathered at the base, not a single one tried to climb the peak. It became abundantly clear that Black Wood didn’t have enough room for the uninvited guests.

Both the ground and the air were filled with strange skeletons. Black Wood turned into a mountain of bones. This was a horrifying sight for the spectators at the camp - a hellish nightmare that they would never forget.

“No wonder why Buddha Supreme faltered in the past, there are so many of them.” An old cultivator turned pale.

Despite their overwhelming number advantage, the skeletons still didn’t come for Li Qiye and only roared from below.

“I think people were right, they’re afraid of something.” This became the consensus.

“It’s not the ancestral peak.” The paragon of the Biandu said. He obviously knew more about their territory than anyone else. Moreover, in the past, they have attacked the ancestral peak before during previous invasions.

Thus, it had to be due to Li Qiye and most importantly, the black metal found in the abyss.

“Raa!” One particular roar was louder than the rest. It made the clouds disperse and silenced the other monsters.

Black Wood and all of Black Tides became hushed as a result.

One particular creature appeared; the others remained quiet. Some even lowered their skull. Its body wasn’t the largest compared to a few behemoths touching the sky vault.

However, its skull was especially large compared to its tiny body. This made it look like a mushroom. This skull was absolutely the largest out of all the monsters.

A few spectators wondered if this skull would fall off if it walked a little faster. Due to its skull’s size, the dark flame that could be seen through the eye sockets was also bigger. Perhaps this was the reason for its high status.

“That’s the leader of the monsters?” People started wondering.

“It might be the source of the disasters each time for millions of years now.” One ancestor became surprised.

“I didn’t see it during the previous tidal recession.” A big shot with experiences said.

The ancestors from the Biandu exchanged glances. Their clan had seen numerous tidal recessions so they understood this process quite well. They had no records of this big-headed creature.

“Roo!” It stood right at the base and roared at Li Qiye.

He finally stopped playing the flute and glanced at it once. He shook his head and said: “How disappointing, another small fish instead of the big one. Must be too afraid of death to appear.”

The concentrated masters heard Li Qiye but didn’t understand what he was talking about.

“Gaao!” It roared angrily, seemingly understood enough to know that he was looking down on it.

“Fool.” Li Qiye smiled: “Still a dead entity, no intelligence at all. Not to mention insignificant bones like you, even your master will tremble to see me here at Eight Desolaces.”

“How fierce, that’s the Sacred Lord for you.” The top masters from the holy ground took pride in Li Qiye’s style.

Their perspective of him shifted completely the moment they knew he was their Sacred Lord. Ignorance turned into courage; arrogance turned into heroism. He had their full support.

“Gaao!” The creature roared furiously again.

Li Qiye ignored it and waved his hand provocatively: “Whatever, I’ll deal with you bunch all at once today then find the coffin later. Come.”

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